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T.C. said

Dragon Tea House:
Bi Luo Chun * China Green Snail Spring Tea 50g 1.76 oz
Premium Lu Shan Yun Wu * Cloud Fog Tea 100g 3.5 oz

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In store purchase today, from Teavana

50g of Spiced Mandarin Oolong
50g of Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle

And free cause my friend works there Watermelon Mint Chiller about 30g of it


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Alphakitty said

Okay, one more order! This one doesn’t count either ^^;

Persimmon Tree
Green Caramel 2oz
Mandarin Silk sample
Fruit Fusion sample
Jasmine Ancient Beauty sample
Ginger Ginseng sample

I’ve been hoarding my points for a while now so it was $1.99 (+ shipping)! Plus the current promotion is 3 free samples so I requested Masala Chai, White Peach, and Jasmine Pearls.

This one doesn’t count either ^^; – good one!

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Ecclamw said

Golden Moon Tea

English Breakfast Tea 3.6 oz
Tippy Earl Grey 4.4 oz

Only four more days til it gets here :o)

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No long lists here.
PersonaliTea teapot in White 14.00
James Maslow [Big Time Rush Fandom Tea I created] 3oz 10.00
Sample of Earl Grey Moonlight Free with Order [2.00 value]
used a 5 dollar gift certificate
it should hopefully be here by Tuesday or Wednesday fingers crossed

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T.C. said

I am weak….2nd order today

Whispering Pines

Whisper of the Woods 1oz
The Sleeping Bear Blend 1oz
Apple Cinnamon Oolong 1oz

Artp said

TC, every time I read a post from you there is some sense of “I caved!” And I keep thinking, Steepster is like a massive community of enablers for a struggling addict…

Artp, you are so right!

T.C. you are going to love the sleeping bear blend. I’m hopping no one buys it all up before I place my order tomorrow.

T.C. said

@artp: Sad but true…see below post sigh
@TT: Hope so bought solely on steepster reviews!

when you are weak…then you are a strong…swapper :P

@tatooed: why, is the discount really big or the tea amazingly good?

@yssah, it’s very good, main reason is he only makes up a small batch of this one, something like 8 oz every 2 months, something like that. and I definitely want 2 oz this time.

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T.C. said

Lord help me, 3rd order of the day…and I think 2 yesterday as well.

Angelina’s Teas:
A Raspberry In Paris, Rooibos, 1 oz
Panda Pearls Tea 1 oz.
2005 CNNP “Menghai Ripe Mini Tuo”(3)
2006 Haiwan Raw Mini Tuo Pu-erh (3)
Ontario Ice Wine, White Tea, 1 oz. pkg

hearing about your orders make me happy haha

T.C. said

Only my bank account is sad (yay tax returns!)

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T.C. said

Oh hell…the last three posts on this thread are me…..that can’t be good!

Butiki this time (but small order so that’s good right?)
Grapefruit Dragon 1oz
Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos 1oz
Cantaloupe & Cream – sample
Watermelon Xylophone – sample

I really need to pass out now and stop looking at teas :(

Only one of those teas was my fault.

T.C. said

Admit it, you’re an enabler Lariel! ;)

Alphakitty said

Those are all totally to die for, especially Cantaloupe & Cream and Grapefruit Dragon. Yum!

I only admit to rooibos enabling.

MissLena said

I want this order! :)

oh yeah, 3 consecutive posts! i never would have noticed if you hadnt pointed it out! :P

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Hello all, just had to share my recent tea orders since I’m pretty pumped and anxious for them to get here!

From Harney & Sons:

Tins of Paris (I already know I love this), Soho, Florence, Vanilla Comoro and the Valentine’s Day tea

From Kusmi:

4.4oz tins of St. Petersburg and Caramel.

The one from H&S is due to arrive Thursday according to UPS, just when you think there’s nothing more exciting than waiting for mail, you order tea on the Internet! :)

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I had to go ahead and place another DavidsTea order, this time all for myself.

100g Forever Nuts
100g Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait
100g Cocomint Cream
50g Stawberry Rhubarb Crumble

First, I made sure all of my bills were paid up this month. Hahahaha!

T.C. said

haha! Such an addict!

Hahaha! It is super hard for me to find caffeine-free options for the late afternoon / evening, since I really don’t care for rooibos. Now that I’ve finally found some herbals that I love, I wanted to make sure I have enough that I’m not tempted to drink caffeine after 6.

I’m almost as bad as you! :P

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