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Share Your Orders Thread

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Tealizzy said

Ordered the pumpkin toffee dragonwell from 52teas. I just couldn’t help it! It’s pumpkin!!

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Tealizzy said

Everyone was freaking me out that the fall teas would be gone soon from DavidsTea, so I ordered more! I was going to wait until I could stop by the store on a lunch break, but there’s a transit strike, so I might be teleworking for awhile. At least by not going to the store, I won’t be tempted to buy more stuff!!!

I ordered: pumpkin chai, sugar and spice, and mom’s apple pie. :)

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Just made my 2nd order from della terra in two weeks. Of course the day after I made my first order they came out with new flavors.
I just ordered an hour ago:
-Chocoberry Blue
-White Chocolate Coconut Creme
-Cafe Vanilla
-Birthday cake
-Almond Biscotti
-Dirty Chai

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Zbread&tea said

I took advantage of the Zen Tea 20% off sale and bought some 20g samples since I`m a tea newbie:
-Green Tea Coconut
-Green Tea Genmaicha
-Black Tea Strawberry Cream
-Black Tea Earl Grey Cream
-White Tea Toffee Dream
-Oolong Bossa Nova
-Rooibos Almond Marzipan
-Rooibos Vanilla Heaven
-Rooibos Cream Caramel
The cart was giving me difficulties with shipping when I had 10 items instead of 9, so the owner kindly offered to include what I wanted as a 10th option (Hojicha) with the rest of my order :)

Also bought a 3-month Della Terra Try Me Sampler subscription and the 52teas Christmas box in the past week or so. Well on my way to becoming a fellow tea addict! :)

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I couldn’t take it anymore! I placed my first Mandala order :D

Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 100 gram – 2012 (which I have actually never tried before, so I hope I love it!)

2 oz Special Dark – 2006 Loose Ripe Pu’er (which I have been daydreaming about drinking again ever since I finished my swap sample from Kimquat!)

Dexter3657 said

MMmmm can’t go wrong with Mandala. I regret not picking up more Black Pearls when I had the chance now they are sold out :((
Really should get another Wild Monk cake, and more Special Dark.

I’m with you on the Black Pearls. I’ve never even tried them but I keep hearing wonderful things. The Wild Monk Mao Cha is sold out so I wanted to jump on the cake before that one is gone too!

ifjuly said

Whoa, synchronicity! I posted below and then saw yours. I know we were both talking in comments about how much we wanted to try Mandala, so funny we both finally did at the same time! High five. (:

HA! Nice! What other pu-erhs did you get? I was super tempted to get more of the milk oolong as well, but I’ve kind of got plenty of straight oolongs already at the moment! I’ll totally send you some of the Wild Monk from my cake to sample if you like :D

ifjuly said

I actually grabbed that cake too, I was inelegantly/unclearly lamenting having to buy an entire cake before trying it, sorry for the confusion (and that is super nice of you to offer! If you want to try anything I end up with, let me know!). Let’s see, I got Noble Mark, Special Dark, the Loose and Luscious Lincang (because I saw it’s what Phatty Cake’s made of), and the Bu Lang Gong Ting. These are my first serious forays into pu erh—I’ve got two or three little sample bits and bobs from Verdant, and pu erh’s been in a couple blends I’ve liked, but I’ve never really thrown myself into it. Hoping I love it. Have good feelings about it based on the little I’ve tried and the people here who adore it often having similar tastes to me about other things.

I’ve had this order on the back burner for a while now, so to finally place it was weirdly cathartic, haha.

OH you got the cake too! I hope we both love them!!!

I’ve tried most of those except the Bu Lang Gong Ting. We could do a swap some day if you like but there is no rush. I have a TON of new stuff to try right now :)

I feel ya, I had this order on the back burner for weeks, too!

Mmmmmmm you and your pu’er :) sounds delicious. I’ll have to check them out!

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ifjuly said

My first Mandala order! I was bummed the loose version of Wild Monk’s sold out and likely unrestockable, but otherwise everything I’d had on my wishlist for months was still around. Grabbed a buncha pu erh people on my feed have been raving about along with Black Beauty and Milk Oolong. Yayayayay!

Dexter3657 said

LOL and I’ll say it again, you can’t go wrong with Mandala. I’m almost out of a couple of my favorites and I haven’t tried Black Beauty. I’m going to have to do this soon too…..

ifjuly said

You were a big motivation along with a couple other Steepsters to finally move my butt into gear! So thanks. Now that the weather’s finally cooling (the best tea time!) I’m ready and excited for all my darker, heavier teas to come out.

Dexter3657 said

:)) I just hope you love them as much as I do. You’ve made some good choices.

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Dexter3657 said

It’s odd how I’ve never heard of a company and then see two recommendations and a really good tasting note for them in a couple of days. Of course that led me to this little adventure at Capital Tea Ltd:
Masala Chai 100g Package $8.00
Hunan Black Congou 100g Package $9.75
Golden Monkey Superfine Grade – 2013 Harvest 20g Sample $6.00
Yunnan Black FOP 20g Package $3.50
Keemun Classic 20g Sample $3.50
Special Golden Yunnan ORGANIC 20g Package $7.00
Yunnan Black Special Grade 20g Package $3.50
Kenya Milima Estate GFBOP1 20g Sample $3.00
Banaspaty Estate ORGANIC Assam FTGFOP1 20g Package $3.00
Borsapori Estate Assam TGFOP1 (SPL) 20g Package $4.50

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Lariel select said

Ordered some teas (and mints) from Adagio.

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Kiaharii said

From 52teas
1 bag of Frankenberry
2 bags of Graveyard Mist (because it’s the best!)

From last week:
Upton Tea
Margaret’s Hope Estate FTGFOP1 TP/DEL Second Flush – Sample
Darjeeling First Flush 2013 Sampler

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I thought I could hold out until Black Friday


Mandala Tea:
Flowering Black Tea Cones
Big Red Robe Fancy Grade Dark Roast
White Night
2004 Big Leaf Yi Wu Gushu 1oz Packets – Sweeet, an old raw pu’er!
Tea Thermos

My birthday present to myself! Figured in the end it’ll be tea. Now to hold onto Black Friday /fighting!

Woohoo birthday tea :D looking forward to notes on the pu’er!

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