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I’m only letting myself make one online order per month. August goes to Single Origin Teas! I ordered:

Jun Chiyabari Second Flush Nepal – 2 oz.
Vietnam Black OP1 – 2 oz.

That’s a good idea for when I’m off hiatus… :P

I’ve been doing it since May. May, June, and July were all Whispering Pines purchases. :)

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I’m restocking one I got from a swap, so that doesn’t count. Golden Orchid and Fujian Black Tea samples from Whispering Pines. (With bonus North Winds.)

Did you get the gaiwan as well?

That one isn’t on sale… so it’s a b-day order.

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Christina said

Just made my order with RiverTea to officially break my tea-buying hiatus!

I purchased:

- Ocean Breeze (green tea with lemon and ginger)
- Sweet Seduction (green tea with almond nougat)
- Granny’s Cake (chocolate spiced black tea – I loved my sample of this)
- Ceylon Ray of Light (Unflavoured Ceylon tea)

I also asked for samples of Baked Apple, Sweet Osmanthus, and Marquis de Gris.

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Just made my first foray into Pu-erh and ordered Mandala’s ripe Pu-era sample pack! here’s to trying new things!

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Just placed an order with Design-a-Tea. I feel like this is one of the tea companies that gets lost in the crowd, but they have some really fun and tasty signature tea blends.

My order:
Pirate Chai
Renaissance (blueberry nutmeg)
Island Blend

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Tealizzy said

I was trying to hold out until Mandala releases the raw puerh sampler, but I couldn’t wait. I ordered:

2oz. Special Dark ripe puerh, because “MY PRECIOUS!!!”
1oz. Year of the Dragon ripe puerh, because it’s so CREAMY!
1oz. Daxue Five Century Raw puerh, because it sounds amazing and I don’t want it to be gone before I try some!
And the Tawny Dragon tea set, which should be an upgrade to my pseudo gaiwan setup. Yay!

Still gonna order the raw sampler when it comes out, but this should tide me over until then. ;)

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