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I made an Upton Tea order. It’s been about a year since I ordered from them, when I got samples of all of their African. I thought I’d give some of their Japanese greens a go. My cupboard is lacking Japanese greens…

Japanese Sencha Special Grade
Japanese Premium Sencha Fukamushi
Japanese Organic Spring Harvest Sencha
Moroccan Mint Green

Sil select said

YAY! I really like upton, though i often got for extended periods of time between orders.

I know! There are sooo many companies to order from but Upton does have a special place in my heart :]

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boychik said

i placed an order with Shang Tea

Aged White (Loose Leaf) 1 oz
Brick Aged White Tea 1 oz
Tangerine Blossom Red 2 oz
White Tea Soap

I haven’t used the soap yet, but it smells delightful!

boychik said

you cant really go wrong with the soap:) let me know if you like it. im gonna test it as soon as i get:)

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VariaTEA said

Last night, I placed a Cornelia Bean order with OMGsrsly and today I took advantage of the 40% off Adagio fandom samplers and got the Magic Potions sampler, the Firefly sampler and 3 oz of the Woman. So excited!!

ETA: The floodgates were opened and a DAVIDs order has now been placed:
- 50 g Gold Rush
- 50 g Vanilla Orchid
- 50 g Birthday Cake
- The Spring Collection
- The Whales Nordic Mug

Dexter said

Cornelia Bean? That’s one of my local shops. Can I ask what you ordered?

VariaTEA said

It is actually because of your post in the Canadian companies thread that we looked them up. And I ordered:
- Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Rooibos
- Lucky Star
- Swaziland Rooibos
- Prickly Pear
- Goji Strawberry
- Monk’s Blend
- Strawberry Meringue and
- Rhubarb Meringue

Then OMGsrsly and I are splitting:
- Romeo & Juliet
- Sea Buckthorn Cream Rooibos
- Sweet Temptation and
- Frangelico Rooibos

OMGsrsly got:
- Berry Bavaria Pu-erh
- Lime Sage Rooibos
- Cold + Flu Relief
- Greek Mountain Orange and
- East Frisian Blend

Dexter said

Awesome. Most of their stuff is pretty good. I haven’t tried everything on that list but Prickly Pear and Frangelico Rooibos are a couple of my favorites. Rhubarb meringue and Goji Strawberry are good. Hope you enjoy them. Will watch for tasting notes. Always interesting to see what others think of local companies. Thanks for sharing.

Sil select said

that sounds/looks great you guys!

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Finally placed my Den’s tea order I’ve been waiting to place for months! Sakura sencha YAY!

1 x Mugicha – Iced Barley Tea (cold brew)
1 x Flavored Tea Tasting Set (pineapple, SAKURA, apple, and grape senchas)
1 x Genmaicha Extra Green (with Matcha) (2oz/56g)
1 x Sencha Fuka-midori (2oz/56g)

Great stuff, all very reasonably priced. I’ve had the Sakura and Pineapple sencha before, but never tried the grape or apple. I thought the flavored sencha tasting set was a great opportunity, though I wavered back and forth because I’d actually have preferred 2oz of Sakura instead of just 1oz. Oh well, I stuck to my budget :)

high five! I also ordered the Flavored Tea Tasting Set. And the Sencha Fukamsuhi.

Awesome. I’ve never tried the Fukamushi! I know I like the Fuka-midori though :)

Neither have I, but I know I’ll love it :D

With this order and the Upton’s, I will have so much green tea. Yaaaaaaasss <3

high fives :D

boychik said

i wasnt going to order anything but you got me curious. do i need to branch into Japanese tea? Ok, i decided to get myself new to Den’s Tea sampler. Do you think this Sakura Sencha will last another week or two?

boychik, I think it took a couple weeks for the Sakura Sencha to become sold out last year… To clarify, did you get the flavored tea sampler or their newcomer sampler?

It depends on your taste :3 Japanese greens are vegetal, seaweed-like, and/or oceanic – flavors that tend to put some people off. Personally, these flavors are why I adore Japanese greens.

You might get the Sakura IN the new to Den’s sampler! That is how I first tried it! The sampler is fabulous, and a great deal too since it comes with a $3 off coupon for your next order :)

I’ll be interested to see your reviews boychik

boychik said

i just ordered newcomer sampler. so i was thinking how long it will take to arrive and will it sell out? i do love seaweed any kind. also their ice teas look very good. they probably will be good for summer. have you tried their iced teas?

I’ve only had the iced barley tea, but I almost bought some ice mango green (didn’t want to go over budget!) The barley tea is awesome in the summer time! Super refreshing and reminds me of black tea but caffeine free!

All the senchas, flavored and otherwise, cold brew beautifully though :)

The newcomer sampler doesn’t sell out – they just change what teas to include. Also, it should arrive in 3-5 days. I’ve only had Sakura Sencha iced and it was incredibly refreshing last summer (man, that was a HOT one). Since you do like seaweed, I hope you enjoy these teas! Den’s Tea is great! :D

boychik said

That’s what I’m hoping that I get Sakura as a sample. I’m very picky about flav. tea. As long as it doesn’t taste artificial I’m fine. You know those teas when you have scratchy throat and weird aftertaste. Blech. I have a feeling I’m gonna like it for summer. Btw I bought Japanese barley tea in Asian grocery. Didn’t make it yet, can’t read Japanese yet( no English direction )

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Spent my Teavivre points on some more samples of a few of my favorites!

Fengqing Wild Tree Yesheng Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake 2013
Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea

And one I’ve been dying to try!

Aged Chenpi Ripened Tangerine Pu-erh 2009 – 10g


I’m excited to try the Chenpi Ripened Tangerine Pu-erh 2009, it caught my eye when I placed my order so I requested it for one of my free samples.

I hope they throw some tangerine peel in with the samples!

Myssy said

That tangerine pu-erh actually sounds good to me and I don’t usually like flavors, although if I do, it is usually citrus.

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Verdant’s email on Friday afternoon got me.

3oz Laoshan Roasted Oolong
1oz Yu Lu Yan Chai
1oz Master Han’s 2013 Sheng Pu’er

Thank you for your order, Tea Tiff! Great choices : )

Kamyria said

Yum! Master Han’s 2013 sheng puer is soooo good!

Glad to hear it! My order came in last night. I am so excited to try the chai and the Puer! I indulged in a cup or 2 of the roasted oolong last night now that I have a back up supply!

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Myssy said

From Mandala:

Wild Monk Raw Pu’er 2012
Special Dark 2006 Loose Ripe Pu’er
100 Gram Phatty Cake
Menghai Dayi Red Rhyme cake

ifjuly said

that is an awesome order! yum.

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Cheri select said

I’ve gone a little bit crazy, I guess. I’ve been getting my tea locally, but the selection of what sounded good to me has been somewhat limited. I first decided that I wanted to get a tea subscription. I signed up with Simple Loose Leaf, because I liked the idea that I could pick what sounded good to me. (I went with a 3 month gift subscription, so it wouldn’t autorenew on me, and I could decide if I liked it enough to continue it.)

Then I decided I didn’t want to wait that long for tea. So I placed an order for some samplers on Teavivre (Featured Pu-erh and Green samplers). (And I’ll still be waiting for that one to get here, too.)

And I decided to try the free sample of Red Leaf Tea’s Cheesecake Matcha. Why not? It’s only a little bit in shipping to try something completely new to me.

Then I was reading and browsing, and somehow I signed myself up for the Amoda subscription, too.

And last night, while bored, I wound up placing an order with Yunomi:

Obubu Tea Sampler Set: 4 Roasts of Houjicha
Morita Tea Garden Sayamacha Tea Sampler
Sencha Tea Flower Blend (just 10g of this one to try it, too, but it sounded GOOOD)
Obubu Tea #29: Sakura Tea (20g of this one. It sounded really interesting and gosh is it pretty.)

Yeah…the waiting is the hard part. I hope something gets here soon.

Lol.. sounds like you need something to show up so you can stop submitting more orders.

Lol.. sounds like you need something to show up so you can stop submitting more orders.I understand not having much locally to choose from… Right there with you!

Lol.. sounds like you need something to show up so you can stop submitting more orders.I understand not having much locally to choose from… Right there with you!I hope you find some that you like :)

Cheri select said

Yes, exactly.

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lkbigfish said

Firstly I drink a LOT of loose leaf greens. Like a ton of the stuff.
So I made my first order to yunnan sourcing (not the U.S. site) because they have some teas from past years harvest extremely cheap.

So I ordered 1Kg mao feng and 1kg bi lo chun, and 500g 2007 raw tuo.

The reviews of their site and teas here on steepster helped justify the large purchase, but all that tea and shipping still under $90.

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OKAY! I sure made some big orders tonight. But I totally deserve them. I feel like I have been working a lot in the past two weeks (or maybe I’m just getting old) and I need to indulge myself.

There are days when it seems like tea is all the joy in life I have :(

But putting depressing stuff aside, here is what I got from Lupicia, 50 grams of each:

- Cookie black
- Chestnut green
- Melon oolong
- Ripe Mango oolong
- Strawberry & Chocolate puer
- Neptune black
- Muscat oolong
- Tsugaru green
- Milk Caramel houjicha

I only hope that it won’t take them ages to ship it, like it did with the Happy Bag that I ordered at the beginning of this year.

I also (finally!) ordered from Butiki. Here’s what I got:

- Flowery Pineapple Oolong – 1/2 ounce
- Maple Pecan Oolong – 1 ounce
- Caramel Vanilla Assam – 1 ounce
- Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black – 1/2 ounce
- Cantaloupe & Cream – 1/2 ounce

Two of these I had before and absolutely loved them.

Now I have to sip down quite a bunch of teas to make room for the ones I just ordered :| :O

Sil select said

awesome orders! I look forward to seeing your reviews on the Lupicia stuff esp the Caramel Houjicha!

keychange said

Both these orders sound awesome!

Thanks, guys! I can’t wait to get them, although I will try to be smart about them – only break into bags when I need them, not just to smell the tea and look at the leaves ;D Especially with Lupicia – I wish they had zip-locked kind of bags for their teas.

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