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If you own a 32 oz Bodum French Press, could you answer a few questions of mine?

The product I am referring to is this one here: http://www.amazon.com/Bodum-Chambord-French-Coffee-Chrome/dp/B005ADS5TU

I’m very particular with how I steep my tea, so I’ve been looking for something that can steep anywhere from 12 oz to a full 34 oz. A couple teapots that I have come with steel baskets which forces you to brew a minimum amount of tea because the basket doesn’t reach the bottom. Also, these teapots that I have have rather small baskets that I feel don’t allow the tea to fully unfurl. Because of the way a french press is designed, I think that it would solve both of my problems listed.

1. When you steep your tea and depress the plunger, does the extra tea that sits with the spent leaves stay behind the filter or does it come back through and into your mug? I wouldn’t want to waste this tea.
2. How sturdy/durable is the filter that depresses and does it warp/bend with daily use?
3. Does any loose leaves/particles come back through the filter when pouring out the french press?
4. Other than double the price, is the steel frame Bodum better than the plastic one in any way?
5. Thanks!

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momo said

1. The liquid left in the bottom is stuck there unless you take the plunger part out. You could just strain it. (This is far more annoying in the Bodum travel press I have.)
2. I’m not really sure about durability because I don’t use mine every day, but it feels about the same as my teapot’s filter basket, just in a different shape. I think it would have to take something brutal to really mess with its shape.
3. Never had that problem in the real press…unlike that travel one (basically, don’t get that one). It might let through small bits from like a rooibos but it does form a really good seal in there as you push down.
4. I used to have a plastic frame one but the glass broke in the dishwasher. My boyfriend has the model you’re looking at, and there’s been no problems. I couldn’t ever get the glass out of the plastic frame, and the steel frame one comes out without any issues.


Thanks for the replies! How much liquid tea would you say is left at the bottom?

momo said

With nothing in there it left a little under 4 oz of water, so if you’ve got tea leaves in there too, it’ll definitely be less. But I also just discovered if you repeatedly pour then put it upright, it causes more liquid to escape, haha.


Thx for testing it out. I’ll probably do that or even modify the top knob so the plunger can go down farther.

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K S said

I don’t use this particular model but I use a bodum press all the time. If you make more than one mug full you should have a pot to pour all the tea out of the press. What tea that is below the filter will pour out. If it is pouring really slow or seems to be stuck pulling out slightly on the plunger will break the vaccuum and it will drain.

My favorite part of using the press is to watch the dance of the leaves. Do not push the plunger down until the tea has steeped or you will miss this part of the brewing experience.


It seems like the tea trapped below the filter will indeed pour through, albeit slowly. Thanks!

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noordelijk said

I’ve heard that fresh presses aren’t great for brewing tea if you actually press down on the press because of the pressure on the leaves.

If you want the absolute perfect tea maker that can make just one cup or a bunch of cups and the strainer will reach the bottom each time, I’d say to look at the “Breville One Touch Teamaker”. It boils the water to the perfect temperature you need then drops a stainless steel basket of your tea into the water using magnets, so it will always drop down low enough to reach your water. Its then pulled up after your designated steeping time is up.

For something a little more simple/less pricey, I’d highly recommend “the perfect teamaker” from teavana/“the steeper” from davidstea. Its a simple design that is offered from a lot of tea places but is always called something else haha. You can get them in 16oz or 32oz sizes, and you can put as little water in it as you want. Because you put the leaves directly in the water you’ll never have trouble making just one cup. Like the french press, you can watch the leaves unfurl too. When you’re done steeping you pour the water out the bottom through a built in strainer. The only downfall to this one is that if you’re make a lot you’d have to transfer it into a teapot. You can’t really use it as a teapot on its own or you’d oversteep the tea. The other downfall is its made from clear plastic, and I’ve seen some of them yellow/brown after extended use. Some tea connoisseurs will also note that brewing/drinking from plastic doesn’t give you the best flavour, like porcelain or cast iron may.

noordelijk said

ingenuitea is essentially the same as the one davidstea and teavana have, but I think is available at more than one store.


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