You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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MissLena said

When your friends (one who hasn’t even known me that long) know you are so crazy about tea that when they are on a trip to Holland they see a miniature tea set and immediately think of you and get it for you haha. It is now on display with my Yixing and gongfu pots and my boyfriend’s elephant teapot, I should put a pic up sometime it’s soo adorable!

Oh and when you have almost a bi-weekly order of tea that you have to inform your roommates about for if you aren’t home to get it and they exasperatedly say “haha, more tea?!” and you try to explain to them about the different kinds and they look at you like you’re nuts for getting a bunch of tea that you haven’t even tasted before.

T.C. said

Seems pretty normal to me :D

MissLena said

Haha exactly everyone on Steepster can relate :D we all have the same problems :P

Kamyria said

My orders are still on weekly basis.. I’m so new I have to stock up.. I actually have to force myself to make only one order per week otherwise there would be a package arriving at my doorstep every day.. lol

MissLena said

I would lovee to do weekly but im already way over my tea budget :( so no can do lol

darky said

i usually make a order about every 3 months or so, but it are large orders up to 70€ or more in order to save on shipping costs :)

Kamyria said

When you fall asleep at night contemplating what to put in the tea order you will be placing the very next morning. :)

Sometimes I plan which teas to drink for the whole day.

T.C. said

When your house has more varieties of teas then the local tea shop :(

That’s a sign of ordering teas all week.

Alphakitty said

Mine too! I don’t know whether to cry or rejoice. Then I think to myself, “man, I have the best first world problem ever. Too much tea!”

T.C. said

Your cupboard still amazes the hell out of me Alphakitty. I got lost in there for an hour last night drooling over everything! Actually, you’re the reason for my Butiki order lol.

Alphakitty said

Sometimes when I am having a really bad day I take all my tea out and have a Lion King moment. “Every tea the light touches… belongs to me!” How I’m going to drink it all, though, is another story.

T.C. said

I hear you. One of my friends today wanted to see my tea cupboards so i opened them up…she sorta gasps and asks “how are you ever going to drink all this?”
…and I really didn’t have an answer for that :(

LOL you don’t drink it all…you have our addys right? :P naw… I appreciate any trades and gifts, and though smaller stash, have more then enough in mine to keep busy for a while!

T.C. said

Yes you do! (however I’m always happy to send you down any you want to try)

I’m getting your next package ready now! …along with one for Alphakitty


Artp said

TC, based on some posts of yours, I feel like we have some similar tastes… so I may try and take advantage of this.

Alphakitty hahahaha the Lion King moment is perfect, especially because it’s the way to fix a really bad day!! ahhhh I love it

Gabriela said

When you are going for a drink with the girls and you think…. maybe I can bring my travel mug with tea.

Elle said

That’s Hilarious! Thought I was the only one who thought about doing that!

when, in order to protect it (and keep it accessible in the meantime), you shove your entire 225+ tea collection into random boxes/bags/corners of dresser drawers while you’re forced out of your bedroom (and thus unable to get to your tea wall/bookcase) for at least a week while rennovations are under way.

when you’re pretty sure it might kill you to have to live out of said random tea storage vessels until you’re able to return to your room to put it all back into the beautiful order you had it in before all hell broke loose.

Tealizzy said

Someone might have said this already, but this thread is so long, and I just thought of how true it is for me right now!

You know you’re addicted to tea when you’re on steepster more than Facebook! Ha!

Elle said

Haha…so true! Hardly on Facebook anymore!

And then when Steepster is down, you go onto Facebook just to whine about it!

K S said

Sadly none of my FB ‘friends’ care anything about tea, so I just wait it out.

or Steepster is your Facebook…and you begin talking about your Steepster friends like you’ve known them since 3rd grade.

I happen to have 3 steepsterites and a couple tea-appreciative friends. But most of my Facebook friends just groan and roll their eyes if I post anything to do with tea

Tealizzy said

You guys are so right! :) Happy Steepstering!

Emily M said

So true. I’m barely ever on facebook anymore, as well! Hooray for steepster and tea friends!

Rachel J said

Yes yes!!! I’ve only been on Steepster for 3 weeks, but I definitely am checking it more than Facebook. I simply cannot post about my extreme tea nerdiness to all my Facebook peeps.

K S said

When your friends no longer try to convince you its GRAY not GREY.

Sil select said

You just needed friends from Canada :) (or the uk)

K S said

:) I realized it as I hit post. doh!

Sil select said

Still awesome though…that’s a big step for people afraid of a little colour grin

Azzrian said

When you have given names to your steeping equipment and tea accessories. You get bonus addict points when your family even refers to them as such!

Emily M said

Ooh! I didn’t know there was a point system for my addiction! ;)
This is hilarious and too true.

.. wow haha

like dear friends!

you have to enlist help to sort your tea stash….and the person you ask is not surprised.

Sil select said

Hahahaha love it

T.C. said

I solo sorted and stacked yesterday…shesh what a chore…did add 20 or so new teas to my cupboard!

LOL right, I solo stack alot. real reason I got help was double checking what was added to my cupboard here on steepster while doing it!

Uniquity said

I really need to compare my Steepster and real world cupboards but it’s such a daunting task! :)

Dustin said

For a while now, when I go to sleep at night I think about what tea I’m going to drink when I get up, but I think the past few nights I have been dreaming of tea all night long. That has to be a step up in the addiction, right?

Last night, I dreamt of visiting a tea house in San Francisco.

Dustin said

In a couple of weeks I should be living your dream! I’ll let you know how it goes. ;)

I did that last week. I want to go again!

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