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Dinosara said

Small order from Butiki with my winnings from the “Where is Butiki Teas?” Contest.

Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black (1 ounce)
Caramel Vanilla Assam (1 ounce)

nice :D

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Dexter said

I’ve never had any of Teavivre’s teas. Haven’t gotten any in swaps, haven’t ordered from them. I think it’s time to change that. I also desperately need teaware, sooooo this happened:

Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea 100g
Bailin Gongfu Black Tea 100g
Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Black Tea 50g
Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea Full-leaf Sample 14g
Strawberry Oolong Tea Sample 14g
Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Tea Set 14 Pieces

I spent more than 60.00 so I also got the Gaiwan as my free gift and these three samples: Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea, Premium Keemun Hao Ya Black Tea, and Taiwan Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao) Oolong Tea

Fantastic prices. I do wish there had been a 50g size option on a couple of the teas I bought. Oh well, I chose some crowd favorites from here and a couple I thought sounded good. Hoping for the best.

You’ll really enjoy those. I tried the Strawberry Oolong several weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

Dexter said

I’m going to use the “I need to round out my cupboard – I don’t have enough black teas excuse” to justify this order. (The Verdant one above was easier – I was mostly replacing favorites – only 1 new one to add to the cupboard.)

They give a gaiwan as a gift over $60? Where do they say that? ‘Cause that’s a really tempting deal. For me at least. Lol.

Dexter said

It’s part of their Anniversary Promotion that’s on right now.
They have different teas on sale every day and free gifts based on how much you spend.
Here is the thread from Steepster too.

Ah. That’s what I though it might be from, but I couldn’t seem to find anything other than the list of what teas are on sale.
Oh man, now I’m considering an order and I really shouldn’t be. Lol.

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graceatblb said

Another Mandala order. Couldn’t resist ordering a cake of Year of the Dragon. I have been craving it.

Nice! I have a sample of that tea not tried yet and smells great. I’ve been eyeing Mandala recently – I need to get my claws on some more cakes, but I got so much unopened tea!

graceatblb said

I just finished my sample and it’s delicious. I tried to stop myself from buying a cake but I failed. Miserably.

I know what you mean about excess of tea. I have 20 cakes that I haven’t even tried yet…not counting the new one. And I have a list of more cakes to buy. But I am a weakling when it comes to Mandala. A big, giant weakling. I need to go to the Tea Hiatus Group again…

I’ve never tried Mandala but since I’m becoming interested in pu I’ve been really tempted recently…

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I made another Whispering Pines order :)
1 ounce 2007 Lincang Shou Puerh
1 ounce Manistee Moonrise Spirit Blend
1 ounce Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Black
1 ounce Yunnan Gold Black Tea (Organic)
1 ounce Eucalyptus Leaf
1 ounce Elder Berries
1 ounce Manitou Mist
2 touchas Mossy Cave Pu-erh Cups
1 ounce Whispering Pines Black Tea
1 ounce Ashes of Autumn Lapsang Souchong

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Had a couple gift cards, so I ordered from Della Terra and David’s Teas.

Hurray for gift cards! :-)

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Someone control me! I just made another order, from 52 teas. I couldnt resist the tea of the week.
-gingerbread smoke
and then i added
-pink lemonade iced tea.
yikes but yay!

Unsubscribe from the newsletter. :-)

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A.V. said

An expensive order for me…
Gold Thread Reserve 2 oz
Monkey Picked Tieguanyin 4 oz
and a sample of Heritage Aijiao from Red Blossom Tea Company.
While I stare at the bags, I think I’ll drink the 2008 Puerh from the same company that I brewed as it arrived.

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Mandala tea!!!!

YESSS! YESSS! Crap, I really don’t need more tea, I have like 20 I haven’t opened yet but whatever. It’s pu’er, it’ll get better with age.

Wait a minute, I really do need more tea. Freaking phatty cake 2 and two other awesomely rated pu’er!

Phatty Cake II: The Sequel
Special Dark – 2006 Loose Ripe Pu’er (1 ounce)
Mandala Noble Mark Ripe Cake – 2012 (1 ounce for now)

You will be mine, Phatty Cake II! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dexter said

Great choices!!! Noble Mark is AMAZING!!! Special Dark is just that “special”. I haven’t tried Phatty Cake II – but I have a sample of it. That might have to be my tea of choice tonight!!! Trying really hard not to place another Mandala order….. I love their stuff. Rumor has it they are getting more teaware in. I’m trying to wait until that is up on the website then make a decision.
I’m sure you will enjoy your choices. :))

I’ve been holding out for Phatty Cake 2 and I really wanted to dry noble mark and special dark for awhile, so I’m very pumped!

Oh man, more teaware? I almost bought some with this order but held off for now. I probably won’t be able to hold off next time!

Dexter said

On 10Aug Garret wrote on their facebook page that they have gotten in more teaware, some of which will be “newly online next week”. Hoping for some fun and interesting pieces. I need teaware more than tea, but I don’t think it’s possible to NOT order tea if placing a Mandala order.

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UGGG No buy! No Buys after this, OMG!

Steep City Teas
1x Citrus Sunshine Oolong – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $5.50 each
1x Purple Peach – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $7.75 each
1x Blushing Geisha – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $4.50 each
1x Orange Glam – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $4.50 each
1x Choco-Honeyberry – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $5.00 each
1x Nutty Love – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $6.00 each
1x Flirt With Me – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $4.50 each
Discount (code: summersale): $-7.55 USD
Shipping : $5.95 USD
Total : $36.15 USD

great deal, I needed more Blushing Geisha, but uggg, I have so much tea!

Sounds like a great excuse for a party! Maybe a big tea tasting party or summer garden // iced tea get together. If you gathered together a group of friends, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you out with favorites from your stash and new arrivals (especially if everyone brings a baked good or a salad). ;)

citrus sunshine oolong! Blushing Geisha!! Choco-Honeyberry!!! AHHHHH I want to order! If you order a tin through them, do they send a label for the tea like DAVIDsTEA?

Lily: haha, with all the pu’er I ordered yesterday, we just need tea to make it an energetic, rocking party!

Brewteally Sweet: Not sure, I never ordered their tins. They do look sexy and I’ve been tempted.

Dang okay Thank you!

Go for it, Awkward Soul! Nobody ever said tea always has to be polite flowers and mellow music. We’ve thrown some great tea-cocktail parties here at the Tea House recently: candles, live music, bar snacks, gongfu tea and crazy tea and herbal elixirs up at the bar. :D

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Last day for the Laoshan tea sale at Verdant! I ordered some-

Laoshan Black
Laoshan green
Laoshan Bilochun green

and samples of
sweet cinnamon puerh
vanilla citrus
silver buds yabao

YAY! I can’t wait to compare the bilochun to the regular green, and also taste the summer harvest for the first time (the autumn is my favorite so far though, I think!)

Great order (and good timing!)! I almost forgot that it was Thursday already, and almost time for the Tea Tour Sale to move on to Dragonwell and Mrs. Li.
Can’t wait to see what you think of the Summer harvest and the Bilochun! I love tasting the He Family’s teas back to back. It’s amazing to see the similarities that come from terroir, but just as fun to see the differences that come from oxidization, leaf shape, hand-curling vs flat pressed…

Happy sipping!

nice order:) I ordered a few days ago the sweet cinnamon pu’er, vanilla citrus spice, and the summer harvest Laoshan green also!!!
I did add the Laoshan roasted oolong along with golden fleece as well ha ha. I see you ordered the silver buds:) I hope you get well soon so you can taste all of these!

Your order sounds nice too! I’ve already tried the Laoshan Roasted Oolong already and the Golden Fleece too high fives

Can’t really go wrong with Verdant ;)

I have found that to be so true! ha ha! I am so excited for both of those teas the most!

Bentea said

Wish I had ordered a few samples of the blends, the more I keep seeing about them the better they’re sounding haha.

Can’t wait for my Laoshans :)

Chizakura said

Oh my goodness, I’m such an idiot. XD I was looking out for the Laoshan sale but I missed it by like two weeks. Good job me.

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