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Sil select said

mmm placed an order with PureAroma just now – 30ish random teas! woot woot!

Dinosara said

haha wow, that will give your cupboard quite a boost!

Sil select said

Yes but not until AFTER Saturday lol :) and they’re all sample sizes so easily sipdown end in 2-4 cups

Dinosara said

Just like the 8 teas I have coming in the mail won’t be added to my stash until after Saturday :) and yay for sample sizes!

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infused1 said

I should never look at this thread. I saw someone’s order from Zen Tea, and decided I needed to try their teas, too. I got 20G each of:

Green Tea-Coconut $2.00
White tea-Toffee Dream $2.20
Rooibos-Vanilla Heaven $1.80
Herb-Tumeric Ginger Organic $0.60
Herb-Bamboo integrity $2.00
Oolong-Bossa Nova $1.80
Oolong-Coconut $3.80

I’m really looking forward to trying the 2 oolongs.

Kiaharii said

I love Toffee Dream!

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Anyanka said

I wanted more samples, not full sizes, as I have a lot of full sizes of unflavored black tea right now. It’s the bestest, so that’s ok, but I am trying to learn what else I like. I’ve explored a lot of unflavored teas, so now I’m branching out further, although many of these have a black base.

From Chado tea in California, I got the following dozen 1 ounce samples, all for under 2 dollars each, with 3.95 shipping – the whole order was 23.12USD:

  • Green Christmas (green tea, orange peel, almonds, rose petals, cinnamon chips, apple pieces and cinnamon orange spice)
  • Orange Blossom Oolong
  • Red Fruits (black tea, strawberry, raspberry, red currant and cherry)
  • Lychee Tea (black)
  • Lemon Tea – with lemon peels (black)
  • Sambucca/Licorice Spice (black)
  • Phoenix (black tea, honey, caramel, vanilla)
  • Almond Tea (black)
  • Banana Tea (black)
  • Butterscotch Tea (black)
  • Samovar – Russian Caravan Fruity (black)
  • Mate Carnival (Roasted mate, cocoa, rooibos, sunflower, cactus, cornflowers and almonds)
Azzrian said

Oh I have been looking for a great butterscotch tea. Hope it is great!

Sil select said

uh oh… looks like i have another company to look into…

Anyanka said

I’m a bit nervous because they’re primarily a teahouse, not chiefly an online retailer, but they had such cheap, big samples and huge selection. I’ll be sure to make notes for all of them.

Dinosara said

I got a couple of their teas in a swap and while I haven’t tried one, I loooved the other (Earl Grey Exotique)… seemed to be very high quality flavored tea! Looking forward to your reviews.

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Sil select said

FUN! :)

Anyanka said

Oh, I really like that!

Dinosara said

Aw, I have the exact same pot in green. It’s a nice little pot.

I bought this one mostly for its cheapness. I’m glad to know it is a good pot! I’m also asking for a nice kyusu for my birthday! :D

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2nd tea related order of the day! This time from Den’s! :D
Pineapple Sencha (2oz/56g)
Sencha Fuka-midori (2oz/56g)
Hashiri Shincha (2oz/56g)
Teapot Shudei – $5 until 4/30

Oh my gosh, $5 for such a nice-looking teapot?? NO WAY.

I KNOW RIGHT? and only $3 for shipping. If you like Japanese greens jump on it!!! :D

$3 FOR SHIPPING THIS TIME?! Oh, my tea-buying hiatus T_T

If you haven’t bought their sampler for green tea novices for $3 I highly recommend it.

Darn. I already have. So I guess it doesn’t apply to me? Ah well. Still getting the teapot and their special sale on one of their senchas.

I used my $3 coupon that came with my novice pack to apply to this order :)

tperez said

No way! I might have to grab one of those teapots too :)

I already used it to buy Sakura Sencha. I was happy for the good timing.

That sakura sencha was fantastic. I had some in my sampler but missed buying more before it sold out.

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Thanks to Stephanie (no sarcasm intended!), I caved in to buy a Japanese green. sigh goodbye, willpower.

Den’s Tea:
Teapot Shudei
Sencha Shin-ryoku 2oz (with 20% off)

Have you had the shin-ryoku before? I wonder how it tastes compared to the fuka-midori!

It’s a new tea for me. Can’t wait to try it! I’ll definitely write a tasting note.


I’m tempted by that tea pot too! I think I can walk away though… I think.

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Bought 52 Tea’s Pineberry Honeybush

Currently eyeing Mandala teas for my next order, sigh, it’ll be a big one too.

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1 LB of Jaclyn’s Cocomint Tea from Simpson and Vail because I love them and I love that they made me this tea and I need it with me at all times forever. yum!

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Just placed my first order from Verdant!

Five Teas for $5 – 10g samplers of:
Laoshan Black
Laoshan Green
Hand Picked Tieguanyin
Yunnan White Jasmine
Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong

and 7g of Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black.

Thank you for your order! I hope you enjoy your teas. :)

And thank you for the generous offer!

Uniquity said

GAH. That would have been a great addition to my recent order. D’oh!

Cavocorax said

I just grabbed the samples! I’ve spent weeks visiting the site to save for a coupon (and negate shipping to Canada) but this made me order now. This way I’ll have a better idea of what I like when I order in a few more weeks. Thanks!

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Verdant’s $5 sampler also~! I’ll finally be able to try Laoshon Black and a Tie Guan Yin.

Thanks so much for giving us a try!

I’ve heard many good things! I can’t wait to try everything :D

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