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Share Your Orders Thread

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momo said

Since DavidsTea is killing off Mom’s Apple Pie, I ordered 250g so I’m set for life. And to get free shipping, they still had the Cocktail Collection so I added that in.

MissLena said

Ugh I’m wondering if I should stock up on Dulce and Banana…Hmmmmm decisions decisions lol

MissLena said

I just saw that it’s gone!! Noooo :(

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Claire said

Just placed an order with Mandala, Garret is the best!

2005 Xiaguan crane 250 gram tuocha
Black Pearl – 1oz
Yong De Organic 2007 – 1oz
Gouyan 068 2007 – 1oz
“Heart of the Old Tree” 2012 Raw 100g
“Wild Monk” 2012 Raw 100g
Big Red Robe Fancy Grade Dark Roast – 1oz
Menghai Dayi Red Rhyme 2008 100g
CNNP 2003 Yellow Mark – 1oz
Menghai Adorned in Red 2007 – 1oz
Fine Breaking Pick

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Alphakitty said

Placed a few smaller orders!~

New Mexico Tea Company
1oz Smoky Earl Grey
1oz Casablanca
1oz Jasmine Monkey King Earl Grey
If you can’t tell I’m on an EG kick, want to try out a few different kinds.

Tea Guys
4oz Maple Sugar
Sample Key Lime Pie
Sample Coconut Truffle
Finally stocking up on my beloved Maple Sugar!

Steep City Teas
2oz Coconut Grove
2oz Black Carnival
2oz Citrus Sunshine Oolong
I’ve been hearing great things about them, and how can I resist ginger berry citrus oolong or coconut rose?!

And finally, a tiny Teavivre order
Golden Monkey
Fengqing Dragon Pearls
Yun Nan Dian Hong
Ripened Rose Pu-erh
All sample sized.

Lazey said

NM Tea Co’s Casablanca is great, I’ve been meaning to order more of it since I had the sample.

Alphakitty said

Good to know! Mint EG just sounded really interesting.

yyyeah Steep City!

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T.C. said

I’m blaming Alphakitty for this one dang it. Free Shipping on even tiny orders? Couldn’t resist!
NM Tea Co:
Crime of Passion
Amount: 1 oz
Ontario Icewine
Amount: 1 oz

Tiny order but they sounded good and i don’t feel guilty with the free ship!

I soooo did not need to be reminded about the free shipping there either!

Alphakitty said

Bwaahaha spreading the tea obsession

T.C. said

Got this today in mail (yay for fast turnaround time)
Only issue was one of mine was labeled incorrectly with the wrong tea…I emailed them and they suggested i check the contents….and of course it turned out to the be right tea…just wrong label. So All’s well that ends well I guess.

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Another NM Tea Co order – a tea order landslide, lol!

Pondi Cherry
White Pu-Erh: Mandarin Orange (this one looks sooo cool!)
Lady Hannah

all 1oz sizes, $12.25 and free shipping.

Alphakitty said

I’ve been seeing so many NMTC orders recently! The Mandarin Orange Pu-erh is really interesting, I have the white one that I really should write a tasting note for.

OMGsrsly said

I had to google this place and the mandarin orange puerh. I have one in my cupboard, but I had no idea what to do with it. Now I do! Awesome!

I’m curious about the he Mandarin Orange Pu-erh too, but now hesitant about Pu-erh in general…

I ordered it more on crazy appearance wise. Little scared how it will taste, but it’ll be an adventure for sure!

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Azzrian said

NM Order – first ever with them:
Black Jasmine Cream
Amount: 1 oz

Autumn Oolong
Amount: 1 oz

Coconut Dream
Amount: 1 oz

Plum Oolong
Amount: 1 oz

Ginseng Oolong
Amount: 1 oz – $4.25

Strawberry Black
Amount: 1 oz

Huckleberry Black
Amount: 1 oz

Green Pu-Erh: Mandarin Orange
$4.00 × 1 = $4.00

And the other day I signed up for the Handmade Tea subscription.

Luckily I had some “extra” funds come in right before payday so I justified it :)

I had wanted the handmade tea subscription before Christmas and the NM tea company I figured with free shipping it was about time I gave them a try.

Alphakitty said

I think you will love the jasmine cream! It’s divine, especially as a latte~

Azzrian said

I think it was your review that sold me on it! :)

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Maria said

First Harney’s order… super excited for this one! Wee!

Florence – loose tea sample
Tower of London – loose tea sample
Mango Black – loose tea sample
Paris – loose 4 oz tin
Vanilla Black – loose tea sample
HT Vanilla Comoro – 20 sachet tin
Valentine’s Blend – tagalong w/ 5 sachets

Sil select said

mmmm so jealous! that looks like a delicious delicious order!

yay! i have not tried any harneys yet but im sure my first order will look more or less the same + earl grey ^^

Oh, that looks exactly like the teas I’d order. haha.

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T.C. said

Ordered some 52tea’s Caramel Apple Honeybush

Azzrian said

Sounds good!

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Kamyria said

DAVIDsTEA order, just put this in yesterday. Scheduled delivery on Friday… WOOT!!

Japanese Sencha (Organic), size: 50g
Crème Brulée (organic), size: 50g
Dragonwell, size: 50g

mmmm, creme brulee is very tasty! Makes an amazing tea latte!

Kamyria said

Uh oh.. that’s what I was thinking… I can’t wait to try :)

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Dustin said

My recent orders are:

52Teas: Chocolate Malt Honeybush

Della Terra: Valentine Try Me Pack, Lime Chiffon Rooibos and Black Cat Rooibos

Ovation Tea: Raspberry Earl Grey, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate Orange Black, Shou Mei, Silver Needle Jasmine White and Jasmine Pearls

I’m going to have enough tea to bathe in. You would think this would curb my tea lust for a while, but reading other people’s orders and reviews ignites it again.

T.C. said

I’m in the same boat. I have enough incoming tea to fill a swimming pool….yet I keep looking at new ones and thinking “well a small order couldn’t hurt…”

Dustin said

Your Caramel Apple Honeybush order actually looked really good. AND I haven’t had any Butiki teas before and they are rated really high on Steepster. Just a little taste is reasonable, right?

So…. pool party at your place?

T.C. said

Sounds like a plan…wonder what the tea equivalent of a kegger is. Because that’s basically what it would be lol.

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