You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you start ordering free catalogs just because. I received the Republic of Tea’s with a sample today, and my dad called me bananas.

was it banana flavored?

Alas, it was pomegranate and vanilla rooibos.

When you have a new cup of good green tea (and one of your favorite companies!) in the car waiting while you have chinese and enjoy most of a pot of an unammed dark oolong with dinner…then go back to the cup of green as soon as you enter the car!

Lala said

When your family members threaten to take away your credit card because they are concerned about how much tea you are purchasing.


Lala said

It didn’t work becuase I have two credit cards. HA!
Don’t get me wrong though, I completely pay off my cards every month, but there is a concern with how much of the balance is tea related.

RiverTea said

When you cannot go in a travel or excursion without packing your favorite tea variety and tea pot.

Lala said

When you see your neighbour get out of his vehicle carrying a large Davids Tea bag and you get super jealous.

I would be jealous too.

Oh man, I’d so ask what was in there!

Chizakura said

Or when you see an empty DavidsTea cup lying in the middle of the drive thru you’re sweeping at work, and get super jealous. Then go in telling everyone sadly “… and they had Pom Tango. D: That’s from the new Spring collection.”

When you’re annoyed at tea bags in your cupboard not just because they are well, um… tea bags! but also that it’s more defined in serving size and you can’t cheat your tea spreadsheet and add more than there actually is so that it looks like you are drinking it down faster…

Babble said

When you see an abandoned cup of water with a teabag sitting in it in the break room at work, and you feel bad for it because you know the tea is probably overstate.

And have to resist the desire to remove the bag from the cup.
Or worse yet, resist the urge to find the owner of said cup and offer to brew a proper cup of tea for him/her.

Emily M said

When you look in your cupboard of 60+ teas, can’t seem to find one you “feel” like drinking and come to the conclusion you don’t have enough tea. You then buy more tea, even though you have nowhere to store it.

When you get a few new teas and insist everyone who walks in your house for the next two days smell the tea.

When you go in the kitchen to grab tea and your family suddenly disappears because they know you are going to make them smell some tea and give them an introductory course for that specific tea.

This. This is me to a t!

lol @suddenly disappears!

Emily M said

When you keep on checking the tracking status of your tea orders, even though you may have checked no less than a half hour ago.

When USPS’s site and Steepster are the top two most visited sites on your browser.

Guilty of the first. I keep telling myself, “No! You just checked ten minutes ago! >:[”

Emily M said

I know. It’s awful! It’s like I think it’ll somehow get here faster if I keep checking on it.

lol if only!

Tamm said

When you are moving your furniture around and accidentally find a hidden tea stash of dozens of sample bags; but no one says anything because they know you are basically a tea squirrel.

You should get that as a plush toy… tea squirrel.

Emily M said

This made me laugh. Too funny! And too true.

Tamm said

Oh my gosh, that would be the cutest plush! I’m saving for the winter! I vote Tea Squirrel as our mascot. :3

I’d buy the plush, Tshirt or button!

Emily M said

I second the vote for a Tea Squirrel mascot!
And I agree with Kasumi, especially about a button…I can’t help myself when it comes to buttons!

Lynxiebrat said

A tea squirrel would be cute….but a tea kitty (imo) would be even better. grins

Tea kitty! That sounds cute. Oh, maybe a tea totoro.

“Tea squirrel” gets some interesting results on google, as does tea kitty…

Tamm said

Maybe the tea squirrel and tea cat could have adventures together?

Lala said

And it needs to have secret pockets that you can hide your tea in.

Tea marsupial? You could hide tea in the pouch.

Do I see a series of comics in my future to draw up? :P Lariel, I love that idea!

Heh, I was just thinking it should be a comic.

Emily M said

I’d love a comic. =P

Lariel – Tea kitty… I’m melting just thinking about it. Bit of a cat lady, here.

Sil select said

Yes please on drawing the this lol so awesome..

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