You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When one of your friends comes over after the break to chat and do homework you make them smell all of your new teas and then all of your old teas. You then decide you have to have them try at least two of the teas, hoping that they will LOVE it!

Or, anytime you have a group over to watch a movie you automatically make everyone their favorite loose leaf without them even having to ask.

Or when you introduce people to a new tea and you remember their tea preference before you remember their major…

TeaLover58 said

HAHA! My boyfriend and I live together, and I make him smell my teas on almost a daily basis…mmmmm tea! I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m crazy!

I love people’s reactions when they smell teas that are a little different! Most of my teas are fairly sweet, but a lot of people freak out when they smell even something simple like a genmai cha!

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T.C. said

When tea shipments show up at your door that you don’t even remember ordering…

LOL! That day is coming for me.

Alphakitty said

This happens to me with swaps, sometimes I’m involved in so many that I get a package that I have NO recollection of swapping for! Then I get worried and think I haven’t sent out my side of the swap when I did… 2 weeks ago. Sigh, my tea memory is terrible.

my brother and sister thought i did this this weekend haha

really TC?

@Alphakitty: I use the inbox to remind me and when particulary organized: in my Trello

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You have to organize your samples by type of tea, or they become overwhelming

Alphakitty said

I really need to do this! Thinking of getting some big mason jars and dividing them up that way so it’s a bit more organized.

TeaLover58 said

Not only do I organize my tea by brand and type, but I also have them inventoried in this same manner….Do I have a problem???

right now, they are grouped by swapper so i remember who to mention in the tasting notes

but i was planning to make index cards for each tea so i can organize them however i want. tried using The Brain too but too much work

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You anticipate tea related messages or comments on steepster more than things that involve your personal life.

Yeah, so much.

cuppaT said

I sense . . .

TeaLover58 said

This is me exactly!!!

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You cross a national border and travel over 200 miles to attend a tea festival.


cuppaT said

. . . a possible intervention coming.

looks around the room

Oye, I have problems in other areas too then. I do this for tattoo conventions.

Kamyria said

Now, the question is do you have any tea related tattoos? ;)

Kamyria… not yet. It’s in the works!

Kamyria said

Awesome!! :D

200 miles

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When a substantial amount of your compost consists of used tea leaves.

K S said

Now that I am home, I am noticing the combination of the wife’s and my leaves are filling the compost bound bowl very quickly and often.

Oh yeah!


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you are planning sample orders of types of tea you know you are not crazy about!

T.C. said


haha. i ordered samples of ALL of della terra’s teas..

Some samples I’m ordering from Adagio just for the frequent cup points. lol

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A – The only thing your receive for your birthday is tea. And you didn’t even tell them to.

B – You dream about tea and Steepsters members.

C – You refuse to buy green/white tea from most cafe’s because they use boiling water. Or just brew it incorrectly.

D – You leave the bags behind and go straight for loose leaf.

E – Your friend and family have to tell you to stop talking about tea.

F – You spend over £100 a month on tea that you quite frankly don’t need.

G – You have to make your own tea because that way you know it will be done correctly

H – You carry tea in your handbag to drink when you get to work or a friends house.

I – An order from a tea supplier can take a month or two for you to fully complete while you triple check your selections and samples.

I’m leaving it there but you get my points :)

your tea addict friends ask you if you 2 can talk about other subjects!

TeaLover58 said

…..OTHER SUBJECTS?? There are subjects out there that aren’t about tea? LOL!!!

K S said

A – I only wish
E – ouch!
G – Yes! Unless I am having a bad tea day.

I did get a tin of tea for my birthday.

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I’m still in bed, just woke up, & I’m reading Steepster posts on my iPad & contemplating my first cup of the day…yawn…

Steepster is now the Facebook of tea enthusiasts!

So true Kiwi

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Ellyn select said

You plan your travels near and far around locations of tea shops and tea adventures. For example, on my recent trip to Colorado I visited Teatulia Tea cafe (Denver) and the Celestial Seasonings Factor (Boulder). I did the same with London, England, etc.

im going to LA to buy some tea….and oh yeah to accompany my visiting grandma to Disney ^^

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