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Mandy said

I just ordered this weeks 52teas tea of the week. I love the fact that they have free shipping but at the same time it’s dangerous because I feel like I’m much more likely to make an impulse buy haha

I made an impulse buy last winter, and haven’t opened it yet.

Mandy said

Whatcha get?

The Blueberry Danish, and Peanut Butter… I think cheesecake.

Mandy said

I say you got to try at least one this week for science. I want to know how they taste

Too many new teas coming soon. I am saving them for the Winter season this year instead.

I ordered some oolong samples… because I needed orchid oolong.

Mandy said

Ooh from where?

From JKTeashop. Whomever told me about them, I blame you for that.

Dinosara said

First order in quite a while, from Verdant!

Laoshan Roasted Oolong, 1oz
Hand Picked Early Spring Tieguanyin, 1oz
Hand Picked Spring Tieguanyin, 1oz

and, because Verdant is the best,
Gardens of Anxi and Golden Earl reblends!

apt said

I’m disappointed about Verdant’s lack of communication about the Laoshan delay and the fact that I can’t cancel.

Sil select said

If you emailed them, you might be able to cancel. I just wish the blends could be pre-ordered as well so i could lock those in.

yyz said

Have they given any reason for the delay this year? I know that there was drought this year in Shandong, at least in Rizhao, maybe that had something to do with it? Just curious.

Sil select said

I don’t recall receiving an email about the delay as posted on the website that they will do when dates change. THOUGH, t be fair, i may have received one and just not registered what it was saying? I just noticed the date had changed when i was looking at the site again… heh

apt said

They only announced a 1 week delay, not a 5-6 week delay.

I tried emailing them earlier, still waiting for them to get back to me. I actually just realized how many vendor emails im awaiting haha

Is the Golden Earl reblend super secret? I looked on their web site and it doesn’t look like it is there.

Dinosara said

TeaTiff – it was part of their blends club, so it is limited for now. I just managed to snag what was left after the blends club and bundle club shipped out.

Sil select said

David’s tea sold out of the 1 item i would have purchased, so Verdant got my money. Sad because LB won’t come fooorrreeeever, i picked up:

1st picking LB (though i liked it slightly less than LB)
Vanilla citrus Spice
Campfire Blend
Yu Lu Yan Cha pre-order

apt said

yeah, verdant confirmed the LB delay with me.

what even is yu lu yan cha? its obviously not actual yancha, why would they call it that? verdant even sells an actual yancha!

apt – I just read the page on this tea the other day. It was pretty neat how it came to be. It also describes how the name was crafted. Sil- Thanks for the reminder about Yu Lu Yan Cha. I am thinking I should add some of this to my order that will be shipped in the near future.

apt said

oh… I see… to honor the tea master who crafted it. still not yancha, oh well.

Sil select said

TeaTiff – the delivery date on this one changed to July as well, as a heads up.

kimquat said

Three orders in the past three days. Whoops, relapse!

Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black

Della Terra
Lemon Chiffon
Lime Chiffon

Whispering Pines
Golden Orchid
North Winds
Ailaoshan Black
Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Black
Golden Chai
El Dorado Chai

I’ve been waiting on a few of WPT’s black teas to be back in stock, and then with the 4th of July sale I saw my chance. I couldn’t help it! My VT order is en route and now I have so many teas headed my way…


I’ve not had anything from Whispering Pines yet, but I approve of the Teavivre and Della Terra Teas. Those are goooood.

A good Della Terra order!

Dexter said

I have been so bad and like Kimquat have placed three orders in the last three days – unlike her, I ordered lots of teas. I need help…
4oz chocolate genmaicha
2oz Laoshan Black
2oz Green Laoshan Genmaicha
1oz LB Chai

Whispering Pines
Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Black Tea 1 $7.65
Ailaoshan Black Tea 1 $7.20
Fujian Black Tea 2 $9.46
Imperial Gold Bud Dian Hong 1 $10.58
S’mores! 1 $7.43
Golden Orchid 1 $11.25
Chocolate Chai 1 $6.75
Dark Roast Anxi Tieguanyin 1 $7.65
Huang Zhi Xiang Phoenix Mountain Oolong 1 $6.75
Elderwood 1 $19.58
Yunnan Dian Hong: Classic 58 1 $6.75

Yunnan Sourcing
Premium Grade Jin Jun Mei Fujian Black Tea of Wu Yi Shan * Spring 2014
50 grams $9.00

Spring 2013 “Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong” of Wu Yi Fujian Black tea
100 grams $8.50

Himalayan Black Tartary Buckwheat Roasted Tea * Fagopyrum tataricum -
250 grams $7.00

Imperial Grade Jin Jun Mei from Tong Mu Guan Village * Spring 2014 -
50 grams $11.00

Imperial Pure Bud Yunnan Black tea of Simao * Autumn 2013
50 grams $7.00

Pure Bud Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Black tea * Autumn 2013 -
50 grams $6.00

Imperial Mojiang Golden Bud Yunnan Black Tea * Spring 2014 –
50 grams $9.00

Yi Mei Ren Wu Liang Mountain Yunnan Black Tea * Spring 2014 -
100 grams $8.00

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong of Wu Yi Fujian Black tea * Spring 2014 –
50 grams $5.00

Ubacat said

You didn’t cash in on the Mandala sale?

Does Yunnan Sourcing sell anything under 50 grams?

Dexter said

Ubacat – the Mandala sale was a great deal, but I had just placed an order – I have TONS of Manadala tea here.
Lariel – the smallest amount that I saw was 50g – and some were 100g. I’m not a fan of that, but it’s sooooo cheap that I feel like if I don’t like something, will just use it as a black base for iced tea. I’ve tried a few and thought the quality was good….

Wow Yunnan is cheap. Is their sale still on?

Dexter said

Marzipan – all their oolongs – which includes some of the Fujian blacks – are 13% off – OOLONG13

boychik said

Dexter, you can’t go wrong with YS. I have everything from your order and more…much more. Lotsa cakes. Very happy with my purchases.
Whispering Pines I placed an order myself. Sleeping Bear and El Dorado just couldn’t resist.
Verdant is great solid order. You did great. Enjoy. YS will take awhile but it worth waiting;-)

I’ve been eyeing YS longingly for a while. Might have to order some for my birthday.

Dexter said

Thanks boychik – I’m a big Verdant fan have been waiting for LB Chocolate Genmaicha to come back in stock – all the others are just replenishing favorites.
I’m I HUGE black tea fan – have been wanting to order from Yunnan Sourcing for awhile – I upgraded shipping to 10-20 days. I’m excited to try them. Will also be interesting to compare them to other sources I have here and to compare them to the WP I just ordered.

I’m waiting for the 5 for 5 new customer sampler from Verdant to be back. Regret not ordering that previously. (Hopefully they’re bring it back.)

yyz said

Enjoy Dexter!

Ubacat said

Great teas! I hope to order from Whispering Pines on their next sale. I had too many orders going on this time.

Sil select said

so jealous dexter. i live vicariously through you…

Dexter said

Sil – stress makes me shop…..?

Sil select said

Dexter – heh i can’t let stress make me shop. not until i get through all the purchases we had to make for moving the house

I resisted Yunnan, mostly because I made a big Whispering Pines order, subscribed to a Golden Tips tea box, and have a couple of other things coming in. Honestly I forget what I order half the time and then I’m delighted when things come in the mail.

I caved and ordered a 2.5 oz tin of Spring Keemun from Damn Fine Teas. free shipping till the end of the day today and limited edition tea!

boychik said


Yes, technically this was your fault

boychik said

I know ;) but I feel good because you tried, it’s not blind buy

Yes! Samples are the best for that reason. I almost never blind buy anymore :)

I placed three orders this weekend…yelp!
52 teas
Coconut cream pie honeybush
Bannana pudding black tea

Della terra
Cocnut creme candy
Pineapple upside down cake
Lemmon chiffon

Hello sweetie
Tamirand pop
Almond indugence
Flowery pineapple oolong
Taiwanese mountain black
Oriental beauty
Canteloupe and cream

Nice orders! The banana pudding black from 52 teas is one of my favorite fruity teas.

Thanks! I am wicked psyched to try the black pudding!

Wanting tea for vacation and I do not want to mess with loose leaf so I caved and placed another H&S order with some sachets.

30th Anniversary Blend
Tower of London

Irish Breakfast
Eight at the Fort
Supreme Breakfast Blend
Elaine’s Blend.

Ordered some Teavivre samples with the anniversary promo. Yesterday I bought some oolong (slightly expensive). I’ve decided the amount of free tea I’ve gotten for reviews lately negates some cost.

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