You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Yesterday I was minding my own business, making myself a cup of tea and my boyfriend walked in the kitchen and said, “you’re making MORE tea? Don’t you think you’ve had enough today?” I think he’ll still be able to function now, despite the hole in his brain that my look must have burned Haha ;)

david said

there’s never enough tea… he needs to get converted!

Katiek said

Bringing tea back for family and friends as a souveneir from my vacation!

TeaLover58 said

Haha…I can relate to this…I give tea to my friends and family as gifts. It also gives me an excuse to throw a little something extra in there for me…since I’m buying tea anyway, why not???

Katiek said

Gee, how did all that tea get in my luggage!

TeaLover58 said

What tea? I don’t see any tea in there! I do have a bag dedicated to only tea/tea accessories.

haha, good one TeaLover…you got it worse alright

cuppaT said

When you begin to drink it in your dreams at night.

K S said

Does it make you have to pee, cause that could be disastrous ;)

cuppaT said

I sometimes dream I have to pee if I actually have the urge and, fortunately, it causes me to wake up. I’ve never dreamed about drinking tea until lately, though — and it’s a very pleasant experience. (And no, I don’t have to pee.)

TeaLover58 said

EVERY time you drink a cup of tea you’re logging into Steepster.

When you go to sleep thinking about the tea you will be brewing in the morning for work.

When you can’t stop thinking about tea.

When every conversation is started with, “So I purchased some MORE tea”. :D

When you have your own personal Tea blog on FB/YouTube and Twitter, just so you can spend more time talking about tea.

TeaLover58 said

Forgot a really important one….When you have an entire room dedicated to your tea and tea supplies.

You convert things into tea units.
Today I said I didn’t want to take someone to the movies because that would cost the equivalent of 5 teas or 3 della terra sample boxes :\
My sister looked at me like I was crazy.

cuppaT said

Love this!

you beat me to it chappy! or yappy… ^^

when you go to a tea party (similar to a Tupperware party) and know more about tea than the rep.

granted she’s only been doing it for 2 weeks, however I still think she should have known more.

Ellyn select said

I’ve never heard of an in-home tea rep. What company was it? It stinks that she did not have all the info….

It’s called Steeped Tea. It’s a Canadian company.

How is there tea? I have found myself on their website and I’m finding their rooibos blends intriguing.

In all honesty I have only had one brewed to my liking. It was really good. The others I had were decent, but brewed to my specifications I’m sure they’ll be great . My order should be in soon. I will be sure to write some reviews.
I also want to be a consultant so I will definitely let everyone know when that happens.

Ellyn select said

let us know when you get the info! I would love to support a fellow steepsterite and my tea habit at the same time :)

Milo select said

…you’ve convinced yourself that drinking sencha is a great way to get rid of jitters from drinking too much sencha.

Ha! More than once I’ve thought, " I might add well have another cup. I’m already wired."

I’m always using tea to get rid of the jitters from too much or too little tea.

NofarS said

When you calculate whether something is well priced or not based on the price of oolong. “So this shirt is 175g of AA grade tie guan yin. Hmm… Expensive. Better buy the tea instead”

Babble said

I think a lot of tea lovers can relate to this comic. Just replace “books” with “tea”. Or maybe for some, it’s both:

Both! LOL! Thanks!

Doing reviews on this site just so I could try more teas.

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