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Kettle said

My first order from butiki teas has arrived. They were mainly oolongs
I want to know a bit about oblongs teas before moving on to black and greens
since I don’t know anything about tea I would mix them up in my mind trying
different teas at the same time.
So I will be having oolongs for some time before moving to greens and blacks :)

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Sil select said

Shared teavivre order with boxermama and Terri!!! Yay!!

Lala said

Glad it finally arrived.

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keychange said

Kettle, your method of trying new teas is a good one. I too am likely going to get all confused and mixed up when I try my teas, so I’ve only ordered blacks from butiki (actually that’s a lie—I ordered one oolong and one white as well).

Kettle said

Keychange I wish I was better at multitasking teas so I can order more of everything,
I get distracted very easily with them with all the kinds and flavors so I picked one and
stick with it. I wish to be more adventurous about tea as the time goes by.

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Javan said

I just could not resist the new Verdant tea sale on Master Han’s pu-er (25% off). I’ve been wanting to try them. I ordered 4 oz. of Master Han’s 2002 shu pu-er for $17.55, a 250 gr brick of the 2012 sheng pu-er for $18.75, and 1 oz of Qianjiazhai Old Growth 2012 Sheng for $5.96. Total was $42.26 with free shipping. You can see the sale here:

Wonderful order, Javan! I’m so glad to see folks taking the opportunity to try Master Han’s fantastic teas. Glad you also picked up an ounce of Qianjiazhai while you can… as of this morning, we’re down to just about one 357g brick left- I know we’re going to sell out of it soon!

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AND I did it again….
Another Veradant Order.
-Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black (1 oz.)
-Qianjiazhai Old Growth 2012 Sheng (7 g.)
-Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha (7 g.)
Yay Yay Yay.
My bank account disagrees with all my recent purchases…

Verdant is irresistible sometimes!

all the time in my case lately…3 orders in 1 month!

I’m tempted to make another order myself!

Thank you, BrewTEAlly Sweet! We made Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha as our iced sample over the weekend (coldbrewed)- it was fantastic. Glad you got a sample of Qianjiazhai while it’s still in stock with Master Han’s black tea. It’s so fun to try Master Han’s teas together and back-to-back.. you can taste the influence of his land so much!

Yes, I really want to get my hands on Master Han’s teas, this is the week to do it too.

@Lily Duckler I will have to try it iced when it arrives:) I cannot wait! I’ve never been a huge fan of unflavored teas, but Verdant has made me a major believer and im falling in love with them!

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Tamara said

I’m trying David’s tea for the first time. I’m excited to try it out. I hoped that I made a few good choices. Apparently the delivery from Canada to Michigan takes FOREVER, I’m on day 9 so far, hopefully it’ll arrive soon.

Coffee Chai (Organic) – 250g (It was a great 40% off price)
David’s Top 3 (variety pack)
Chocolate Orange – 50g
Love Tea #7 – 50g

If you get to visit one next month, try the Pumpkin Chai.

Tamara said

I love Chai so I’m going to have to get my hands on that. Thanks.

Love Tea #7 is my favourite DT Black Tea :) I hope you like it!

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A couple of firsts
My first order with Butiki included:
The Darjeeling Delight Sampler: (1oz each)
Giddapahar Darjeeling Extra Special (black tea, SFTGFOP-1),
Glenburn Estate Darjeeling (black tea, FTGFOP-1),
Thurbo Darjeeling (black tea, SFTGFOP-1)
Castleton Moonlight Darjeeling (oolong, AA 2nd Flush)
and Lychee Oolong 1/2oz -Mom has been on the hunt for a Lychee Oolong she had at a wonderful restaurant while visiting NYC over a year ago. Even if its not it I’m sure she’ll love this one.

I became a huge fan of Darjeeling after a pot of Castleton at the Bosie Tea Parlor. The sampler seemed a great way to compare a few others.
My sample requests were:
Classic Earl Grey – Earl Grey is my staple. There will soon be many varieties in my cabinet.
Organic Silver Needle

Strawberry Rose Champagne/Peach Tranquility 4oz – I’m in love with this. Pretty sure there are two tea leaves per ounce but I still love it. I’m totally out and I miss it.
Youthberry/Wild Orange 1oz sample

ifjuly said

ah, it’s nice to see one of the few fellow darjeeling fans on the site (EG is my security blanket tea as well)! sounds like a super fun order.

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Well, my no buy lasted 11 days.

52 Teas Cotton Candy White

Sigh. I almost held out. I thought, I’d love this more than the black base cotton candy tea. This would be fun to review! But I needed this 1 picture (for a story) if I was going to review it for and I don’t have it anymore. Then I found it on facebook. Darn it! Well, back on no buy again. Can I last till Black Friday? Probably not.

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RogersCK said

Verdant tea: 5/$5
52Teas: Rootbeer Float (too bad, I missed out on the re-blended Lemon Meringue Chai)

I’m hoping to see some good Labor Day deals.

Thank you for trying our five for five deal, RogersCK! I hope you have fun with all of them when your package arrives. :)

RogersCK said

Thank you. I know I will enjoy them :)

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Chizakura said

Butiki time! :) Been a while since I’ve been in this thread, I’ve been very good!

6oz Premium Taiwanese Assam
2oz Premium Taiwanese Assam Upgrade
2oz Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black (soooo excited! I’ve been looking forward to this!)
2oz Pumpkin crème brulee (pumpkin season is getting near!)
1oz Organic Guranse

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