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Laoshan Black

Amount: 4 oz.

1 $26.00
Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea

Amount: 2 oz.

1 $15.50
Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black

Amount: 2 oz.

1 $29.00
Five Year Aged Tieguanyin

Amount: 7 g.

1 $2.75
Fujian White Jasmine

Amount: 2 oz.

1 $18.00
Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew

Amount: 7 g.

1 $1.75
Holy Basil Spa Blend

Amount: 7 g.

1 $1.25
Subtotal: $94.25
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Order Total: $94.25


I’ll probably be making another order too, if he actually does the Laoshan Black Genmaicha that he was talking about on some other thread.

I’m doing the free trial of the tea of the month club…I hope I get to try the Laoshan Black!

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momo said

shouldn’t have looked in the miscellaneous sales thread, but holy crap it’s impossible to get Fauchon otherwise…
thanks to vente-privee:
Fauchon, Rose & Apple Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)

Fauchon, Strawberry Preserves with Rose Petals – 365g (12.87 Oz),

Fauchon, An Evening In France Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)

Fauchon, Caramel & Jasmine Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)

Fauchon, 5-Honey Gift Set – 140g (4.9 Oz)

Fauchon, Happiness Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)

total of $57.95 with shipping. Most of the teas were $9 or $10, I’m sad they didn’t have the macaron one but hey, still got everything I want! And THE PRICES I remember briefly looking at Fauchon stuff in Paris and this stuff is a bargain I’M SO HAPPY.

not that the $20 is going to do me a favor now but maybe one day again they’ll have more…you can sign up here!

Their tins are beautiful!

momo said

I wish they had a couple of the other ones, maybe in another sale sometime, there is a raspberry macaron one that is my favorite tin EVER.

I saw it on eBay once for $40 but there was no way I could do that.

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I really shouldn’t have looked at momo’s reply above, because therefore this:

Fauchon, Orchard’s Apple Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)
Fauchon, Pear Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)
Fauchon, An Evening In France Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)
Fauchon, Gift Set of 48 Fruit Pastes 500g (17.63 Oz)
Fauchon, Caramel & Jasmine Tea – 100g (3.52 Oz)
Fauchon, Collection Of 18 Gourmand Squares Taste N°2 Creamy Milk Chocolate – 145g (5.11 oz)
Fauchon, Collection Of 18 Gourmand Squares Taste N°3 Milk Chocolate Caramel – 145g (5.11 oz)
Summary of Charges

Order Subtotal $94.00
Shipping & Handling $5.95
Tax $0.00
Order Total $99.95

Alphakitty said

Caramel & Jasmine?! They all sound so good, I regret not taking part in the sale sigh

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Lynne-tea said

I told myself once my birthday rolled around (Feb 8th) I would treat myself to some more Laoshan Black…Well, it was too late when I went to make my order and it was sold out.
Now that it’s back in stock, I’ve been waffling but finally decided to get it using my $10 off via rewards points.

Laoshan Black
Amount: 4 oz.
1 $26.00
Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong
Amount: 1 oz.
1 $9.25
Chocolate Phoenix Chai
Amount: 2 oz.
1 $12.75
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green
Amount: 7 g.
1 $2.00
Subtotal: $50.00
- $10.00
Total = $40.00

… I was sad when I found out that the total has to be $40.00 post coupon for free shipping. Most companies have it that the subtotal pre-coupon is what determines shipping charges. Ah well.. It all works out. I can’t wait

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Pia M said

Yippity skip, more tea is on the way, this time from Simpson and Vail from my home State of Connecticut!!
Violet Black – 4 oz
Formosa Oolong – 4 oz
Violet Rose Black – 4 oz (yes, more violet!)

Also, put my name on the waiting list at 52 Tea for the S’mores Genmaicha…they are apparently sold out at the moment, gosh darn it! Wish I had learned of its existence sooner!

Simpson and Vail puts out some good tea.

Pia M said

Yappychappy, thanks for the kudos on S&V… I have never ordered from them before and was keeping my fingers crossed :-)

I’m from Connecticut too! :-)

Pia M said

Jackie T, I am originally from New Haven. I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I am soooo homesick for New England ;-(

I just moved to Vermont from New London and frequented New Haven for work!! Originally I’m from Coventry, which is on the border of Tolland and Hartford Counties. I’m still in New England but am homesick for Connecticut nonetheless :( We even have a Connecticut sign hanging on our wall because I miss home.

I get homesick for New England. I lived in Massachusetts and NH and frequently visited my parents when they lived in RI, but I’ve lived in WA for the last 8 years. Couldn’t find a job.

Pia M said

Big Fat Homesick sigh to and with my fellow Connecticut/New England teasters who are homesick!! Let’s go brew a cup so we can feel better ;-0

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yssah said

got the Red Leaf Tea latte sampler for testing :)

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18932549 The Witching Hour
$8.99 × 1


18932570 Weeping Angel Tea
$8.99 × 1


288 Raspberry Cream Black Tea
$8.99 × 2


Subtotal: $35.96
Discount: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $35.96

52teas of course.

Sil select said

you’re making me think i need another bag of raspberry cream…and i already have one on the way…

It’s delicious.

Sil select said

haha i think you scored the last two :)

There were 7 when I ordered. Sorry :(

Sil select said

don’t be sorry :) it’s not like i need more tea haha

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buy 3 get 1 free match from Red Leaf, all 60g and distinctive flavor:

Bavarian Cream
Maple Syrup

I had a $45 GC so it cost me…$44.97.

I am especially interested in your review of the fig.

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Just made my first 52teas purchase- malted choco mate and piña colada honey bush!

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due to the investment of a 3 liter Zojirushi Water Boiler and Warmer, I was able to justify (and use a windfall from a friend)

8 Gallon Countertop Water Filter Purifier by Zen Water

oooh, where did you get that?

Both on amazon. The water Purifier comes in 4 and 6 gal. sizes too.

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