You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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darky said

when having about 15 to 20 unopened tea’s in the tea cabinet and got a few tea’s that are on sale in your shopping cart thinking and thinking again to push the buy button!

I have 40 unopened and am ordering more of the one that I have opened, simply because they are having a sale.

TeaLover58 said

Or when you can’t go to sleep at night because you’re regretting you didn’t hit the buy button because you know you have 40 unopened tea tins in the cabinet…so you get up at 3 in the morning and decide to go ahead and place the order.

when you actually know how many teas you have unopened lol

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david said

when you re-steep the tea until there is virtually no flavor coming out… and it’s basically water… :)

when you enjoy 1-2 steeps of the tea flavored water after 5+ steeps of the TEA!

cuppaT said

I hear that.

so im not the only one! (tears of joy!)

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K S said

When your wife fixes a nice chicken dinner and the whole time you are eating you are thinking to yourself, “what is that spice. I’ve had a tea that had a taste just like that… and what tea was it?” Should I feel guilty?

Brett said

No, you shouldn’t feel guilty. You just shouldn’t tell your wife.

K S said

Ha ha, excellent advice!

well you could ask her about the spice, just dont tell her about the tea ^^’

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T.C. said

When you spend $1.50 on food in a day and $50+ on tea sigh

you can eat your tea (trying to help)

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When you manage to get not 1, not 2, but 3 friends to sign up for Steepster, and they’re nearly as addicted as you are

TeaLover58 said

I wish I could find friends who loved tea enough to sign up for Steepster…I can only imagine the conversation we could have.

Alphakitty said

I may be alone in this, but I kind of like that I do not personally know anyone on Steepster (except through meetups). It’s like my own little tea haven where I can escape from real life for a bit and just talk about tea!

TeaLover58 said

Alphakitty…you are not alone!

Babble said

I can see both sides of the coin. I do wish I had more tea friends IRL, though. My boyfriend is my only real tea buddy. :(

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tperez said

When your worst nightmares are about breaking your favorite teaware :P

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When you have a great first date but are disappointed they’re not into tea.

aw, im sure love will find a way

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When you get an immense amount of satisfaction from introducing people to how much you can re-steep loose leaf tea.

I will get my family to stop buying bagged fannings/“tea”.


just the difference between chamomile and celestial should be enough – that is not tea technically

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Claire said

When you decide to browse the loose leaf tea in the grocery store for more breakfast tea, and after scanning a label burst out with “oh this is a dian hong. I don’t want this for breakfast!”

(This happened today in the grocery store, and Rayn looked at me and said “only you…”)

you have loose leaf at your grocery?!…lucky.

I do too apparently! Go wegmans!

you have wegmans nearby? I just fell in love with one of their teas I got in swap. :/ have to track down how to get it online.

Now that I think of it, one of the stores in their bulk section with the herbs, has some loose teas from frontier.

Message me. There is a wegmans less than a mile away.

Claire said

Yeah, living in SF it’s pretty easy to find a grocery store with loose leaf.

Lynxiebrat said

My nearest Wegmans is in Pennsylvania, (I’m in Michigan, near Detroit.) So that would be bit of a ways for me! But if I go that way anytime soon, I’ll try and remember to check out Wegmans, just for the hell of it. According to an acquaintence, a fruit market in Lansing has loose leaf tea in barrels, I’ve been wanting to check that out for a while, though Lansing is a bit far from me so would need to find more reasons to go.

erm, why dont you want a dian hong?

(looks online for a wegman’s in LA)

Claire said

yssah – dian hong is just not my thing. I’d rather have other (stronger) black teas in the AM.

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darky said

last day the people next door where over for a late newyears drink. I knew they liked tea but where the people that never ever tryed loose leaf! I showed them my tea stash and they almost instantly wanted to try almost half off it! Do i need to mention that they walked out the door and where going to check out where to order loose tea soon? Mission succes!

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