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wheezybee said

My husband knew I really, really wanted a variable temperature electric kettle, so he gave me a budget to buy one for my upcoming birthday! Here outside Dallas we have power flickers ALL the time (at least once every two weeks) so I didn’t want to get something that had to be re-programmed whenever we lose power. I read over the reviews, took a look at a couple threads on here, and ordered a Breville, model BKE820XL, from BestBuy. Yay! I’m really excited!

ifjuly said

soooooo jealous! i think i’m going to ask for one for christmas.

Cavocorax said

Fancy! I’m hoping to get a good kettle for Christmas too, if I can wait that long!

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Chizakura said

The quickly approaching Fall is making me crave dessert teas all of a sudden. So I thought this would make a good opportunity to try out Della Terra for the first time, since I’ve been curious about them for a while, but never bit the bullet and did it since I don’t usually enjoy flavored tea enough for it to be worth an order purely of them.

1oz Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
1oz Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie (technically a pre-order since it’s not out yet)
1oz Classic Apple Pie

Heard a ton about the raisin cookie one (plus I love the actual cookie~) and the other two sounded so delicious but without the regret, ha.

I went ahead and paid the $7.95 shipping, because when it’s a company I’ve never tried, I don’t want to buy $55 worth of tea… If I DO like it, then I’ll hit free shipping for any possible future orders :)

Those are all really good teas, and good choices for fall.

Chizakura said

Oh good, glad to hear it :) Hope I enjoy them too~

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Frolic select said

So…. I wasn’t going to buy any more tea until black friday but then, well then I saw that Frank had reblended mayan spicy chocolate chai and I’ve been missing it so much since I finished my last pouch almost a year ago. I never got around to reordering because it was in the general catalogue but then he stopped having one! So well I couldn’t miss that.

Then there was the Della Terra order. My excuse here is weaker. But seriously a 30% off code that works on try me packs? I had to go for it. I kept it to $20 including shipping though but still feeling slightly sheepish for breaking my no buy.

But the new Autumn Tea is so tempting.

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Tealizzy said

Someone needs to stop me! I have three orders on their way, and I placed another for a custom try me pack at Della Terra. I think I keep buying because my orders are taking so long to get here, and I have no conception of how much is coming until it’s in my face! Ha! At least one of them is expected to be here Monday. :)

Chizakura said

I feel like that too. I placed a Butiki order (which has now arrived the other day) a Della Terra, and I’m itching to hit up David’s for a couple of mugs and Sugar&Spice, I also want to take advantage of Verdant’s blend sale, and I also want to take advantage of the free caramel matchaccino offer from Red Leaf! AAAH! XD

Tealizzy said

Lol! Glad it’s not just me. I want to order from Butiki too, but so far I’ve been good about holding out for longer on that one!

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MissLena said

Two small orders tonight that were inevitable, also both much smaller than originally intended:

Verdant (for the 25% off blends that I’ve been waiting for all summer):
Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend
Amount: 7 g. ($1.50 each)
Orchard Spice
Amount: 1 oz. ($4.3125 each)
Vanilla Citrus Spice
Amount: 1 oz. ($4.3125 each)
Total = $8.63 as I had a $10 voucher :)

Whispering Pines:
Campfire blend – 1 oz
Sleeping bear blend – 1 oz
+ free sample!
Total = $24.28

More sipdowns tomorrow so that my cupboard hopefully stays around 100 teas!

Thank you for the order, MissLena- what a great deal!

MissLena said

Thank you guys for the wonderful sales and vouchers! I’ve been dying to try the citrus vanilla spice since it came out but I waited for this sale, and good thing since you have 2 new blends now as well! I was very close to getting samples of the new hibiscus berry rose and sweet cinnamon puer, but I have so much tea i refrained… for now haha!

Our pleasure- it’s been a really fun sale to put together throughout the last month! Originally, we were going to end with our Yunnan Teas last week, but then we realized it would be fun to bring everything back to Minnesota and give folks a chance to save on blends. Hibiscus Berry Rose has been a huge hit at the tea house for the last two weeks- it originally premiered there a little while ago as one of our daily specials (cold -brewed with a splash of honey) that we had to bring back since so many people loved it. And I think everyone working at the tea house had a big mug of Orchard Spice all Friday after David finished the blend!

Do you want me to make sure either Hibiscus Berry Rose or Sweet Cinnamon Pu’er is your sample? Just let me know!

MissLena said

All of the sales have been so tempting! I almost ordered from the yunnan one as well for the golden fleece, but I still have lots of zhu rong to drink, and it is also amazing :) the hibiscus one sounds intriguing! And Orchard spice sounds like it is the epitome of autumn :)

And either of the berry rose or cinnamon puer would be wonderful as a sample!! Thank you so much!

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Kiaharii said

Couldn’t resist the sale!
Della Terra
Minty Cow 1oz
An Autumn Breakfast 1oz
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie 1oz
Orange Brûlée 2oz
White Chocolate 4oz
Wonders of Kashmir 2oz

I got some Minty Cow too.

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Decided to take advantage of the Verdant sale and my voucher.

Sweet Cinnamon Pu’er, Hibiscus Berry Rose, Orchard Spice, Vanilla Citrus Spice, Imperial Breakfast Summer Blend, Laoshan Green Oolong, Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend

Subtotal: $10.31
$10 Voucher: -$10.00
Shipping & Handling: $4.50
Order Total: $4.81

MissLena said

Nice order!

I’m excited and it should be here fairly quickly since I’m only a few hours away.

MissLena said

Jealous! It takes about 2 weeks to get to me :(

Oh! If you’re just a few hours away, have you visiting the Tasting Room yet? We’d love to see you if ever you’re around in the Twin Cities!

Actually, we’re planning a trip to the Twin Cities for our 5th anniversary in October. I’ve been dying to see the tasting room.

Chizakura said

Jealous! I so badly want to visit the tasting room. D: But I’m waaay too far away. Like not even in the right country far away. xD

my order just came in, if it weren’t my one night a week to drink coffee I would be cracking into it tonight

That was super fast! I’m glad to hear everything arrived safely :)

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Because I need new tea for a new semester in school. I ordered a Try me pack from Della Terra Teas. Some of the Autumn flavours, and minty cow.

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I was going to start a “tea buying shame” thread, but it can go here as well! Just placed big orders with Verdant & Butiki… and I don’t get paid until the end of September… I think I have a tea dependency problem. It’s become a pattern: get stressed, buy tea, live broke. Sorry, bank account! At least I’ll have many, many choices of tea!

I feel your pain :)

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Dear Frank / 52 Teas,

You’ve broken my No tea buying 3 times in a row, 3 weeks straight. Sigh. Each time, I cannot say no to these teas. Regardless, all good tea!

Today’s damage:
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Green Tea

See if I can last longer than a week. Again

Ugh, I want to try that one so bad. Can’t spend money right now though :(

Tealizzy said

Yep, I got sucked in too. Couldn’t pass up the reblend!

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