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Just placed my first order with Whispering Pines Tea Company because of the promotion they put up. Even though I shouldn’t be buying anything until next month, it was too good to pass up. I really have to avoid looking in the ‘Tea Companies & Promotions’ discussions….or selecting the general ‘All discussions’ choice. Lol.

So I ended up ordering all of these, but totally looking forward to all of them.
Golden Lily O’olong
Formosa O’olong Tea
Yunnan Gold Black Tea (Organic)
Blackburnian Tea
Glen Arbor Breakfast
Golden Sunrise Black Tea
Highland Ceylon
Mountain Nectar
Yunnan Dian Hong
Honey Granules

That looks like an awesome order!

I know what you mean!

I think I went a little overboard. ^^;


Terri – Lol! Tell that to my bank account. XD But I do not regret any of it…..Now the purchase I just made from Tevana. That’s a different story. >> /sigh/

MissLena said

I just took advantage of this sale too and placed my first order, pretty excited to try this company!

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David’s Starter Kit
Style: Tall box 900427 1 $19.50

The Winter Tea Collection
Style: Winter 2013 900401 1 $25.50

Kanpe Tea (Organic)
Size: 50g 10312 1 $7.00

Lids for Perfect Mug
Color: Bamboo 900581 1 $2.50

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait
Size: 50g 10376 1 $6.75

Blueberry Jam (Organic)
Size: 50g 10359

Plus the free box of filters (8.50 value!)
Plus free shipping for over $50
(minus the fee my bank will charge for using my credit card to a non US company…my first order of about $35 resulted in about a $1 fee…so it’s reasonable since I get 1% “Disney” cash back for using my card:)

Grand Total $69.75

OBVIOUSLY, I wanted to get more….but I shouldn’t be spending more money, lol…..I just want more variety! ;-)
Now with Whispering Pines current sale…I’m pondering a small order with them….sigh I wish I had more $$$

Ellyn select said

I always feel like I am “tea-poor”!!

Amanda said

Blueberry jam is my fave! I just ordered a ton of it :)

I was going to order 100g of the blueberry jam BUT I didn’t want to end up not liking it…plus I wanted to get another flavor so I figured I could get 50g of both then whenever I order again I’ll get a larger portion if I do love it(and HOPEFULLY have more tea money by then, lol)

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Dinosara said

Finally convinced myself that I could make this order:

Butiki Teas

Mi Xian Black: 1/2 ounce
Zhen Qu: 1 ounce
Premium Taiwanese Assam SALE!!!: 1 ounce
Good Morning Sunshine: 1 ounce

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MissLena said

So I just placed my first Whispering Pines order!! I’ve been wanting to place an order with them since about last Nov, so I finally decided to, with that awesome free 1 oz of tea deal (although it doesn’t apply to sleeping bear blend, which I had to try!)

I got:
The Sleeping Bear Blend – 1 oz
River Rain Green Tea – 1 oz
Zen Master – 1 oz
Whisper of the Woods – 1 oz
Honeysuckle White Tea – 1 oz

Total was only around $29!! Even with shipping to Canada!
And 4 of those teas + 1 oz = 9 oz of tea!! Ahh! I hope I like them :P

Oh, and the names of the teas are lovely. Might have played a part in my choices, just a bit hehe

I almost ordered the Honeysuckle White Tea, but I wasn’t sure about the sage note they mention in the description. I’m ot a fan of sage anything and having a mention of it in my tea doesn’t sound appealing. Lol.
Though I’d be interested to hear what you thought of this one when it arrives. ^^

MissLena said

Yeah that looked interesting, I enjoy white teas and they are the bf’s favorite so that’s the main reason that one made it on the list :) I will definitely write a note on it! I’ve also been wanting to order it since it was first released, finally got a chance to. Your order from them looks epic btw, I will watch for your notes too!

Uh oh. I guess I better start actually writing notes for the stuff I get now. Lol.

MissLena said

Haha no pressure! Lol :)

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Dexter said

I had already made up a shopping card from Tealux. Was going to wait a week or so before I bought MORE tea, but then I saw the 25% off sale, and decided to go ahead and order a bunch of stuff. As a newbie, I really like that they have sample sizes for sale so that you can try a bunch with out committing to a large bag. I ordered:

Aged 5 Years Naked Pu-erh Organic Size: 25g / 1oz – 3.50$
Pu-erh Chocolate Chai Size: Sample – 1.50$
Pu-erh Cocoa-Spice Size: 25g / 1.05oz – 4.00$
Gen Mai Cha Japanese Size: Sample – 1.50$
Oo Nutty Delight Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 6.75$
Chocolate Cake Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 3.75$
Chocolate Monkey Size: Sample – 1.50$
Tropical breeze Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 4.50$
Cherry Goddess Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 4.75$
President Choice Size: Sample – 1.00$
Hawaiian Paradise Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 4.00$
Fruity Spicy Brew Size: Sample – 1.00$
Fruit Medley Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 3.00$
Tali’s Masala Chai Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 5.50$
Black Pearl Sumatra Size: Sample – 2.00$
20 Years Aged Roasted Oolong Size: Sample – 3.50$
Imperial Mi Lan Xiang Dancong (Honey Orchid) Size: Sample – 1.50$
Pu-erh Chocolate Chai Size: Sample – 1.50$
Un Momento Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 4.00$
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 4.00$
Matè Java Expresso Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 5.00$
Coconut Milky Oolong Weight: Sample – 1.50$
99% Oxidized Purple Oolong Size: Sample – 1.50$
Pu-erh Coconut Cacao Size: Sample – 1.50$
Pu-erh Chai Caramel Size: 50g / 1.76oz – 5.50$
Sweet Cherry Goddess Size: Sample – 1.25$
Café Latte Size: Sample – 2.00$

Those prices are before discount. Total bill was $60.68. Free shipping over 60.00. I had about 55.00 in my cart and shipping was going to be $9.99, made sense to me to add a few more samples to get the free shipping. Would rather pay for tea than shipping, more for me to try. :))

Are you starting a tea hoard for winter already?

Dexter said

LOL, noooooooo. I’m a newbie who hasn’t tried very much. Seemed like a good opportunity to try a bunch of stuff that I’ve never had before. Samples for $1-1.5 then 25% off seemed like a good deal to me………

Chizakura said

WHOOOOOOA! DX If I had that much all at once, I think I’d panic and not drink any of it, because I wouldn’t know where to begin. xD

Pick teas out of a hat?

Dexter said

I actually have a system that’s working for me. I only open a few teas at a time. Like one of each kind. A flavored black, oolong, rooibos, etc. I drink those first, when I open a new one, I open one to replace what I just finished – oldest bought first. I also don’t have enough tins for all my teas, so I try to use the ones that come in the “folded packages” before the ones that are “sealed”. Just trying to keep variety available to drink, and keep as many “fresh” as possible. Hoping to get more tins so this isn’t such an issue. For now this is working for me.

Sil select said

Chizakura – you’d be surprised at how many teas you can keep organised lol It’s only when i hit 300 that i started to feel overwhelmed heh

Chizakura said

Ha, no, I’d panic. xD I know myself, it’s what I’d do. In fact, I have done that with a much smaller amount of tea. xD I’m used to only having a few to focus on at a time.

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Chizakura said

So even though technically my TRY ALL THE TEAS phase has come to an end, since Frank of 52Teas has a 20% discount going (plus I have a 10% off ‘Frank was Late’ discount coupon on top of that) I figured I’d be stupid not to order something. So I nabbed two pouches of the Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish and one pouch of Weeping Angel. Wish Coconut Cream Pie was available in time for these coupons. Ah well.

Getting tempted to threaten buying an entire pound to entice him to blend. ;)

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So I went on a tea buying binge today, placing 3 orders:
Steven Smith Teamaker
49 Assam
55 Lord Bergamot

The Tea Spot – all sample sized except the bolder breakfast
Blue Mountain Nilgiri
Ginger Peach
New Moon Darjeeling
Qu Hao Silk
Earl of Grey
Bolder Breakfast

Watermelon Xylophone
Rose Violet Calendula Oolong
khongea Golden Tippy Assam
Premium Taiwanese Assam (both)
Zhen Qu
Two Friends – Sil’s Special

I guess that’s enough for now…

Dinosara said

Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try the Qu Hao Silk since they announced it. Looking forward to your review!

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MissLena said

Oh dear, I’m on the same page twice..well I have been interested in trying 52 Teas for quite some time, so once I saw that Graveyard Mist had been reblended, I bit the bullet.

I got 1 bag each of:
Graveyard Mist
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Black Tea (I’ve heard so many good things about it!)

So now no more buying tea until I’m done school!!! Although this can be considered my reward for not stopping at my local DavidsTea while at the mall today. :P

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Fiddling said

Lately I’ve been limiting myself to sample/small orders and swaps, but I fell off the wagon. Luckily I didn’t break the bank, so I guess my only real problem is where to store all of the tea.

I thought I was done buying tea after Frank reblended Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, but thanks to the 52Teas sale I also picked up Lemon Cardamom Chun Mee and Cuba Libre Black Tea.

I also placed what seems like the mother of all orders from Harney & Sons (for only $19 thanks to 15% off + gift card). I got:
Indian Spice, 1 lb. (The bf will drink all of this within a few months!)
Apricot Black Tea, 7 oz.
Mango Black Tea, 7 oz.
Caribe, 4 oz.
Earl Grey Supreme, 20 sachets
Midsummer’s Peach, 20 sachets
Ambessa Lingonberry Green, 5 sachets
Ambessa Earl of Harlem, 5 sachets
Ambessa Choco Nut, 5 sachets
Wedding Tea, 5 sachets

I love me some Marcus Samuelsson, so of the H&S teas I’m looking forward to trying the Ambessa teas the most!

Oooooh, I’ve been dying to try the Marcus Samuelsson teas too! I didn’t know you could get them in just 5 sachets.

Fiddling said

You can buy them in really adorable tagalong tins for $4. The designs for all of Marcus Samuelsson’s teas is fantastic. I almost bought 20 sachet size for the tins, but I thought it would be wiser to go with a sample size. :)

momo said

Lingonberry I think is worth it for the big one in the future, because of the tin. And it’s tasty. But the tin is even better in person.

Fiddling said

Good to know, momo! I love lingonberry, so I’m hoping it’s as good as it sounds.

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Well, based on the description of White Christmas, I simply had no choice but to order two packages of it. Especially since he offered a 20% off coupon. I would have bought one more but that would have brought my available money down to about $3 until the 3rd. :-/

Hahaha, it’s excellent! I debated ordering more, and probably would have if I could have used the coupon code.

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