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DAVIDsTEA orders again! This time of a recent order that came in & one I JUST made!

What came in (10 minutes ago):
Gung Fu teapot
Teal Retro Cup & Saucer
Noble Cups (4 colour set)
Peppermint Bubble Teapot
Peppermint Bubble teacups
Firered Q Teapot
White Budding Tree Perfect teamug
Black Tea tin

I`m addicted to teawares. The Gung Fu teapot has to be my favourite since it is like a baby teapot! Anyways, after this came in I made another order since two of my bosses INSISTED I do so they can get some stuff… Plus my foreman is from Quebec and thinks DAVIDsTEA is the greatest ever so he always wants things now

My Foremans Order:
Two Snowshoe Perfect Teamugs
Two 12 tea satchets
Northern Lights (100g + Free Tin)

My Managers Order:
Blooming Teapot with Infuser
Sweet Indulgence sampler
2 Strawberry blooming teas

My Order (Everything is 50g unless noted):
Green Mate
Three Wishes
Shanti Ayurvedic
Pitta Ayurvedic
Luscious Watermelon
Mint Chocolate Rooibos
Licorice Twist
Fired Up Fennel
Peppermint Amour
Quangzhou Milk Oolong
Rooibos de Provence
Simply the Zest
Green Rooibos
New Delhi Delight
Tie Kwan Yin
Earl Grey Oolong
Nettle Leaf
Chai Amazonia
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait
Spiced Carob
Tumeric Snap
High Mountain Oolong
Vanilla Oolong
Vanilla Orchard
Three Lemon Green
Lemon Myrtle
Jade Oolong Chai
Honeybush Lemon Ginger
Raspberry Nectar
Jumpy Monkey (100g + Free Tin)
Blueberry Jame (100g + Free tin)
Sleigh Ride (100g + Free Tin)
Midsummer Nights Dream (100g + Free Tin)
Paradise Found (100g + Free Tin)

Teawares & Such:
Yellow Plastic Bombilla
2 Agave 10 Pack Sticks
2 inch Mesh Ball
DAVIDs Teal Travel Mug Cozy
Cup Shaped Filters
Blooming Tea Pack of 6
Tiny Tins
Giant Eggnog Wintertree Mug
Glass Perfect Mug
The Pu`reh Collection
The Chocolate Box

darky said

that order is huge! if its all 50gram or more

It’s all 50g (Except 6 are 100g)
I don’t have access to the stores so whatever I wish to try, I get online for 50!

Lazey said

I don’t have a David’s Tea (Or really any tea stores) around me so most of my orders are online. I’ve been wanting to order from David’s Tea for a while, and I want one of those Snowshoe mugs.

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Kamyria said

This thread is not good for my wallet. It makes me want to order more tea. :O

It’s giving me ideas for when I have more funds.

You and me both…ended up with a bloated shopping list for quite a while.

Kamyria said

Ha ha ha… Yup… Way too many ideas… I promised myself no more than one order per week, for now since my stock of tea is very low…. Thanks to this thread, I think I have the next month lined up already :D

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Alphakitty said

Ovation Order!

Bodum Yo-Yo Mug
8oz Yunnan TGFOP Black
16oz Apple Cinnamon Black
16oz Pineapple Blueberry Green
16oz Raspberry Earl Grey
16oz Blueberry Earl Grey
16oz Chocolate Raspberry Mint Black

Not all of this is for me, it’s a split! I am keeping 8oz of the REG, BEG, Pineapple Blueberry and Chocolate Raspberry, 4oz of the Yunnan and the whole pound of Apple Cinnamon.

yssah said

you really love your apple cinnamon! or are you willing to swap out a tsp of it?

Alphakitty said

The apple cinnamon is for my bf, he’s a cinnamon tea addict! I’d be willing to swap some though

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Chuckieroy said

whoops…. just bought a pound of the pineapple blueberry green tea…. it sounded too good to resist. Hope I like it, I’ll be drinking a lot of in over the next year lol

yssah said

haha, whoops is right! i have a few ounces more than id like of Assam, blueberry, white pear, and praline!

what is it with you guys and pineapple blueberry? or why cant i imagine what that would taste like? hahaha

Chuckieroy said

It just sounded diffrent. I decided that this and one more butiki tea order will be my final orders till I make a big dent in my stash.

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rantHappy said

Golden Monkey
Cha Yen Thai
Maharaja Chai
Earl Grey Creme

Ovation Teas:
Vanilla Chai
Fujian Oolong Tea

Golden Monkey Black Tea
Fengqing Dragon Pearl Black
Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong

I may or may not have a problem… I think I have enough teas to drink a different type of tea for the next 2 months without any repeats…

Just one new type a day? :P

wah, i want to try your vanilla chai!

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for the steepster groupbuy on the ovation liquidation

blueberry EG
caramel praline
brown sugar fig

white pear
halmari estate assam – tgfop

there are still some ounces of these up for grabs (swap or paypal at cost).

you can check oz avaiable on this thread:

pavl said

Is there anymore of the caramel praline and white pear? I’d love to grab two ounces of each. I can paypal or swap, whatever is easier. I’m getting Pineapple Blueberry Green Tea and White Monkey from ovation.

lemme check for you

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The Republic of Tea: U.matcha: Ginger, Yuzu, and Roasted Rice blends

Alphakitty said

Ooh, I didn’t know they had a Yuzu!

yup and the roasted rice is genmai, ground and blended in rather then matcha-iri style

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Claire said

Somehow I accidentally posted this in the swap thread the first time, oops.

I finally have money for tea again, YEEHAW!

I just put in my first Butiki order:
Gui Fei Oolong – 1oz
Organic Guranse – 1oz
Tamarind Pop – 1oz
2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong – 1oz
Nilgiri Frost Oolong – 1oz
Good Morning Sunshine – 1oz (after reading all of Helena’s posts about it, how could I not?)
Earthen Gaiwan – brown

And Garret from Mandala is helping me set up an order with lots of yummy puerh so soon I’ll be able to post that too! Yay TEA!

Sil select said

YAY! i picked up a brown gaiwan the other day from stacy! it’s lovely :)

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MissLena said

I finally made my matcha order from Red Leaf with my free matcha certificate from the matcha referral program!! It took me a long time to decide on the flavors, but I finally made a decision. I did the 3+1 FREE matcha deal and got the following:

30 g each with robust flavoring:

Caramel Matcha
Cheesecake Matcha
French Vanilla Matcha
Black Cherry Matcha (free)

With my gift cert, the total was only $14.94! If my cousin was on steepster, I’d do a shout out to her for using my discount code! :)

Sil select said

Yay! I hope you love them!

MissLena said

I think I will, I am especially excited for the cheesecake, as actual cheesecake upsets my stomach from being too rich, but I love the flavor!

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graceatblb said

Just did two separate orders with Verdant Tea. I ordered a pu-erh cake and forgot to add the other parts of my order into the cart when checking out. Charged me shipping but completely worth it.

1st Order-
Big Leaf Sheng Pu’er 2006 Yang Ji Tian Yuan-Cake

2nd My Team is Losing Very Badly and I’m Discombobulated Order
Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea-1oz
Tea Trail 2004: Willow Grove Workshop-1oz
Golden Buds Shu Pu’er Xingyang 2010-1oz
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green-1oz

Kittenna said

As long as both orders are headed to the same address, I would contact them and request that they combine the orders and refund shipping! I’m pretty sure they’d understand :) You probably would only get one free sample that way, but IMO that’s better than paying unnecessary shipping.

graceatblb said

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I forgot to check the notify box. I didn’t get a chance to email them. The packages shipped very quickly. It’s definitely okay…two packages of tea joy. Next time, I’ll double check what’s in the cart before checking out.

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