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Spartacus said

When I ordered tea online I used to purchase exclusively from Once they sold out it took me forever to find a company that had consistent teas of their quality. I recently discovered this new company who gets their teas from the same suppliers that did. I have had:

Dragon Well
Green Snail Spring
One Bush Phoenix Bird
Buddhist Tea Fo Cha
Fukimushi Sencha

Not only are their teas outstanding but since their a new company they’re giving out all kinds of discounts to attract business.

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yyz said

Sloane Tea has a where to buy option on the top of their web page where you can check out where it is available locally.

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Kiaharii said

DAVIDsTEA, I just had to.

The Summer Collection
Lime Gelato 50g
Main Squeeze 50g
Jungle Ju Ju 50g
Bamboozled 50g

Time for summer!

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Tealizzy said

Ack! So much for not buying tea for awhile! I’ve been wanting to order some Verdant tea, and had a whole list I wanted to try out. I went to their site, and they are out of laoshan black, and almost out of laoshan village chai (which my coworker wanted me to order some for her, and I wanted some myself!) So, I ordered:

Two 2 oz. bags of laoshan village chai

Sample sizes (7g) of:
Golden Fleece
Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black
Taiwanese Dong Ding Oolong
Golden Buds Shu Pu’er Xingyang 2010
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea


Chizakura said

Eek, I’m inches away from crumbling for a Verdant order myself! I was trying to hold out until June, but one of the two teas I was super excited about is gone, and the other is low stock. Dx Plus I want to try Yu Lu Yan Cha Black and I’m under the impression it tends to go pretty quickly. This is the first time it’s been in stock since I’ve been aware of Verdant afterall.

Tealizzy said

Ya, I definitely crumbled. They don’t have laoshan black or the genmaicha either. The Yu Lu tea looked yummy. Hope I don’t love the sample and then can’t get more!

You can pre-order the spring picked laoshan black.

Chizakura said

Is the spring harvest supposed to be quite a bit better? My initial impression of the Autumn harvest was that I loved it to pieces, but I’m starting to grow rather tired of it and am relieved that I’m down to the last 1.5oz (I’d bought 8…) It’s the really heavily roasted/burntness that I’m getting sick of. Dx

Well, I don’t want to say anything definite since it likely varies each year, but I personally think the spring will be better. I first tried the 2012 spring picked version as a sample and loved it to bits. Then I bought the autumn version and found it way to roasted and not as chocolate vanilla spice. So I"m hoping this spring version will be like the first sample I tried. If not, I’m selling my 2oz and pouting in the corner until I find another black tea that tastes as magical as I remember.

@ Tealizzy: Thanks for your order- looks like a great combination of tea! It’s always fun to know someone’s about to receive a giant sample pack of their own choosing. :)

As for Laoshan Black, Mercuryhime is exactly right- the Spring Harvest was picked over the weekend of May10th, and is currently on the way to Verdant HQ. We’re really looking forward to it- Laoshan Black is absolutely our most popular tea, and no matter how much we import, we’re always amazed with how quickly it sells out!

Mr. and Mrs. He know how much everyone loves the chocolate flavor, and are working on making this the most chocolatey yet- judging from the very early harvest we tried together, it should be a wonderful Spring batch!

Spring Laoshan black and more Spring Green are set to arrive the week of May 27th. Once they’re back, the Genmaicha, Chocolate Genmaicha and Chai’s will come fully back in stock, too!

@ Chizakura: Glad you picked out some YuLuYanCha! This is only the second season we’ve had it in stock, since this is just the second season it’s ever been made. :D We all really enjoyed the autumn harvest last year, but I think Wang Yanxin and her friends in Laoshan and Xinyang have really outdone themselves with the Spring harvest. I was packing up YuLuYanCha pre-orders last week, and couldn’t stand how good the giant bags smelled: seriously? apple cider and chocolate brownies!!
There were only 100lbs made this season, which means when this sells out, we won’t have any more until the Autumn. Like fresh sweet corn in the summer or local apples in the fall, there’s something particularly special about trying produce in it’s season. It’s one of the huge challenges and the great joys of seasonal harvests and small batches.

Chizakura said

Aaah! You’re making me wish I did order a full ounce instead of just a sample size. xD Haha. I nearly did, but then changed my mind since I was already dropping $100 on some lovely new teaware, but now I’m starting to regret. Well if there’s still some floating around in July I’ll grab some more. :D

(Also excited to try out the Spring Harvest of Laoshan Black too!)

Tealizzy said

Mercuryhime – Thanks! I didn’t see the pre-order until after I ordered, but will keep that in mind.

Lily – I’m super excited to try a bunch of new ones! It will be an adventure!

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scribbles said

I caved.
White Silver Tips Pu’er
Climber’s High
Long Jing Dragonwell
Green Bamboo
Zhejang Cloud’s Green Tea
Tencha Mimoto
Da Hong Pao Wuyi
Jun Shan Yin Zhen Yellow Tea

Now that I see it in writing, can’t believe I ordered that much (but I can’t wait to get it either :D )

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Nxtdoor said


Goji pop (100gr)
Tropicalia (100gr)
Kokomo green (100gr)
Mango madness (50 gr).

Why drink crappy juice with artificial flavour when you can make iced tea?!? :)

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Pre-ordered 2oz of Laoshan black. The moment I saw that it was available, I rushed to buy some. I’m trusting that it’s better than the autumn version that had disappointed me. :)

And I forget who I promised to share a bit with when I got some… I’m a bad person. If you’re reading this, PM me!

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Chizakura said

There. Only sort of broke my hiatus. What I did is I placed my June Verdant Teas order in now. The reasons being that one of the two teas I was most excited about is already sold out, the second being low stock with less than 1lb remaining. The second reason being I wanted some of the teaware, and those won’t be there anymore at June.
So I placed my June order in advance, and won’t place another until July at the earliest. xD (excluding Butiki. I’m still allowed my June Butiki order)

Here’s what I got:

1oz Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black
Sample size Yunnan White Jasmine
Sample size Spring Harvest Laoshan Green
Sample size Yu Lu Yan Cha Black
Yellow Leaves Storage Jar
Paired Tea Storage Jars

Cavocorax said

I’m just waiting for my coupon to be processed and then I’ll place my order! I like the teaware, but will probably just skip that for now and spend about $40. :)

Sil select said

I really like the tea storage jars

Chizakura said

Same here, Sil. I was pretty sad when all those other jars sold out before I even had a chance to look at them to make a decision. xD So I pounced on these ones, hehe. :)

Tealizzy said

Haha on Butiki! I’m probably going to place an order there soon as well! It’s so hard!

Chizakura said

It really is, Tealizzy. xD When you know there’s so many wonderful teas to be had, it’s hard to resist temptation.

@Cavocorax Which teas from Verdant were you looking into? :D

It’s so hard to be on tea-hiatus during the Spring! :) If I weren’t already working for our own tea company, I know I would be in huge trouble.. I can’t resist!!

For reference, which teas were you looking at that are sold out? It’s possible there might be small sample sizes left, and I can try to get that to you as your sample.

Cavocorax said

Chizakura- I wanted the Laoshan Spring preorder, Laoshan green, yu lu yan cha, and a few samples of the blends! I redeemed my $10 loyalty reward and as soon I get it, I’ll place it! :)

Chizakura said

Lily, that’s so generous! :) I was hoping to try out the Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha. I had also hoped to try out the Bai Mu Dan if the genmaicha’s all used up. And yes, it’s so true. I told myself no more orders and then suddenly all of these beautiful teas started appearing in your store! Haha.

@Cavocorax Hehe, a lot of the ones I’ll be trying. :D Hopefully it’ll process soon so you can get ordering. :)

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graciezoe said

I went to the Green Teahouse and bought way too much. ;)
Twelfth Night Black/Green Tea
White Tangerine Peach
Sweet Apple Chai
Silver Needle
Pink Cherry Cider White
Blueberry Silver
Blueberry Matcha
Monkey Coco Rooibos
Lemon Pie Mate’
Vanilla Silk White
Sweet Watermelon White (for ice tea)
And if that wasn’t enough; I also purchased a glass teapot and a travel mug. I know I need help. I’ve promised myself no more tea for 3 months.

Wow nice haul!

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My last Verdant order hasn’t arrived and I just placed another one! I… have a problem. Perhaps I should spend more time on the tea-buying hiatus thread? Gosh.

Hahaha, I feel your pain. Verdant keeps releasing new stuff! Darnit, I mean, YAY!

It’s all so tempting, right? So far they’ve never let me down with their teas and their descriptions are so poetic that they draw you in!

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