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Since it’s July… Assam from NMTC. And my free sample. :)

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MissLena said

Soo yeah, I was going to use my $10 Verdant voucher, but I realized I want to have it for the next summer teas and/or possibly a glass steeper at a later date and/or my inevitable reorder of 8 treasures when it is running low at the end of summer, so I will wait. So here is the latest damage, from Verdant (knew this order was coming, too many tempting new teas lol)

Earl of Anxi – 7g
Bai mu Dan white tea – 7g
Laoshan apothecary green – 7g
Yu lu yan cha black – 7g
Bergamot rose laoshan black – 1 oz
Summer garden citrus mint – 1 oz
Zhu rong yunnan black – 1 oz
Laoshan Genmaicha – 1 oz
Qianjiazhai Old Growth 2012 Sheng – 1 oz

Total was 41.95 to make free shipping. Can’t wait for it to arrive :)

Thank you, MissLena! Glad to see you’re enjoying the Qianjiazhai. :D Did you see that we have a new sheng from Master Han? It’s a little more citrus-savory rather than plantain-berry, but since it’s coming from the same land and the same man, I think you’d enjoy giving it a try. Unless you have something else in mind, I’d love to get that to you as a free sample!

MissLena said

I saw that one! It was super close to making it in my order, and the citrus sounds delicious, I’d love to try that one for my sample! Thanks :) I’m so happy I’ve found some pu’erhs that I like, I am still getting onto shu, but shengs seem to be my calling so far!

Alright!! Then that’s what we’ll do. :D Very happy to hear that you’re having fun diving into sheng pu’er. It’s a huge, rewarding world.

MissLena said

Thank you so much! I’m very excited to be trying more pu’erhs, so far it’s been quite fun!

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Joint Adagio order with Cavocorax.

For Cavo – $47
- Tardis Blend – Tin
- The Jane Austen Mafia
- Black Dragon Pearls Sample
- Masala Chai Sample
- Yunnan Noir Sample

Mine – $47
- Shieldmaiden
- Dammit
- Fancy Tea: Afternoon Tea
- Green Dragon Pearls sample
- Sleeping Dragon sample
- Anji Duet sample
- Fujian Rain sample
- Dancong Aria sample

+Free Shipping since it was over $50 between Cavo and I.

I also got the hidden Konami mystery tea, though I wasn’t able to get hidden Red Wedding tea since I heard it’s currently out of stock. Rats. Lol. But I got a free gifted sample of peach oolong which I’m giving to my Mom, and got Ceylon Sonata as my free sample for ordering. Lol!
So excited for Shieldmaiden which was re-released by Aun-Juli since it’s not a Tolkien specific term so it can’t be claimed to be copyrighted. Same thing with Afternoon Tea which was her Elevenses tea, but she re-released it under her own ‘Fancy Tea’ brand with a blueberry inclusion. Then she got the ok to put Elevenses back up as it was, but I’m excited for the blueberry inclusion so I grabbed that one instead. Lol.

Next up eventually is gonna be a Verdant order. Though I’m still fighting with myself if I want to get the Lotus gaiwan and a cup or not. Anyone have any option on what they think of Verdant’s gaiwan for a complete gaiwan newbie or should I get a cheaper one first? Lol.

I bought the lotus gaiwan as a birthday splurge and it’s my first. I obviously don’t have any opinions of other gaiwans, but I’m very happy with the one I have. Beautifully painted and pours nicely. Just one thing: since the gaiwan is made of thin bone china, it really heats up when I pour boiling water into it, and holding it is difficult (I got burned a couple times, nothing too serious).

Good to know Kiwi. And I’m fairly used to my fingers burning since I do alot of costuming/armor making with a material called Wonderflex. It’s a plastic with threads running through it that can be heated (I use a paint stripper) and then bent to various shapes that harden when cooled. Lol.

momo said

They need to just sell the red wedding tea. I love it so much.

Momo – Lol. What kind of tea is in it?

The problem not a problem anymore then! :D Is what you do a hobby, like for LARP?

Lol. Yeah. Not LARPing, though I know people who do. I do more the Anime/Game/Geek conventions and stuff.

momo said

It’s an herbal – blood orange, sour apple, and rose petals. The two fruit teas are pretty hibiscusy but it’s oddly really good with the rose.

Momo – Huh. Sounds interesting. Though I wonder if they just stopped giving it out since I don’t think any of those teas are out of stock right now. Lol.

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Made my first DavidsTea order. I wish it could have been a better one. But I’m on a major budget.

Lime Gelato-50g

Pink Lemonade-100g

1 Tea Tin

I’m super excited! Thought they would b perfect iced teas!! Since its summer and all.

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Supposedly I’m on a haitus until school in september, but I got paid for playing in a small musical group so i figured hey why not indulge myself with some verdant?

1oz each of:
Laoshan black (i really want to give this one another try; last time with my sample it was too thick tasting and cocoa powder-y to me for some reason so i got an ounce to play around with it. Hopefully i’ll find the perfect way to brew it)
Zhu rong (looked way too good to pass up)


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I passed by Kusmi Teas on a different route home from work and I couldn’t resst pickng up the Russian Teas Sampler.

It includes:

Prince Vladmir
Bouquet of Flowers
St Petersberg.

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Dinosara said

Order from … it’s a French company that doesn’t ship outside Europe but does sell 50g bags of Dammann teas (instead of their obligatory 100g). Got this sent to my hotel in Paris (free shipping over €39), so I’m hoping it arrives ok! All of these teas are Dammann Frères teas.

Elégie Pourpre – Sachet de 50g
Item# 1034743278 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Mélange Vénitien – Sachet de 50g
Item# 8589252369 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Bali – Sachet de 50g
Item# 7325014525 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Mousson sur Hanoï – Sachet de 50g
Item# 7149410767 €3.25 EUR 1 €3.25 EUR
Noël à Venise – Sachet de 50g
Item# 7090507470 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Passion de Fleurs – Sachet de 50g
Item# 5414123478 €7.00 EUR 1 €7.00 EUR
Figue Fraîche – Sachet de 50g
Item# 5214949054 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Fleurilège – Sachet de 50g
Item# 4909876383 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Pu-Erh gourmand – Sachet de 50g
Item# 4385034503 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Tourbillon – Sachet de 50g
Item# 3852303256 €3.00 EUR 1 €3.00 EUR
Noël en Provence – Sachet de 50g
Item# 3581496947 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Amande Amaretti – Sachet de 50g
Item# 2587014785 €2.50 EUR 1 €2.50 EUR
Caramel Toffee – Sachet de 50g
Item# 8729230987 €2.75 EUR 1 €2.75 EUR

momo said

so. jealous.


Dinosara said

Don’t be too jealous… I just got shipping notification way later than I was expecting it, and I’m pretty sure the box won’t arrive before I leave Paris. :(

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I was supposed to be on a tea buying hiatus until September… yeah.

From zentealife:

Earl Grey Cream – 100g
Strawberry Cream (Black)- 50g
O’Sullivan’s Favourite – 50g

From Adagio:

Earl Grey Lavender – sample
Blueberry – sample
Passionfruit – 3oz
Summer Rose – 3oz

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graceatblb said

Another Mandala Order:

1 cake of Phatty Cake Sequel
2 oz of Black Gold
2 oz of Alishan Taiwanese Oolong

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I had to! I went onto Verdant to just “look” and I added a few teas to my cart and let them sit there ALL day… and yes I just bought them. I had to restock my Eight Treasures Yabao…for my summer iced tea extravaganza…so….
I bought:
1oz.Eight Treasures Yabao
1oz.Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend
1oz.Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black
For a grand total of $22.95

I also splurged and ordered from Bluebird Tea Co. For the very first time.
65 grams (roughly 2.3 oz) Enchanted Narnia
80 grams (roughly 2.8 oz) Vicky’s Sponge Cake
Grand total of $19.98
I really was tempted to get Nearly Nirvana, All Things Nice, Monkey Chops, and Retro Ted… but I had to set some limits ha ha.

Not too bad but definitely more than I wanted to spend. But I can’t wait!

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