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Been DYING to place another Della Terra order & finally did

4 custom try me packs 19 new to me teas & 1 I needed to fill the 5 teas.
A rabbit’s garden
blueberry crumble
cactus flower
grapefruit fusion
jelly bean dream
lemon lime cream tart
lime chiffon
rainforest nectar
shamrock & roll
strawberry sunday
the malt shop
blueberry cream
pineapple upside down cake
strawberries & cream
blueberry afternoon
honey & spice
orange brulee
white chocolate
cold attack (simply because I have my first real cold in a YEAR!)
vanilla cream

1oz of winter nog
1oz of pineapple upside down cake

wanted 1oz of creme de la creme but there was none.
And yes I DID order all varieties of blueberry tea they have.
Coupon Code (DELLA30):-$14.56
Grand Total:$46.49

Emily M said

HOLY TEA ORDER! That’s a lot of Della Terra!

That sounds so good! What kind is the strawberry and cream?

I do believe the strawberry & cream is a black.

It’s all the teas I wanted to try from DT, I love their try me packs for this reason.

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Javan said

The thread on showing off our Yixing teapots made me get out my pots, so I made a cup of sheng puerh tea from a sample that Yunnan Sourcing sent of their 2009 Mang Fei raw puerh. I liked it so much I placed an order for a cake of the Mang Fei, and also a sample of 2012 Qiu Yun wild arbor raw puerh. Products $27.25, discount $2.52, shipping $7.85, total $32.58. The Mang Fei is delicious right now.

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Tealizzy said

I’ve gone a little nuts lately. I ordered:

Caramel vanilla assam – can’t wait to try this!!
Maple pecan oolong – 4 oz! It’s the BOMB!!
Pumpkin creme brûlée
1991 Da Ye aged oolong – that’s some old tea! Sounds so interesting!

Marshmallow treat genmaicha

Della Terra Teas:
Blueberry crumble – 4 oz, that’s right!
Oolong creme del la creme
Chocolate pumpkin pie


I can now personally say… the chocolate pumpkin pie is very good.

Tealizzy said

Yay! I’m glad I ordered it!

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Emily M said

I saw the Dragon Feelers were back in stock, which prompted another Butiki order…I was trying to wait it out a little longer, but oh well. Very excited!

Premium Taiwanese Assam
Upgrade Version 1 ounce

Premium Taiwanese Assam
1 ounce

Almond Indulgence
1 ounce

Dragon Feelers
1 ounce

Tamarind Pop
1 ounce

Blueberry Purple Tea
1/2 ounce

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Fjellrev said

Snatched up a couple pouches of 52teas Marshmallow Treat earlier today. w00t w00t

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Just placed my first 52teas order:
-Marshmallow Treat
-Graveyard Mist
-Pancake Breakfast


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Cavocorax said

Yikes! I think this Zen Tea order just pushed my back up to 100 teas. :O

It was worth it though. I used the coupon code “Spring” for 20-40%, and it looks as though I got free shipping too! (I think if you’re in BC you qualify but I don’t know for sure).

Anyways, here’s my loot (20g each):
Black – Phoenix Pearl – $2.00
Black – Strawberry Cream – $1.80
Black -O’Sullivan’s Favorite – $1.60
Green – Curled Dragon Silver Tip -$4.50
Green Tea – Coconut – $2.00
Herb – Anti-Strain $2.20
Herb – Cranberry Acai – $0.50
Herb – Tumeric Ginger – $0.50
Oolong – Bossa Nova – $1.80
Rooibos – Chocolate Mint – $2.00
Rooibos – Lavender Nirvana – $0.80
Rooibos – Northern Berry – $0.50

Subtotal: $20.30
Grand Total: $16.24 (with discount)

Fifty cent samples you guys!!!

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graceatblb said

First ever Butiki Order:

1 ounce of:
Khongea Golden Tippy Assam
Grandpa’s Anytime Tea
Premium Taiwanese Assam
Tamarind Pop
Three Friends
The Killer’s Vanilla
Zhen Qu

Samples requested:
Caramel Vanilla Assam
Organic Irish Breakfast

Sil select said

YAY! oh i hope you love them grace :) some great choices there

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I placed my first orders with both PureAromaTeas and Teavivre yesterday. A dozen or so 10-14 gram samples from each. I really did not need to buy as much as I did.

Emily M said

I did that a few months ago through Teavivre. I’m still going through samples…haven’t even really started. It’s an awesome way to try tea, though!

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Ordered a glass gaiwan off ebay / Dragon Tea House

I’ve been eyeing this gaiwan for awhile too!

Emily M said

Cool! I like the shape of it.

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