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Chelle said

Placed a Verdant order today.
Pre-ordered 2 oz. of the spring Laoshan Black and one of the Yellow Leaves Tea Storage Jars.

Thank you, Chelle!

Since you were thinking about the Eight Treasures Yabao, do you want us to include that as your free sample? Otherwise, we’ll surprise you!

Chelle said

Sure that sounds great!

You got it!

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I just ordered the Kusmi Russian mini-tins so I could get more Anastasia (and try the other Russian blends like bouquet of flowers). I… have a serious tea-buying problem, but at least I’m in good company!

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moraiwe said

I keep telling myself to lay off the ordering, but I have really terrible impulse control sometimes!

I have two orders I’m waiting anxiously for now! :)

I have a Persimmon Tree Tea Order of:

Periwinkle 2 oz
Butterscotch 1 oz
White Guava 1 oz

And a Verdant Order of:

Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black 1 oz
Eight Treasures Yabao 2 oz
Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew 1 oz
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea 1 oz
Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong 2 oz

Chelle said

The Eight Treasure looks very enticing, I was going to add a sample to my order but I got so excited over the beautiful tea jars!

Thanks for the order, moraiwe! :)

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Cavocorax said

I just placed my first Verdant order! :O (Redeemed my points for a $10GC and spent enough to get free shipping to Canada!)

Laoshan Black – 2 oz
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black – 1 oz
Spring Harvest Laoshan Green – 1 oz
Silver Buds Yabao – 1oz
Chocolate Chamomile Curiousity Brew – 1 oz
Eight Treasures Yabao – sample
Hand Picked Early Spring Tieguanyin – sample
Anxi Fo Shou Black – sample

I’ve tried a few. The rest are just guess that I’ll enjoy them. :P Hope I didn’t miss any of the really big/favourite teas, but I’m just that much closer to my next coupon.

Sil select said

mmmm some really nice ones in there! jealous of your order :)

Chizakura said

Somehow I’m jealous even though I just placed an order with Verdant too the other day. xD

Lynne-tea said

I hope you love the Silver Buds! One of my favourites .

Great first order, Cavocorax- look at all of those fresh Spring teas! Thank you very much for the support. :)

Chizakura: I know how you feel- I’m irrationally jealous, even though I’m in the office right now! Definitely making me crave something Spring-y like Eight Treasures to carry me into the rest of the gray, rainy afternoon.

Cavocorax said

Woo! I’m happy I chose some that everyone seems to like.
Lynne-tea – I’m just starting to enjoy Puerh so I thought this would be a nice one as it’s not as “earthy” as others (from the sounds of it).

I’m looking forward to the Spring teas! Also, it’s pretty exciting knowing that these are the freshest you can get! I better find some nice tins for them.

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Chuckieroy said

Just ordered the 5 samples for 5 dollars from Verdant! I have heard so many amazing things about them, but have yet to try any of their teas. I am quite excited!!!

Thank you for giving us a try! I hope you enjoy your first five Verdant Teas. :)

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First Butiki order.

Mi Xian Black SALE!!! (1/2 ounce)
Caramel Vanilla Assam
Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat
Premium Taiwanese Assam
Premium Taiwanese Assam
Raspberry Truffle
Tamarind Pop
Three Friends
Zhen Qu
Peppermint Patty
Pineapple Cilantro Cream
Watermelon Xylophone
Maple Pecan Oolong
Pistachio Ice Cream SALE!!!
Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos
Item total $84.98
Tax $0.00
Shipping and handling $8.50
Total $93.48 USD

Awesome haul!!!!

Yeah, I went a bit overboard, like I usually do when encountering a tea company for the first time. Most of these are in 1 oz sizes so when I do get around to opening them, they should go fast. I really just wanted the Caramel Vanilla Assam but I have poor impulse control when it comes to buying things so..yeah.

DaisyChubb said


Chizakura said

WHOA. You bought out the place! Haha :D Enjoy and happy drinking. I’ve had a good amount of those, and I can’t praise them enough.
Be sure to pick up some Hattialli Golden Lion Assam too on your next order :D

moraiwe said

I’m crazy jealous! Enjoy your order! :D

Chelle said

You are going to enjoy those teas! I love many of those especially the Mi Xian!

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MissLena said

cries in a corner

Went to my local DAVIDsTEA…it was mom’s idea, in my defence! And she bought almost as much tea as me!

The Summer Collection ~ 15 g of each
Midsummer Night’s Dream – 50 g
Cocoa Canela – 15 g (mom wants to try it haha not sure about this one)
Main Squeeze – 25 g
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait – 15 g
Leakproof Iced Tea Mug

And mom got me the Mist Iced Tea Pitcher because she wanted to get me a gongfu pot but I already have one so she was like pick a pitcher, I can’t decide on one for you!

Also got 15 g of Salted Caramel, then read it has almonds in it..still worried about it making me allergic, so I gave that one to mom, along with some other teas I have, so I did a swap kind of too! /defensive tone

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moraiwe said

Decided I couldn’t pass up the California Tea House Memorial Day Sale. (Free matcha? YES PLEASE)


4oz Blueberry Syrup (best cold-brewed blueberry tea I’ve ever had!)
4 oz Lemon Drop
And my free 30g of Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Bad me. Now I really need to stop.

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Just made my first order with Verdant!!! The five samples for $5. I can’t wait!! I really wanted to order the Eight Treasures Yabao, but I wouldnt have gotten the free shipping. My next order for sure! I loved the color and just how it looked dry. Beautiful!

Uniquity said

Odds are you will like your samples and then want to reorder and can throw in the yabao for free shipping… :)

I got it in the mail today! So happy!!! I really want to try the right treasures tho. Ill have to order a tiny bit….hard with a college school budget.

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I just ordered my mom some Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity from Verdant! Hopefully she enjoys it – as soon as I tried it I thought of her.

I haven’t tried that one but it sounds amazing

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