You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you’re chatting with a new guy and he asks what you do in your spare time you’re tempted to tell him tea, but think twice about it cause it may seem odd to someone who doesn’t know you.

Haha, I’ve just blurted out tea as an interest before and then immediately regretted it. I’ve gotten some of the strangest looks! Most recently at a job interview..I was super nervous and when I was asked what I like to do in my spare time, all I could think of was tea. I started explaining how much I enjoy buying, preparing, & drinking tea and he looked at me like I had 5 heads :P
Somehow I still got the job! Maybe he thought I was quirky instead of crazy?

Babble said

Congrats on the job. Maybe your skill in buying and preparing tea showed how you are ecomomically and scientifically savvy. :)

Lynxiebrat said

LOL. Even a newbie like me has done a few of these:

Lied about how much I spend on tea, or rather just shading the truth. For instance, My dad asked how much for a packet/baggie of tea I said oh a few dollars an ounce….not mentioning the more $$ teas from Teavana.
Going tea shopping on days that my Dad will be home late….
Drank hot tea on blisteringly hot days like we’ve been having here since June.
Anticipating getting home changing in more comfy clothing and heating some water to have tea…in that order.
Visiting Steepster 2-3 times a day, or just having it on one of the tabs while your on your computer all day, reading in snippets threads like this or the ‘What did you order’ thread.
In planning a housesitting trip later this week, thinking about how I am going to pack my tea, kettle, cups computer and clothing in a convenient way, and then remembering that I have plans on that day and don’t want to leave my precious tea, and stuff in my car while I have fun with my sweetie.

Luckily my sweetie is fairly amused by the tea habit, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of ‘Our’ time that is.

Babble said

When you start to feel guilty about how much you spend on tea, but then you think of your other friends who have large collections of other more expensive things – like high-end cosmetics. And you KNOW they’ve spent way more on their collection than you have on yours.

And then you feel better and buy more tea because it’s totally okay now ;)

(Side note: An average MAC eyeshadow costs $15… and a friend of mine has over 30 eyeshadow colors. That’s $450 on just eyeshadow colors alone. That’s not including other kinds of makeup. Her makeup collection is probably worth over $1,000! … And people mock us for spending too much on tea, I mean REALLY!)

Sil select said

and technically their cosmetics last for a shorter time period than tea usually will :) (not that most people follow makeup guidelines)

I think of what a few if my friends spend on going out each week, specifically on alcohol, and I feel much better! I spend quite a bit on tea, especially if I add in postage its a lot, but not as much as others drink then get a hangover with! At least I’m rehydrating, lowering my blood pressure, and increasing my immunity!

Good point, Rachel! I don’t drink (alcohol or coffee), smoke, wear makeup, or any of that stuff. Just let me spend my money on good food & teas, after I pay the bills, of course (usually…)

Claire said

And just think, drinking good tea can be a lot cheaper than what other people drink on a daily basis, like soda!

Lynxiebrat said

I so very rarely use makeup that the idea of throwing out something I hardly ever use, (but when I want to use it I don’t want to go and buy some everytime. Is there a way to increase the shelf life of makeup?

Uniquity said

I have used the same 2 eyeshadow from MAC for 6 years. Against the rules but I’ve never gotten any sort of eye infection or contamination. If I got pinkeye or something, I would dispose of products used at that time, but honestly other than mascara, most makeup keeps pretty well I find.

James R said

…When you take a vacation from work for a week and when coming back people asked you what you did all week and your answer is “Drank a ton of tea, wrote for my tea blog, and was on Steepster for a good part of my time off.”

K S said

Link for your blog?… and we might be twins. ha

James R said
K S said I marked yours in my favorites so I can read wgen I have some time.

James R said

Thanks! I was looking around at yours too, I see you enjoy Teavivre about as much as I do! Great article on office tea, I wrote one on the same subject awhile back too!

When your mom goes on vacationand brings you home tea forma New tea store.

You’re more interested in the tea store she went then in her actual vacation stories.

When you purposely DON’T resteep so you can use up your stash faster.

When you are insanely jealous that PeaceNL has a tea shop “around the corner.”

I get jealous of people who live near amazing tea shops.. but then I think about the fact that I would probably never ever leave the shop and spend every single penny on tea there… and that makes me feel a bit better.

Babble said

There’s a really good tea shop approximately 45 min – 1 hour from me. It’s awesome, but that’s a little too far for me to go regularly. There are several that are 20-30 min away, but they are not as good.

I really like the far tea shop because they have a bottomless cup. For $7, for the whole day, you can have as many different teas as you like. You just have to commit to a temperature of tea – hot or cold.

CupofTree said

that sounds awesome Rachel! whyyy do I have be all the way down here in this hole!! :(

Babble said

Even the really good tea stores are not that close to me (maybe this is good for my wallet).

CupofTree said

You know that’s a good point Rachel. If I did have access to tea stores, I’d be spending a lot more money than I do now.

Babble said

When you make a tea purchase, even though you already have so much tea, but justify it by saying, “Oh, it’s okay. I can always swap it if I don’t like it.”

When you’re planning to fast for Yom Kippur, and you find out you can’t eat OR drink anything. This means not drinking tea for 24 hours! This is a very scary thought!

haha I had the same thoughts with my splurge this week.

When your 6 year old asks you to buy her a gift card from Teavana.

When your 7 year old brings home a library book called “Fancy Nancy Tea Parties.”

Yea my kids pretty much rock!

When you start stalking the 52Teas website – impatiently waiting to learn what the new flavor of the week will be. Visiting the website every ten minutes or so with eager anticipation of the next huge tea flavor so that you can be among the first to order it, and not miss out on the tea for which everyone is completely mad.

Nik select said

Wait, aren’t you a subscriber? =P

Yes, I’m a subscriber. Before I subscribed, this is the way I was on Monday, I even started late on Sunday night, and then carried on through Monday, and on through Tuesday if the tea wasn’t announced yet.

Now, I do still stalk the website, just on a lesser scale. On Mondays I’ll visit it once every couple of hours, just to see what tea I’ll be getting. I love that subscribing has made me LESS of a stalker… but, I still stalk the website.

That’s how I know I’m addicted to tea.

Nik select said

I can’t wait to be able to subscribe. The adrenaline rush from trying to be one of the people who gets the blend of the week is kind of fun, but I know that if I missed something because I couldn’t check the site, I’d be bummed. I think by the time I’m able to afford the subscription, I’ll welcome the certainty and peace of mind. :D

I will probably be subscribing in the spring. I wish Santa would just buy be a subscription for Christmas.

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