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I just subscribed to the new VERDANT BLEND CLUB!!! Stephanie and myself will be starting this month! So exciting and soooooo affordable. YAY.

high fives best idea ever! I wonder if we ever want to order additional teas if they would be willing to throw them in the box to save shipping :)

i know right????!!! so excited!

Thank you so much for your support and excitement!! We’ve been having a ton of fun with the blends for this very first box.

@stephanie – I wish we could! For now, because of the way everything works on the back end, we aren’t able to bundle a la carte orders with subscriptions: there’s just too much risk of something being forgotten or left out!

Can’t wait to send out the first box on the 5th – it will be a lot of fun to see if members have stand-out favorites you want in the permanent collection :)

My pleasure. So excited! Especially after seeing the sneek peak pictures on facebook!

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keychange said

I can’t really explain how this happened, because one minute I was at my desk writing a memo and the next minute I received a confirmation email from the tea merchant confirming my order (French earl grey and biodynamic Darjeeling). It was like I was on autopilot!

Ahaha! Funny how that happens! :-)

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Katiek said

Placed an order for some Della Terra Pumpkin teas. I made some for myself today, and decided to order some as a gift for two friends who love tea and love pumpkin flavoring. I think they’ll enjoy!

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keychange said

Gets me every time!
and Katie, your order sounds good. I love knowing I can gift things in the event that I don’t like them.

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Tealizzy said

Butiki order! Wheeeeee! :D

Vanilla Frosted Carrot Cake
Pumpkin Milkshake
Oriental Beauty
Birthday Cake
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black
Ruby Pie

Sil select said

trying really hard to resist for just a bit longer, but likely not going to happen since i really want to try the carrot cake

Tealizzy said

Ya, I had emailed Stacy about what was coming out, because I was trying to decide whether to wait or not, and when she told me the carrot cake tea was coming out I decided to wait until it was on the website. Been checking it daily!!

Excellent order. Totally jealous :D

I agree with Stephanie I’m so envious! I want all of butikis fall flavors

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Dinosara said

So much for not buying any new tea until Black Friday, but to be fair I just paid for shipping, not the tea!

Easy Tea Hard Choice (offered a $20 credit in another thread of the discussion boards)

Club of Red, 3 Artisanal Black Tea in 1 Set $20.00 USD
Coupon Code (EZTEA): -$20.00 USD
Shipping: $15.00 USD
Grand Total: $15.00 USD

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I caved!!! I finally ordered some fall teas.
Della terra had the 30% off sale.
here is the damage:
-Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
-Caramel Oolong
-The Malt Shop
-Chocolate Almond Coconut
-Cinnamon Bun
and reorderd my Oh so delicious
-Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.
I have yetto try any of them except for my re order:) I hope they do not disappoint.
I told myself my first order would be with Butiki but My wishlist for them is sooooooo long. Ill have to wait a bit:(

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Dexter said

Uggg Please make me stop. I ordered the 3 pack of black plus a dark oolong using the 20.00 off deal from Easy Tea Hard Choice. Have been wanting to try Taiwan Tea Crafts for awhile, this company sounds similar. Will give them a shot, see what it’s like.

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Lariel select said

Ordered a few samples from Adagio… mostly green and oolong.

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Javan said

Well, Yunnan Sourcing has a 6.5% off sale on everything on their two websites (US and China), so I went in for a number of samplers or small puerh bricks as in:
100 gr brick of 2012 Xue Ju Su Pu ripe puer and Snow Crysanthemum,
100gr cake of 2012 Yi Dian Hong ripe puerh mini,
25 gr sampler of 2011 Hui Run ripe puer tea cake of Bu Lang mountain,
2011 Mang Fei aged mao cha mini raw puerh tea cake,
25 gr sampler of 2011 Man Tang Hong Gong Ting ripe puerh cake,
25 gr sampler of Man Tang Hong number 2 ripe puerh,
2010 Yi Dian Hong ripe puerh mini cake,
2012 Xiaguan Jia Ji Tuo raw puerh,
and 25 gr sampler of Xinghai ripe puerh tea brick of Menghai.
The thread here on Steepster about our daily pu-erh, sheng or shu, has inspired me to try lots of different things, in the process discovering that I have a fondness for older shu (fermented or cooked) puerh, while I patiently wait for my sheng (green) puerh to age.

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