You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When your mom buys you a kettle to keep in your locker with your steeper and tea tins.

Serenity said

When your child’s fencing teacher says he will be in Hong Kong and your immediate thought is, “I wonder if he will try Hong Kong Milk Tea?”

Ah, fencing. One of my other loves.

Serenity said


darby select said

And you didn’t ask him to get you some tea?!?!

You decide to get yourself a professional cupping set as a new year’s gift, and attempt to refrain from drinking loose leaf till it arrives.

Lynxiebrat said

Cupping set? What do you mean by that? Made me think of fire cupping.

professional tea cupping is the standard on how too judge qualities of teas.

here is some info.

darby select said

We had a cupping class at our local tea shoppe….it was interesting. I think I prefer to savor my tea so more of a tasting than a cupping which is fast paced.

right, cupping and tasting have different goals.

Lynxiebrat said

Ok, cool, thanks Kasumi:)

You know your “addicted” to tea when your first new years resolutions is “I will NOT run out of my favorite tea at all this year”

you buy a new leather jacket and as soon as you discover there is an interior pocket, you realize it is just right for a few servings of tea on the go!

Valerie said

You constantly find tea leaves everywhere in your apartment. I’m not sure how they make it from the kitchen to the bathroom, but there you go.

I just had that happen to me. I was in the bathroom getting ready in the morning and I look down on the counter and there is a tea leaf. I have no idea how it got there…

Bubbles said

Any cats? That’s usually the reason for rogue tea leaves around here. ;)

Haha no cats but I do have a dog. But shes not interested in my teas thankfully :-)

That happens to me too lol

i have found tea leaves in my bra at the end of the day. on multiple occasions.

so true, I gave my boyfriend some crap for leaving half full cups of milk around the apartment and he goes “I don’t say anything about having to clean up your tea crumbs everywhere!”

You’re doing work and somehow end up drifting over to Steepster/insert favorite online tea retailer every time.

Pipe Camp said

you might be addicted if you hide that you blog on a website dedicated to tea from your partner
when your grocery list is more that 3/4s tea

When you drink so much tea that at some point in the afternoon your body starts telling you that enough is enough and cannot intake more tea!!

When you start thinking about the similarities between the Matcha and Tie Guan Yin you’re drinking, simultaneously… and don’t stop to consider that drinking two tea beverages side by side is odd.

When you go to bed plotting what tea you’ll have with breakfast the next morning.

When you don’t mind going to bed early because it means getting your next cup sooner!

Dustin said

“When you go to bed plotting what tea you’ll have with breakfast the next morning.”

^That. I have been doing that lately. Makes it really hard to let my mind relax and drift off to sleep.

I know right?!
Gah. Need to start drinking more sleepy teas :)

Sometimes during my morning Yoga I start to consider what tea I will brew for us that afternoon. Sometimes I make a decision BEFORE I practice Yoga, and that usually helps. Or, I let it go and trust I will make the right decision when the time comes, and not before!

interesting. So making the decision helps you focus?

I love yoga. What kind of sun salutation do you practice?

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