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Share Your Orders Thread

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Soul said

4oz Jasmine Silver Needle from TeaSource (THANK YOU 50% OFF CHINESE NEW YEAR SALE, 10$ steal!)
100g (3.5oz) Rose Dian Hong Black from Teavivre (THANK YOU TRIPLE POINTS)
100g (3.5oz) Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (Flavored) (THANK YOU TRIPLE POINTS)
7g Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea (THANK YOU TEAVIVRE FREE SAMPLES)

If I don’t post again I sincerely apologize, for my wallet may strangle me in my sleep tonight.

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Tealizzy said

Even though I just got my RiverTea order in the mail, I couldn’t resist the 52teas reblends. Picked up bananas foster and caramel vanilla chai. Man, do I have a lot of tea! On a bright note, I sipped down two teas today, so what’s the harm done? ;)

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I just ordered

This: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008H1ZENM/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
And this!: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001RBIGFW/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I’m so excited, can’t wait! :) My only teapots so far have been plastic. A Takeya pitcher with a filter and then later an IngenuiTEA.

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Ana said

Made my first order with DTT!
2oz Strawberries and Cream
2oz White Chocolate Raspberry
2oz Swiss Mountain Rooibos

Ooooooo I do hope you like what you ordered. Della Terra is my go-to company for dessert teas.

I haven’t tried any of those yet, but the Swiss Mountain Rooibos has been tempting :)

Ana said

I did a tasting note for it but personally it fell a bit flat for me. I was expecting to be hit by a peppermint patty but it wasn’t quite chocolatey enough. I’m going to try steeping it again another time with more leaf to see if that helps. It’s really good, I think my expectations were too high. :)

Good to know.. I will keep an eye out on notes in case you try again with more leaf. I was curious about it since most of my orders so far have been from Della Terra… It almost made my cart last time.

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Dinosara said

So much for not buying tea in February:

Vente-Privee Sale:
Fauchon, Assortment Of Mini Jams & Tea (for the Le Bonheur! tea included)
Fauchon, Earl Grey Vintage Edition Tea

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boychik said

Vente-Privee Sale

An Afternoon In Paris Black Tea
An Evening In France Black Tea
Chocolate Eclair Tea
Earl Grey Vintage Edition Tea
Raspberry Macaron Black Tea

I am sooooo tempted by the sale. I wish there were more reviews of these teas on here to convince me!

boychik said

I was hesitating myself but my girls and all my friends love flavored teas. i never even offer pure teas if we have people over in my house. i can send samples your way when i get my order if you want.

Aww that’s sweet of you boychick! I’d be happy to do a swap sometime :)

limeno said

Those sound so good. Did you like them? Also I cant find the website. Could you possibly link to it? Thank you :)

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Only a little this month. I bought myself the Raja Sampler from Adagio. With my $5 coupon from AnnaAE i only ended up spending 5$, plus I got a free Peach Oolong sample:) pretty excited for my after supper tea:)

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Kamyria said

The only order for the month of February:

Verdant Tea
1 brick of Master Han’s 2013 sheng (my first brick/cake purchase!)$65
1 oz Silver Buds Yabao $9.95
Total: $74.95

Thank you for your order – I’m so excited for your very first brick! I am so excited for what the 2013 will be like in even just five more years, but I’m not sure I’ll have the self control resist drinking it all now XP Hope you enjoy it :)

Did you know? Master Han’s 2013 makes a ridiculously good iced tea – it sounds strange, but it was an amazing discovery late one night here at the tea house.

Kamyria said

You’re welcome :)

That’s the thing… I’m hoping to age most of it but based on the reviews I’m not sure much will survive to 5 years… lol So far I’ve been having fun with Qianjiazhai Old Growth 2012 Sheng… it’s delicious.

Come summer, I’ll probably try the ice tea… thanks for the suggestion. :)

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My first order from Zen Tea, but I took advantage of the 30% off coupon to stock up on the EGC that I fell in love with recently. Shipping to the US is only $5, so I see many more orders in my future.

Zen Tea
Lavender Nirvana 20g
Strawberry Cream 20g
Almond Marzipan 20g
Earl Grey Cream 200g

Subtotal $20.90
Shipping & Handling $5.00
Discount (30% Off) -$6.27
Grand Total $19.63

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So I thought there was a ‘I bought this in a store’ discussion, but I can’t find it even after going back 10 pages (though I did find a few other topics I want to read. Lol). If anyone knows what the url for it is, I’d be greatful for it.

But anyway, I took a trip to a local(ish) DavidsTea and walked out with a whole bunch of stuff. I went in with a list of teas I wanted so I wouldn’t walk out with more than I could afford and I had a giftcard from Xmas, so even better.

I got about a 1/2 oz of these teas:
Salted Caramel
Himalayan Blend
Sheng Pu’erh
Three Wishes (not on my original list, but smelled delicious so I took a chance)
Wild Black Yunnan
Cranberry Pear
Big Apple
Choconut Oolong

I also picked up 4 colored tins and an infuser since the mesh one I use in my teapot has lately been leaking bits of tea into my cup. And since I bought 4oz of tea, I apparently was able to get a free cup of hot tea, which was awesome. They didn’t do that last time I bought tea, so maybe it was just that store? So I got a cup of Nepal Black and a cup of Buddha’s Blend for my Mom since she drove me. Lol.
I also picked up a Lovebird mug for Dinosara, though I resisted getting a mug for myself this time. I think I’ll wait until their spring stuff and see what it looks like.

Dinosara said

Woohoo thanks so much again!

Sil select said

awesome..so glad you found one for her since i had no luck this afternoon

boychik said

that Lovebird mug is soo cute. i wish i could find couple for my girls

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