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graceatblb said

I have been craving some raw pu’er and I don’t have much so I ordered the Guoyan 99 Raw from Mandala. I didn’t order anything (much) in August so this one isn’t that bad.

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I could not resist!!! And I told myself no more orders for w long while… but it BLUEBERRY CREAM CHEESE DANISH!!!! its back and I have been trading with people just to get sample sizes of this. THIS MADE MY DAY.
But I can never order from 52teas without ordering others so…
I ordered Banana Pudding and S’mores chai as well. There goes my gas money for the week :/
YAY FOR REBLENDS YAY YAY YAY. I thought this day would never come.

Chizakura said

Haha, I totally saw you buy those. I’m shopping there at the moment myself and noticed those three go down all of a sudden. xD

I reeaaallly want to try the green blueberry cream cheese danish. But I also really want to order some Mandala puerhs, and I REALLY want to pay off my student loan this year le sigh

RogersCK said

Stephanie, we can’t always have what we want. Learn to prioritize. Go with the Green Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish! ;)

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Chizakura said

This is the 52 Teas page apparently, for I shopped there too!

One pouch Banana Pudding black tea, and one pouch of the black base of Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. I was going to buy the last of the turtle cheesecake, but someone beat me to it right as I was checking out. xD Ah well, I’ll grab the re-blend if it happens.

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Just placed an ‘order’ with Butiki for some of their garage sale stuff, and threw in a 1/2oz of Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black, 1/2oz of Oriental Beauty, 1 cake of Puerh Tuo Cha, & 1oz of The Black Lotus since Stacy said it wouldn’t add much to the overall weight. Very excited for it. The Black Lotus was a total afterthought that Stacy was awesome enough to add to my invoice after she’d already sent one. It just sounds so tasty and I couldn’t pass up the sale. XD

I was gonna put in a Verdant order tonight for their Imperial Breakfast blend since they’re having a sale and a few other samples to try, but it went totally out of stock. Ah well. Wasn’t meant to be I guess. Lol.

I just drank a tuo cha today! Steeps many many many times FYI :)

Stephanie – That’s what I heard. I’m trying to get into puerh, but all I’ve had have been bad, fishy, experiences. I’ve have such great teas from Butiki, so I hope this is a good one to restart with. Lol.

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Ag select said

So much for my tea buying hiatus, part two. Oops? (But new teas to try! :D)

Whispering Pines:

Whisper of the Woods
Campfire Blend
Manistee Moonrise Spirit Blend
Dark Chocolate Oolong
The Sleeping Bear Blend

Butiki Teas:

Mi Xian Black
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black
Gui Fei Oolong
The Black Lotus
Irish Breakfast
Premium Taiwanese Assam

MissLena said

Both of these orders look excellent! :D

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tigress_al said

I seriously have a problem, I am addicted to buying tea! Lol
Mango Watermelon Honeybush
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea
S’mores Chai
Cotton Candy White Tea
And the 12 sampler from their fundraiser!
Earl Grey Iced Tea

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Sil select said


lalala nothing to see here…

Tealizzy said

Lol! ;)

I’ve been fighting the Verdant impulse all week!!

I had a $10 voucher and there was a sale and I just couldn’t fight mine any longer (I think I lasted about a day)

Uniquity said

If they hadn’t sold out of some of the blends I wanted, I would have placed one as well. I am saving up for the $10 voucher right now so I can “let loose” when that is ready!

They have such an awesome rewards program :)

Thank you, Sil! :) We’ve been having fun blending and packing parties basically all week long to fulfill all of the orders we’ve been receiving.

Uniquity- We will have some fun new teas coming in (and restocking) just around the corner.. should arrive by the end of September. Should be a great time to let loose!

Short Sorceress- thank you! We have so many amazing supporters spreading the word about us every day- it’s a small way to try and say thank you for that support. We know we wouldn’t be able to do anything without the fine folks who share our tea with friends every day.

Sil select said

Oh noes…new? Teas….oh boy. I better get to drinking and saving reward points!

Chizakura said

I haven’t been able to log into my rewards the past few days. I assumed it was a site error, but now it seems like it’s just me having the problem. I type in my email and my password, hit the button and then nothing happens. Doesn’t give me an error message or anything, just nothing happens at all.

Thank you for the update, Chizakura. I’m passing this along to Geoffrey now to see if we can’t figure out what’s happening!

Lily, at times when you get tons of orders — do you regret starting the whole hand-written note thing? Is there a poor tea intern relegated to making them? :)

@High Adventure – Not at all!! Making sure we thank our customers for your trust and support is one of the most important things we get to do here – we know that none of this would be possible otherwise.
And there are no tea interns here at Verdant. We all take turns writing thank you notes, though Kelsey usually writes the most. Kelsey is the fantastic person who makes sure everyone’s orders are packed correctly and out the door on time, along with taking care of everyone with customer service – she’s basically magic, and we’re so lucky to have her working with us!

When tons of orders come in, the whole crew pitches in to make sure everything can get done on time: I’ll stamp bags all day, David will be putting together boxes and making samples, and Kelsey will be orchestrating at the center of it all – there are some late nights, but it’s a great excuse for tea parties and chocolate cake afterwards. :) And there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the mail lady take them all away to head out to your homes.

Lily, I love the notes (I save them) and it sounds like you guys have an absolute blast! That could turn into an online reality show… ‘Behind the Scenes at Verdant Tea.’

Sil, sorry your thread got hijacked!

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Red Leaf Tea

Caramel MATCHAccino special blend
Size: Large x2 = $9.00 (WHOA super discount of crazyness)

Coconut Matcha
Size : Small
Flavor: Distinctive $19.98

The shipping sucks at $10 (the large matchaccino is 2lbs!) but I managed to split it with the roommate.

Coconut matcha is the beeeeesssst

since you mentioned it was really good, I had to get it!


I ordered some MATCHAccino too, such a crazy discount. I think this might be a good solution to not being able to make it to the coffee shop once it starts snowing.

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Dexter said

Placed my first Whispering Pines Tea order.
Coconut Chai
Honey Graham Cracker
Dark Chocolate Oolong
Formosa Oolong
Blackburnian Tea

Sil select said

will be looking forward to seeing your reviews. Haven’t had much chances to try them yet

Dexter said

I’m binging right now. I’ve placed two more orders since this one -Della Terra and Design a Tea plus my NMTC order that STILL hasn’t shipped. (Hanging head in shame)

Sil select said

haha control! control! black friday’s only 2 months away heh

Dexter said

I’m choosing not to worry about it, I’ve cleared a couple of shelves in a closet. Looking for appropriate baskets/bins to put the unopened packages in. I will be fine as long as they are no longer exploding all over the house. (and I have birthday money to spend…might place another order or two yet….)

Sil select said

haha i have 200+ teas in the house but it’s all in one small ikea expedit bookcase. I love it. There are a few more orders i want to place but i’m trying to balance when i’m buying the tea so that when it’s been in my cupboard “forever” i have less to drink from that same time bracket…if that makes sense. heh

gah, where has the time gone? I need to start decreasing my stash to prep for Black Friday.

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Dinosara said

Not tea, but I just ordered a bunch of tins for my Dammann Freres teas from Instant-Thé (they come in non-resealable bags, and on one the seam had burst open!) from Specialty Bottle. I had to stop putting it off!

Which tins did you order? I keep wanting to put an order in, but their shipping is expensive.

Dinosara said

I ordered eight of the TND8 (Tin Deep Container 8oz w/ Cover). They will be just right for 50g of tea (I checked their volume against some tins I have now, lol). I have ordered the TEAT4 (Tin Tea Smooth Square 4.3" w/ Slip Lid; these are perfect for 100g of tea) from them in the past, and love those tins.

My shipping was $10.30 for 8 tins (@$0.97 each). Sometimes you can see where the threshold is for shipping by adding and removing numbers of tins from your cart; one extra tin can double the shipping price because it will bump the total size/weight over the lower threshold.

That’s good to know. One day I’ll order from them…. Maybe as a Christmas present to myself. Lol.

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