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Tamm said

I also just got the Verdant tea offer! :3 I’ve been wanting to try their teas for a long, long time so I’m pretty excited.

Thank you! Our goal was to make our classic teas accessible for newcomers, so I’m really glad to hear that so many can try us now for the first time.

Cavocorax said

I appreciate the offer! Also, I like that you have free shipping at $40 for North America – makes it easier for a Canadian like me to justify a big order!

Sil select said

agree with cavo!

Anyanka said

I got it too. I just bought 12 teas yesterday. This is a problem.

Tamm said

I also signed up for the trial for the subscription teas! I should shoot you guys an email, because you could probably mail that together. :3

Hi Tamm- no need to worry about it (though it’s very kind of you to think of it!). We actually handle subscription fulfillment separately from our normal orders to make sure everything goes out just as it should. It also means you won’t have to wait all the way until the 15th for your 5 for $5 teas to ship out! Those will get prepped on Monday. :)

Tamm said

Thank you, then! I am very excited and I can’t wait to put up reviews for them! I have only heard good things about Verdant.

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pavl said

Shincha preorders put in.
Tsuen Uji Shincha “Aoi” and Kagoshima Shincha Yutaka Midori from O-Cha
Hashiri Shincha from Den’s Tea

Sweet. Let us know which one is your fave!

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Chizakura said

So I’ve had a Butiki order that’s been ongoing the past three or four days. xD I tend to be a bit weird with how long I think orders through before submitting them. On the plus side, that also means I avoid buyers remorse, so yay? The original list had about 15 different teas on it (and if I had done that order, I would’ve tried nearly every black tea on the shop) but then Mi Xian Black went on sale. So almost my entire order changed to accommodate. This is what I ended up with:

1oz Zen Qhu (Never tried, very excited :D)
Organic Jasmine Pearls 1/2oz
Khongea Golden Tippy Assam 1oz (Never tried, looking forward :D)
Hattialli Golden Lion Assam 1/2oz (Never tried, excited for this too)
Mi Xian Black 4oz (that’s right)
Caramel Vanilla Assam 2oz (Never tried, but I know I will love it)

… And I’ve just realized I forgot to order more Citrus Dream. Looks like I should’ve considered my order for one more day. Oops. Oh well, next time :)

The jasmine pearls are heavenly!

Chizakura said

They sure are! :) I had them as a sample from my last order and needed MORE! Haha :D

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I had a really good art fair yesterday so I just placed my first golden moon tea order!

1oz coconut pouchong
Samples of
White Persian melon
Sugar caramel oolong
Peach oolong


Rie said

Congratulations on the successful art fair, Stephanie! :D And on the order too, of course.

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Because, uh…. reasons. I ordered a Della Terra try me pack.

Well, reasons are good enough.

I love having their tea while reading. Is that a good reason?

Any reason is good reason :D

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tperez said

Couldn’t resist the $5 sample pack from Verdant

Thanks for giving us a try! :)

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Sil select said

Totally ordered from A&D because of their free shipping today – to Canada direct no less, so yay for not having to use my tea mule :) Good thing Terri’s swap with me arrived today, perfect timing!

Cavocorax said

That’s so tempting, but I wouldn’t know which to pick… But I’m impulsive so maybe…

Sil select said

I tried all 3 of the one pack the tiger Assam, but caravan is a really nice smooth smokey tea if you like that sort of thing. If you hold off I can always send you some to try later,though you wouldn’t be getting free shipping if you order later lol

Cavocorax said

Well, let’s hope I really like the Tiger Assam as I just went for it. :p The free shipping was the only way I’d ever be able to place an order so I’m happy to try. And I’m sure it’d be easy to swap with Canadians of I wasn’t impressed.

Sil select said

Haha happy to enable :) I know worse case if if you don’t like it, both Terri and I do…though we’ll each have 4 ounces to get through…well I’m sure she’s down an ounce by now lol

Also if you hate it….it’s all Terri’s fault lol she started it!

Cavocorax said

Hahaha. :)

Free shipping always makes it worth it!

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Well as recommendation from some local women, i have been drinking 2 cups of pu’erh ib the morning, now I need more so I ordered from David’s- 50g of each.

Aloha pu’erh
Berry Good pu’erh
& more Blood Orange

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odd, last post here was from 3 days ago. Everyone on No buys?

Mandala Tea order! Getting my first pu’erh cakes! I’ve been looking at these teas for awhile, tabs open on my Chrome debating what to get. TY to Garret @ Mandala for his recommendations!

Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 100 gram
Menghai Dayi Yellow Box Toucha 2009 100 gram
Milk Oolong 1oz
and a stainless steel mesh strainer for my cha hai.

I was very tempted by the Menghai Purple Rhyme and Mandala’s Phatty cake, maybe another order!

Dinosara said

I guess everyone is being “good” lol. Not too many good sales in the past few days either.

Sil select said

Trying to be good! Lack is sales helps to keep me from buying since I desperately need to sip down.

Lala said

We have all joined the tea buying hiatus support group

Shhh, if they catch on sales get us, they’ll start happening!

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momo said

Haha I wasn’t buying any until I sold something pretty huge on eBay and then saw 2 of the new Della Terra teas, plus I totally forgot about wanting to get some of the Malt Shop one.

2 oz of The Malt Shop
1 oz of Key Lime Pie
1 oz of Chocoberry Blue

I saved myself $30 for tea in my paypal account and used half already oooops.

Cavocorax said

Oh, Both of those sound great! But I can wait a month before ordering as I bought 12 teas from them last month! #resolve

Lol. The Chocoberry Blue sounds pretty good.
I was considering ordering but Love in a Cup is out of stock, so I’ll just have to wait. Probly for the best ‘cause I really shouldn’t be buying anything more until I work through some of what I have. Lol.

The chocolate blue one sounds awesome, but I’m waiting for new rooibos.

chocoberry blue swooon! I want, but I still haven’t tried a couple from my last DTT order.

Chocoberry! Sounds really awesome!

momo said

I have bunches I haven’t opened from Della Terra orders months ago :x terrible But chocolate + blueberry and key lime pie? I can’t help it.

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