You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Cedes said

Your looking into going back to college and you find a program for a “Tea Sommelier” and start freaking out.

CupofTree said

When you see a new bottle of soap at home and notice the pretty color and yummy scent of it and think “this would be good as a tea.”

K S said

You get my vote for most addicted!

CupofTree said

lol well the soap was “grape and mint” and had this amazing deep red color.

DaisyChubb said

wow what a unique scent! and flavour! I know there are a lot of Lush products that make me think of teas just like them haha

hehe reminds me of how I started picking out my bath and beauty products if they had some relation to tea. Green tea face scrub is obvious, gum with white tea, sakura & plum deodorant ;)

teevogel said

- when you see that that already really cheap tetsubin has now gone on sale, and you just have to buy it, even though you’re not sure what you might use it for.
- when you order a huge sampler set(and several 100gram packs at another vendor) even though you haven’t tried all of the teas you already have.
- when you dread what your family will say when they see all that new tea.

Nik select said

When you go to the supermarket with the intention of doing some proper grocery shopping so you stop eating out/ordering in so much and return home with several shopping bags, only to discover that you’ve bought many lovely things for the Drink Tank (my beverage lab’s name) but…no food.


Claire said

I have a good one from last night. Lately I’ve been reading the book Liquid Jade, about the history of tea. I read a couple chapters in bed last night, and after I’d put the book down and was drifting off to sleep I thought tea…tea…I FORGOT TO REFILL THE WATER IN MY ZOJIRUSHI!!!

Contemplated just laying there and falling asleep anyways, but no. Got out of bed, went into the kitchen, and refilled the zojirushi so there would be hot water for tea in the morning.

I can’t remember if I posted to this one or not so if I did here goes again, I know I’m addicted when…
I have my own teas at other peoples houses.
I Turned a guest room into a room just for my Teas(Twice,the first was not big enough lol, true story).
I hope the mailman runs when my hubby is busy so I can sneak in boxes.
when the mail man does come and asks “what is all this?” I get a funny weird look when I reply that it is Tea lol.
If Hubby knew how much I really spend on Tea He would Kill, If I knew how much I really spend on Tea I would Die.
All I seem to want to talk about is Tea.
I drink nothing but Tea and water.
Friends say I drink too much Tea.
I know I’m an addict and most of us here are too I see lol, I do think my mailman thinks I’m getting drugs or something sometimes tho(paranoia).
Oh Yeah! and I pee Oolong sometimes lol.

Claire said

Haha, those are all awesome Tommy! My partner was teasing me the other day because I asked if some tea got to his office (the post at our house isn’t reliable) and he said “well a bunch of tea came…but I’m assuming it’s all for me”.

Sometimes my co-workers joke that I am using, buying, selling drugs because of all the mail coming in and going out.

Babble said

LOL – my dad made that same comment because I was weighing and measuring a bunch of stuff and putting them into bags.

Really, tea drinkers and drug dealers do have a fair bit in common. ;)


mrmopar said

i know all about sneaking stuff in that the mailman brings! LOL!!

I’ve been know to leave a box outside until the hubby goes to the bathroom or something then i run it into the tearoom lol

mrmopar said

that is a good idea to sneak it in. can i borrow it? if i am caught i can blame it on you. ha ha!

Babble said

You justify all your excessive amounts of tea swaps by saying, “It’s okay – I’m helping the post office stay afloat by supporting them”

Haha I like this one =)

Ellyn select said
That is how I feel. Between the fact that I love tea and my husband has a side-business selling records on I feel like we are at the post office every day!
Ellyn select said

I know this has been posted before but I think its worth posting again: YOU CHECK STEEPSTER all day at work!!!!!

When you are convinced that that person who loves coffee/despises tea in your life, just needs to find “their” perfect tea and will suddenly be converted :P

Babble said

I’m thankful that my BF actually LIKES tea (I’ve dated others in the past who didn’t). However, he also really likes beer. So I’m secretly hoping one day he’ll give up ALL beer in favor of tea.

Okay, that may be stretching it, but a girl can hope.

Sarah select said

When Santa has bought enough tea to fill not just your stocking, but your husband’s and son’s. (Oops! He thought everyone wanted tea in their stocking this year…?)

When 99% of your “bookmarked” webpages on all computers you use are tea-related.

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