You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Serenity said

When you realize you have lipstick on and you start surreptitiously wiping it off before you drink your tea because you don’t want the lipstick flavor to mingle with the tea!

Azzrian said

LOL yup done that :)

Valerie said

You have to cobble together a second set of tea-making tools to take to work, including paper filters, 3-5 sample bags, and a big mug. I need to buy a second teaspoon to keep in my cupboard tray (everyone has their own to keep their teas/snacks/etc) because all of the silverware in the kitchen is mismatched and there are no teaspoons!

Azzrian said

LOL cobble :)

When squeal with joy when you stumble across and purchase this calendar for the upcoming year because you know no one will find it to get it for you for christmas. :-)

Lazey said

When you spent all your money on tea and teaware so for Christmas you give everyone a picture of yourself enjoying a cup of tea.

What’s sad is I’m only half joking.

when you are going home for Christmas and half the car is filled with your tea collection, kettle, and various tea pots…

I am so glad you said this because now I don’t feel so alone!! My mom gave me a bag for my teas to travel with so I don’t lug a cardboard box into each house I stay at over holiday. It’s not big enough…

TeaLover58 said

I feel much better too now! I was thinking about getting a travel bag dedicated to my tea supplies as well.

When your friends unknowingly set you up with someone and he decides that you were very nice but talked too much about tea!
(yes I am still on this. I think it’s hilarious. Mostly because I didn’t grow an insta-crush either heh)

When you are considering road trips around buying tea and teaware in person after finding out you are a 2 hr. drive away from what you are shopping for online!

Sil select said

I wish it was road trips for me…i’m planning FLYING trips to places i can buy tea lol

When your area is experiencing power outages, and the first thing that everyone in your family does after lighting candles is mock the fact that you can’t heat water for tea.

When your area is experiencing power outages, and the first thing you do when the power comes back on briefly is boil a big Thermos of water so that you will be able to make tea by candlelight when it goes out again.

Katiek said

When you spend the evening wrapping presents and realize most people are getting some sort of a tea related gift.

when…. you take an empty jar and write “tea fund” on it and anytime you find money on the ground or you get change at a store you put the money in the jar.
Been doing that recently. ;)

Bubbles said

…when you decide to copy someone else’s idea for a “tea fund” jar, because you think it is brilliant!

Lynxiebrat said

I was just thinking of doing the same thing. Hopefully I can manage to restrict myself to only spending what’s in the jar on tea instead of practically half of my paycheck. (Ok not even close, but still been figuring out that I’ve been spending to much.

That is seriously the best idea ever! My roommates always leave change lying around and they never want it so they give it to me… This could be the beginning of a beautiful tea fund!

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