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Another order from Damn Fine Tea…. Yunnan Gold Tips (horsey tin) and another tin of the Spring Keemun which I LOVE! Now I have to put off my first order from Canton Tea Company… grrrrrr….

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Cheri select said

I placed the Butiki order I’ve been plotting for days and days. I kept switching things up and adding more and more…and deciding I needed more of each.

I wound up ordering:

Lemon French Macaron
1994 Aged Bai Hao
Wen Shan Bao Zhong
The Killer’s Vanilla
Blackberry Lime Guayusa
Citrus Dream
Lavender Chamomile
Champagne & Rose Cream
Eggnog and Pralines (because Stacy is AWESOME!!!)

Ohh.. Eggnog & Pralines?? That is awesome!

Cheri select said

I had to order a whole bunch, but Stacy is making it up for me.

I had a sample of that one and really liked it. Enjoy!

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I placed a one-month subscription with Simple Loose Leaf. I used a coupon they gave us in the Traveling Herbal/Caffeine-free box (thanks!!).

Hmm, is that coupon still out there?

Not everyone who participated in the box took a coupon, so I think the rest went back to Madametj. She might or might not still have them.

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yyz said

I seriously need to ban myself from aliexpress but they are having a three day promotion which means sales so I bought:
A nice but on sale Gaiwan 150 ml. When I factor in transit its cheaper than my 5$ China Town stoneware ones.

lapsang Souchong (possibly from the company I’ve been searching for).

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Dinosara said

I ordered tea for the first time in a while… but it’s not for me! My mom’s birthday present from Harney & Sons. I got her a sample cube for last Christmas and Paris was her favorite, so:

1 tin of Paris sachets
1 tagalong tin of Tower of London sachets
1 tin of Peach Iced Tea sachets

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Today I went berserk on orders.

First off, I ordered sumptin’ sumptin’ from RiverTea – it would have been silly not to, they have 50% off going on right now (Did you know that, guys? Now you do. No, don’t thank me. Remember the code RIVERTEA50). I got 50 grams of each of the following:
- Sumatra Special (Indonesia Black Tea)
- Mulberry White Tea
- Marquis de Gris (Mango, Bergamot Black Tea)
- Ocean Breeze (Ginger Lemon Green Tea)
- Chocolate Kisses Chili (Fruit Tea)

And then… I decided to place another big order with Whispering Pines :O Yes, I did just get one like… not even a month ago. But it’s Friday, funday, payday. And that’s how I roll. And it’s virtual insanity ( And I just don’t care. I just had to place that order. I know you guys understand me :D

Anyways…. Here’s what I got:
- The Sleeping Bear Blend 1 oz. (There’s only 5 ounces they have left of it… Just sayin’)
- Fujian Black Tea 2 oz.
- Dark Roast Anxi Tieguanyin 1 oz.
- Imperial Gold Bud Dian Hong 1 oz.
- Cedar Ridge 1 oz.
- Elder Grove 1 oz.

Oh dear. That 50% off special with River Tea is incredibly tempting – I don’t know if I can resist.

I caved. 50g of Mulberry White, Granny’s Cake, Marquis de Gris, and Spring Tea.

I think the 50% off is good until Sunday (6/8), so you still have some time to make up your mind, Christina!

Looks like awesome choices, Marzipan. Granny’s Cake is really yummy. I still have some left from my previous order. And Mulberry White is one of the best flavored white teas I have ever tried.

I’m in the same boat as Christina. That’s a pretty good deal. XD /ponders/ Sheesh. I totally didn’t need another company to think about ordering from. I’m considering getting mainly their straight teas, and their Granny’s Cake since I had that in a TTB and it was tasty.
I wish there were reviews about the Sumatra Special since that’s the one I’m mostly on the fence about.

Yup, I totally caved. Bought 10 things from River Tea!

- Golden Yunnan
- African Star
- Mountain Herbs
- Crazy Mint
- Ruby Red
- Strawberry Champagne green
- Mulberry White
- Loco Lime
- Midsummer Night
- Sweet Meringue

All told, with the coupon, it came to about $47 CAD.

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I HAD to place my first order with Kusmi Tea this morning. My sister’s birthday is coming up, and she was very interested in their Violet tea when I shared the site with her, PLUS they finally got their Russian Blends mini-tins back in stock! (it’s literally been at least a couple of months since I discovered their site and this is the first time I’ve seen it in stock)

So, I purchased:
-Violet (black tea) 4.4 oz. tin
-Russian Blends mini-tins (set of 5)
-Green Teas mini-tins (set of 5)

So excited! :D

I have been eyeing the Russian mini tin blends as well. I will watch for your reviews!

boychik said

TeaTiff I can send you some Kusmi samples

I’ll do my best, I’m not very experienced! :P

boychik – I completely missed this comment. Thank you so much for the offer. I will send you a PM.

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yyz said

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I finally caved and put in a H&S order. Boychik and Nicole got me with the Nahorhabi Assam which they only had a dozen tins left so I placed an order.

3 oz tin Nahorhabi Assam
3 oz tin Golden Monkey
4 oz tin Queen Cathorine
4 oz tin Indian Nimbu

Looking forward to enjoying all of these again.

boychik said

Yay. I love all of those you ordered. Do they still have 10% off?

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Tealizzy said

Butiki order! Woohoo!

I noticed recently that I was running out of flavored black teas, and I’ve had a few of Butiki’s on my wish list. I ordered:

Foxy Roxy’s banana walnut treat
Hello Sweetie
Raspberry Truffle.


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