You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Babble said

When you send some tea packages to someone else’s house because you know you will be there before you get back to your own home. You have to have your tea now and it can’t wait!

cuppaT said

When you receive an unexpected package of tea in the mail and cannot for the life of you recall if you ordered it, won it, filled out a survey or Liked a company on Facebook for it. Sigh…

BoxerMama said

Happened to me last week! lol

When you cure a case of the blues by buying yourself two new mugs, three tins of tea, a new tea timer, milk frother wand, and honey dipper.

You know you’re REALLY addicted when you share your tea with your horse, your horse drinks as much tea as you do, or your horse refuses to eat his dinner if there isn’t tea (or matcha powder) mixed in…

I think I love your horse. :D

His name is Java. Ironic, eh? I actually named him almost 9 years ago when I was a coffee-addicted tween. 9 years later, I actually own him (finally!) and while his barn name is still Java, I’m trying to come up with a tea-related show name for use in competition, haha!

BoxerMama said

My dog has started stealing my tea when I’m not looking! It started with Pistachio Ice Cream by Butiki, then it was one by verdant. She’s not a fan of doggy tea though.

When your husband strongly suggests that you not buy anymore tea until you have finished one of the many tins/boxes in the pantry.

I have to hide my new purchases and then sloooowwwlllyyyyy add them to my tea wall so that my family doesn’t notice I bought more tea. I’ve already been threatened with eviction because my “addiction is out of control”…

Well we know the truth, you are supporting Java’s addiction.

HA! Touché!

BoxerMama said

I was putting away my Harney order last night and the whole time my daughter was like “Dad is going to notice! I can tell, he is also going to be able to tell.”
I just tetris-ed my current set up to fit them in there and “sssshhh-ed” her the whole time. no one will know.

K S said

When you walk out the door after band practice and the fresh cut grass and mulched leaves smells so much like the Fujian tea you drank that earlier day that all you can think of is I need tea.

Nik select said

I was so afraid that story was going to end with you grazing… =)

K S said

Ha. No, but it did take quite a while to make it to the car.

BoxerMama said


BoxerMama said

You get offended, but not openly, when your mother visits and brings her own grocery store tea bags because she says she “doesn’t understand” yours. And she leaves the tea bag in for the WHOLE cup!

My MIL only drank Lipton and steeped it a least 10 minutes. It was enough to curl your teeth!

BoxerMama said

My mom drinks Twinnings Earl Grey, in a plastic mug and she will leave tea bag in the WHOLE time and microwave it to re-heat. I shamed her on my facebook.

That must be potent!

LMAO… I wish comments had like buttons. I want to like the “I shame her on my Facebook” part

BoxerMama said

I held up the tea bag wrapper in front of my tea rack and called her out. lol, I have 4 different kinds of Earl Grey and my 9 year old knows how to make tea.

K S said

You have my vote for mother of the year!

BoxerMama said

LOL! Is that all it takes?

K S said

On Steepster yes! In real life, well… have you watched the news lately. Pretty much gonna have to stay with yes.

BoxerMama said


Matt said

When you walk into a tea store and the employees know you by name and even ask you questions when helping other customers.

When you read this list and identify with everything everyone else has said.

BoxerMama said

I actually helped a customer at DT the other day.

When your neighbour invites you for tea, you say no, because you know she only has bagged tea & you cannot bring yourself to drink it.

When you give your co-worker’s wife crap for drinking a bagged tea.

When even your regular clients at work “tease” you because of your consumption of tea.

BoxerMama said

Say no, wait two days and then invite her to your house for tea. lol

K S said

Say yes. Politely choke it down and say thanks. THEN invite her over for tea at your house. And if she doesn’t get it, you are free and clear to shame her on facebook a la BoxerMama. lol

BoxerMama said

I should start a class.

New as of last night.
When my husband commented that, “That much tea cannot be good for you.”. The nerve.

BoxerMama said

I have to say that I’m surprised mine has yet to comment, it’s clear that my collection is growing. Especially when two orders have show up this week addressed to him because I used his CC. But, he just leaves the box on the counter for me.

Good man.

BoxerMama said

lol, most of the time.

Meeka select said

When your spouse/significant other stops trying to rationalize with you over not making another tea purchase, and instead just sighs and says “so what is it going to cost us this time?” Although in his defense he did pick out the bigger shelves for my (re)growing tea collection..

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