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I’ve been naughty again but not so bad this time. I slowly built a Yunomi cart (with an affordable total) and I thought it was time to purchase but unfortunately I noticed a bug on their website and two items that I wanted to purchase had no option for me to do so. Well I e-mailed Ian @ Yunomi and two days later he replied to thank me for spotting the bugs and gave me £10 off my next order. :D I already had £4.46 off due to a voucher I received from the monthly club. In the end I only spent £20 thanks to the vouchers.

Yokota #02: Sayamacha Sakura Sencha (#TEAYKT002w100g-01)
Net Weight (per item): 100 grams (3.52 oz) 1 £9.72
Yamane-en: Obukucha with Gold Powder (#TEAYME004w050g)
1 £5.29
Obubu Tea #26: Genmaicha Candy (#FDOBTWA190Cw90-01)
Net Weight (per item): 90 grams (3.17 oz) 1 £2.70
Yokota: Benifuuki Mint Tea Candy (#FDYKT001)
1 £1.89
Furyu: Tosa Bancha (#TEAFUR002w030g)
Net Weight (per item): 30 grams (1.06 oz) 1 £3.78
Chakouan #14: Ureshino Gyokucha – Ochatama (#TEACKA0841w100g-01)
Net Weight (per item): 100 grams (3.52 oz) 1 £5.40
Cart Subtotal: £28.78
Cart Discount: -$4.46
Shipping: £6.60 via Economy Airmail (2-4 Weeks, Tracking & Insurance Sold Separately)
Order Discount: -$10.00
Order Total: £20.92

I just made an online order of Nina’s Paris, and am getting it shipped to an overwintering relative of mine in Florida. She says she’ll bring it with her when she comes back up north. I bought Nina’s “Demain” (green, strawberry and raspberry) and “Eve” (black, peach, apple, apricot, vanilla) blends.

Of course, I’m now debating whether or not to go whole hog and order some Golden Moon samplers while I’m at it – the shipping cost to Florida is so reasonable compared to Canada!

Dexter said

Golden Moon – I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten to try a few samples. Great tea, but I agree shipping to Canada is just outrageous. If you have the opportunity to have it sent to a tea mule…. I say go for it. :))

Dex, you enabler, you convinced me! I only ordered the flavoured teas sampler though. I thought about getting the green tea sampler as well, but I figured I could get something of similar quality for much cheaper from Teavivre.

Soul said

DavidsTea had a sale for their dragon pearls. So I bought 8oz of the black jasmine pearls for 40$.

MzPriss said

I just ordered samples of 9 different Keemuns from Upton. sigh

Tealizzy said

Somehow, by looking at this site, I got interested in looking at what Golden Moon Tea has to offer. This site is such a bad influence, but I love it!! I’ve tried a sample of their coconut pouchong in a swap with Stephanie, and thought highly of it, so, I was bad and ordered the following:

Honey Pear, sample
Madagascar, 1 oz
Sinharaja, 1oz
French breakfast, 1oz
Vanilla jasmine, sample
Sugar caramel oolong, 1oz
Bi lo chun, 1oz

I signed up for the newsletter, so I got 15% off, so not too bad. ;)

The sugar caramel oolong is great! Can’t wait to see your notes on the rest :)

Tealizzy said

Yay! Glad I ordered some then! It sounds delicious!!

Tealizzy said

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the customer service so far. I only ordered this yesterday, and early this morning, I already had a tracking number sent to me. Nice!! Supposed to arrive on Thursday!!

Wow, I am so jealous! I love Golden Moon teas :) They are always top quality!

Red Leaf Tea Order:

French Butter Cookie MATCHAccino, Small
Rich Berry Pie MATCHAccino, Small
Bavarian Cream MATCHAccino, Small
Bordeaux Cherry MATCHAccino, Small
March free sample: Cheesecake Matcha

All those flavors sound great!

SimplyJenW said

It has been a big weekend for tea…..probably the first since Black Friday. I got some English Toffee Matcha (2 large get one small free) from Red Leaf Tea (this is my son’s favorite flavor) and some black tea from Joseph Wesley Black Teas. I got the Keemun, Bai Lin, and Classic Chinese. It looks like free shipping kicks in from Joseph Wesley at about $40.

graceatblb said

4oz of Noble Mark from Mandala. I am a weak woman.

but you’re a weak woman with good taste, that must count for something, right?

graceatblb said

Lol let’s hope because I was this close to adding more Special Dark to my order.

Sil select said

sooo tempted as well…

graceatblb said

I was so good for so long too. But it’s Noble Mark so it’s okay.

Good call though!

I decided to take advantage of Teavivre’s spring sale and use up the last of my points left over from Black Friday.

Strawberry Oolong Tea 100g (3.5oz) +50g free $8.90
Taiwan Osmanthus Oolong Tea 100g (3.5oz) +50g free $14.90
Chun Mei Green Tea (Zhen Mei) 100g (3.5oz) +50g free $6.90
Organic Tian Mu Mao Feng Green Tea 100g (3.5oz) +50g free $12.90
Aged Chenpi Ripened Tangerine Pu-erh 2009 – 10g Free Sample
Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea – 7g Free Sample

Subtotal: $43.60
Reward points -$43.60
Shipping Cost: $0.00
Total: $0.00

Gotta love free tea!!!

Cavocorax said

Well I waffled for about 4 hours this morning, but I ended up buying DAVIDsTEA’s spring collection, and the beautiful blue whale nordic mug!

The total came to $50.00 exactly (for free shipping) so I took that as a sign. I could have waited until the weekend and tried to go in store to look, but really, I think this will end up being cheaper than being able to grab 25g of anything that catches my eye, as well as holding the mugs in my hands…

Eee! I’m excited. When will it get here already? :P

Sil select said

LMAO you make me giggle…good thing we’re holding off on Mandala!

Cavocorax said

Yes. Thank you for agreeing to hold off! :D I am HOPEFULLY done for a bit, but I know, KNOW, that when DT has a new collection I will try them all. That’s just a thing that’s going to happen so long as I can find the appropriate $28 or so.

Sil select said

Hey I’m on a mission…gotta get to 140. Good thing i’ve sipped down like 8 teas today lol

Cavocorax said

That reminds me, Sil, I should drink my Hannibal teas so I can toss the rest into your box!

Sil select said

yeah i have more dr who teas to toss in to YOUR box..but uh it’s a little full…

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