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limeno said


This is my first post on Steepster :) And I just made an order from Tea Guys after reading aome recommondations on here. So here is my order:

Berkshire Apple & Fig – sample Chocolate Delight – sample Coconut Truffle – sample
Earl Grey Cream – sample French Vanilla – sample
Honey Pistachio Biscotti – sample Morning Americano – sample Kaffir Lime – sample
Chamomile Vanilla Bean – sample Carrot Cake – sample
Red Velvet-Raspberry Trifle – sample Maple Bourbon Eggnog – sample Sweet Pumpkin Spice – sample
Root Beer Rooibos – sample Spearmint – sample
Spiced Pomegranate Pear – sample Cucumber Mojito – sample
Spiced Yerba Mate – sample
Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut – sample

Sil select said

Sounds great!

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Nerys said

My order from is still in transit, so just waiting here.

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A smaller order from and an embarrassingly large one from Harney & Sons… Mostly samples, and two tins of tea are for a gift for someone, but still… DUH! I think I must visit a Tea Order Hiatus group.

Sil select said

interested to see your thoughts on River Tea :)

Yes, now I will be definitely more focused on my thoughts on tea rather than orderings of tea as my wallet squeaks like a barn door in a horror movie… Or something.

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AnnaEA select said

I blame y’all for this – after reading the tasting notes for Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan, I had to try it. Yunnan’s are my favorite tea…

On the way to me are 1 oz of Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan and a Reserve Sample Pack.

Great order! Master Han’s Black Tea is so different, so unique – I remember the very first time he made it for us. Hope you enjoy!

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Sil select said

I picked up 3 teas from RiverTea just to try them out :) Love trying out new companies!

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Sil select said

…and the flood gates are opened. Picked up a few teas from Verdant as well, including the new Wuyi! Looking forward to restocking some teas!

Cavocorax said

I’m waiting for your next post in 15 minutes. Fanchon? Mandala? Taiwan Tea Crafts?

Sil select said

it was ALMOST herbal Infusions, but i think i can wait just a little longer for cacao tea…since i’m really going to try and get out while in chicago next week so i can pick stuff up for a couple people. So i figure that will end up being my next purchase heh

VariaTEA said

haha.I actually placed a HI order earlier in the week when they reblended the Marshmallow Snowflake Earl. And now I keep going onto tea sites, making carts and then having to fight the urge to press check out. Especially since I have a few orders on the way already.

I think the fact that I don’t have a credit card right now helps although it should only be a few more days before that gets replaced.

Tealizzy said

Lol! And this is why steepster is dangerous! ;)

Dexter said

NO NO Floodgates – One order new company – support new companies that look good – I can’t let this turn into all out extravaganza – don’t want to know about new Wuyi – I’ve deleted all news letters without reading – don’t want to know.

Cavocorax said

Oh, VariaTEA, I’m SO tempted to grab the Snowflake Earl but I wasn’t ready to order more. Well, maybe. Moosetracks is nice. And I want samples of a bunch more! /0\

I think I am going to jump on the RiverTea bandwagon though. (And ship it to my office – hahaha – secret tea!)

Thank you so much for your order, Sil :) Hope you enjoy the Li’s Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong – it’s been such a hit here at the teahouse over the weekend!

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Soooo I just placed an embarrassingly large order with Adagio. But to be fair, it’s a joint order between me and Cavocorax, so it’s naturally going to be larger….. I blame her. XD
Though with my Xmax gift card & reward points I only ended up paying a few bucks out of pocket for a bunch of new tea. XD

I got:
fandom sampler – the town we do not speak of
the government & the inspector
two custom blends of mine in the experimental/try-me stage right now
mambo sample
keemun concerto sample
Amber sugar crystals
black dragon pearls sample x2 (because I’m an nosy idiot and clicked the ‘add to order’ button on a cart remnant after I placed the orders, not realizing I wouldn’t get a confirmation page first. /headdesk/)

She got:
fandom sampler – the town we do not speak of
reichenbach reunion
sherlock blend
help will
the jane austen mafia
did you miss me?

Cavocorax said

You should blame me! I totally enabled you and pushed to you ordering!!!!

I’m so excited though! $100 worth of teas just because of the fandoms. Yep. I did it ALL for the fandoms. #sucker

I figure I spend enough money on fancy tea I know will be fantastic that I can spend a bit (a lot? whoops) on teas that will make me happy and encourage more fannish thoughts! Hallo Hannibal & Sherlock & Supernatural & Night Vale & Jane Austen & Mass Effect!

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Kamyria said

Another Verdant order because, well.. I had too. They brought back Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguanyin which apparently was amazing and I just have to try it. Plus I just love their Chrysanthemum Pu’er which I got with last order but only an ounce so now I have to have another ounce.

Here it is:

Chrysanthemum Pu’er 1 oz
Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguanyin 2 oz

Can’t wait.

Thank you for your order, Kamyria! So glad you’ll get to try Master Zhang’s 10yr aged Tieguanyin – it sold out so quickly this holiday season, and after this weekend, we’re half way to being sold out again.

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I took advantage of Yezi’s new year sale and picked up another ounce of Jin Jun Mei, plus free samples of Jin Xuan oolong, Yunnan Golden Peacock Pu’erh, and Yunnan Aged Qizi Pu’erh. This broke my hiatus but…but…their Jin Jun Mei!

Don’t feel bad, I also broke my hiatus for Yezi ;D

Here’s what I just got:
1x Tie Guan Yin Master Grade Oolong Tea – Free Sample
1x Jasmine Tea Pearls Mo Li Hua Green Tea – Free Sample
1x Dragon Well Master Grade Long Jing Green Tea – Free Sample
1x Jin Xuan Oolong Tea – 2OZ
1x Yunnan Golden Peacock Pu’erh Tea – 1OZ
1x Jin Pin Black Tea – 2OZ

lol that’s why my order is so small. Your selection looks great, though. I take it that their milk oolong is good? It’ll be my first milk oolong ever.

I think I had a sample of this oolong before (although I’m not sure if it was this one exactly, that’s how it is when I don’t write a tasting note of everything I have) and I really enjoyed it. I just had to get a bunch of some oolong from them, they all look marvellous. I am also really looking forward to trying Tie Guan Yin Master Grade, although I am afraid of liking it too much – it’s kind of pricey ;D

Thanks! Yezi is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies – I’m excited to visit their booth at the Coffee and Tea Festival. And oh dear good luck on that, I hope you enjoy it no matte the outcome xD

They already shipped out my package :O

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I’ve got some breakfast Earl Grey from a fellow Steeperite.
Some free samples from Tea at Sea
And the Raja sampler from adagio… I may need to become a select member. This has already become an addiction!

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