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You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you have put together an Excel spreadsheet with all the different teas you are going to buy so that you can use the tins and caddies, and what teas you are going to fill them with

you brew up three litre jugs of iced tea at work several times a day to try to try and offload all the original tea so that you can fill the tins and caddies with your chosen tea

the Excel spreadsheet just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger

OMGsrsly said

Haha! I just did the first thing, and I calculated out price per package so I could see which places were most reasonable. I should change it to calculate price per 50g incl shipping. Of course, when actually choosing where to order from, I do take reviews into consideration. :)

Thankfully I’m not the only tea fanatic with a screw loose! I’m very definite about which tins and boxes I am after so I’m ordering directly from the supplier. I have, however, purchased loose leaf tea and then put down on my Excel spreadsheet which tin I’m going to buy for it.

I’m a disgrace! ;)

TeaLover58 said

Don’t worry, I have my teas Inventoried, a list of teas I want, and a list of places I’d like to one day purchase tea from.

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When you have been away from your tea stash since Christmas Day and all you can think about is getting home tomorrow and drinking it all.

I love this one, so much holiday traveling, and we can’t take the whole stash with us!! It’s like we need an extra day off to catch up on tea drinking!

TeaLover58 said

I am terrible with this…I try taking as much tea with me as possible wherever I go…and then I think about the stash I left at the house. Maybe I should have brought just one more thing of tea with me!

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Lariel select said

You didn’t have wine, so you toasted the New Year with tea instead.

I specially made a pitcher of iced Bubbly (from DAVIDs Tea) and tossed in a splash of gin, and that’s what I toasted to the new year with! haha

I mixed my fruit herbal blend with seltzer and a family friend asked “Why is her champagne a different color?” ummm because tea is more fun than champagne.

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When you want to cry a little when your divvy-ing up your tea for a swap. :P

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K S said

When you realize how much care and effort you are putting into getting all the air out of the bag without crushing the leaf and it suddenly dawns on you, your old college friends didn’t put near that much effort into their little bags. Know what I mean Vern?


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you are strongly considering making tea orders of kinds of tea that are trade-able, regardless of your personal interests in the blend.

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you walk 12-15 blocks across town on the offchance a gift store you know has good tea (dry for sale, not serving)is still open while waiting for your friend to get done with an appointment

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Serenity said

Just thought of another: when you find yourself googling unflavored toothpaste because you need to brush your teeth in the morning but you so want another cup of tea, but you know the toothpaste flavor will mask the wonderful flavor of TEA!

darby select said

Try crest cinnamon one…that’s the only one I’ve found that won’t affect me tea drinking.

I use homemade/artisan made toothpowder, and that has a very minor delay in “after taste” issues.

Serenity said

Oh, perfect! Thanks darby & Kasumi!

np. I also added some ground sencha to my tooth powder, since the fluoride naturally found in tea is about the only kind I can tolerate.

Novi said

I think Kasumi adding tea to her toothpaste is another of those “you know you’re addicted to tea when…” type things.

Serenity said

Ok we need to market that….green tea toothpaste?? ::love::

Serenity said

There IS a green tea toothpaste! “Dr Sharp’s Green Tea Whitening Toothpaste” google it!

Interesting, and it seems to not have any additional fluoride…thanks!

woah this is life changing.

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K S said

When you are walking through walmart and you see a video you think is titled ‘Tea’, only to find out they just placed the tag over the last letter and it really says ‘Ted’ groan.

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Azzrian said

When you think you have emptied a bag of tea only to find a few small morsels in the creases at the bottom of the bag. Then the first thing you think is “Oh noooo I have to get that out or this tea won’t reach its destiny!”

lol… guilty

LOL! There’s no easy way for me to get the tea out of the creases, but it must come out no matter how small the bits are!

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