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graceatblb said

Birthday order from Mandala Tea. All of them are cakes.

Star of Menghai
Yong De Organic
Menghai Purple Rhyme
Hao Ming Jiacang
King of Bu Lang

My birthday is in June by the way :)

hmmmmm…then they have a few months to age! :D

graceatblb said

Yep…well hopefully. My willpower is dreadfully weak.

or….you will get to finish them all by your bday ^^

graceatblb said

And then buy more…Perfect plan.


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Yesterday night I ordered 1 della terra teas custom try me pack
rainforest nectar
pineapple upside down cake
blueberry crumble
mellow mango peach
double berry burst

Azzrian said

EXCELLENT choices!

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Tealizzy said

So, I’ve been really bad. Haven’t even gotten to try tea from my latest order, and I ordered from another new company! I couldn’t resist trying sTeap shoppe after all the raving reviews about the cinnamon swirl bread tea. So, I ordered:

A tin of cinnamon swirl bread! I’m not messing around here!
Try me sizes of:
Sunrise sensation
Black and white
Vanilla bean black
Milk chocolate
Darjeeling second flush jungpapa oolong

ya.. uhm.. i’m wanting to order that now too :\

only teas and cinnamon.. that stuff sounds soooooo good.

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Because Della Terra is so tempting…

Ordered Lime Chiffon and Orange & Cream. (I blame, or thank you guys.)

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From adagio:

Casablanca twist – 2oz
Citron green – 3oz
Cocomint Green – 3oz
Earl Grey Moonlight – 3oz

Raspberry green
Cherry green
Masala chai
Chocolate chai

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Claire said

Hugo Tea is having a 30% off sale, so I just picked up a tin of Organic Morning’s Journey. :)

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Emily M said

Broke down and got the Limited Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish from 52teas.

Excited, but ashamed. Haha

Did the same thing…excited and PROUD! One of the few, the proud, the impulse buyers!

Emily M said

Impulse Buyers Unite!

Sil select said

yep…surprised it’s lasting this long..

Emily M said

I know…

haha, go! before they run out of it again :)

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Chizakura said

Put in an order with Verdant.

8oz of Laoshan Black
1oz Laoshan Village Chai
5g. Anxi Fo Shou

And with that, I’ve realized my experimenting phase has — for now at least, I’m sure it’ll be back in the future — ended. Other than my wanting to try that Chai and Anxi Fo Shou, I feel satisfied. I’m going to drink through what I’ve got, and simply restock on the favorites. :)

It’s been fun, and looking forward to more experimentation in the future when I get bitten by that bug again. A bit relieved that this current wave is over though, I was beginning to worry about my spending habits. xD;

I hope I get past my “try all the teas!” phase soon too! I still want to try them all…ack.

i don’t think i ever will! hahaha

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Oh boy. My first Verdant order. I was going to be last week, but I had to wait for my $10 off voucher from their loyalty program.

Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha 1oz
Eight Treasures Yabao 1oz
Shui Jin Gui Oolong 1oz
Golden Fleece! 1oz pricey so I hope it’s good!

It was a struggle. I almost got Yunnan Jasmine, then I’d have to get 2 more samples to hit free shipping threshold. Then I remembered I didn’t want to spend that much and stopped.

I would have a whole house full of tea if I had unlimited funds I think!

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Getting me some of that Mount Gray from Andrews & Dunham ^^

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