You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Looking for tea every time the post comes. Finding fun excuses to drink to, like trying to see what tea goes with Stargate SG-1.

So what tea goes with Stargate SG-1? Inquiring minds want to know.

The fandom teas from Adagio gave me the idea. There is not one for my favourite show, so I want to make one.

Claire said

I got banned from drinking tea while watching Stargate SG-1. :( I got so scared that Teal’c was going to die in one episode that I knocked my cup over and spilled tea all over the couch.


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You FINALLY get yourself a Breville One Touch tea maker and scour the forums for the appropriate thread to get your brag on. I love it! I just love it! I’ve wanted one for so long…it was a total fluke that we could afford it.

K S said

So happy for you, in a totally jealous sort of way ;) Brag On!

Yup, totally jealous!!

Rachel J said

Ummm… I just googled that after reading this comment. Holy cow! Now I have to have one. Thanks a lot! ;)

Rachel, I do not regret this purchase one bit. It is my favorite kitchen appliance and it gets a lot of use! Check around for good prices…Amazon has a refurbished one for $179, if you like to gamble…

That’s awesome! It’s on my ‘maybe someday’ list.

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You inventory your tea and realize you have about two times more than you thought you had.

you inventory your tea. period! hahaha

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After realizing how much tea you have, you decide not to buy more tea for a while. But then buy other tea related things like pots and cups.

hmmmm….maybe you are addicted to buying? ;)

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When you spot some small cast iron bubble mugs & say you want them, even your 6 year old tells you “Mom, you already have some!”
Ummm no kid, not these ones!!

mommy’s always right!

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Jade said

What a cute discussion :D

… your friends roll their eyes at you as you speak “tea” to them.
… your appetite for tea comes before your appetite for food.
… half of your pantry consists of tea.
… half of your kitchen equipment is dedicated to tea.
… you carry a thermometer and a teaspoon on the go.
… you have two thermometers: one on the kettle and one in your mug.

wow! if this was martial arts…you’re a black belter! hahaha

K S said

I feel like a slacker. I only have one thermometer, that I don’t use.

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Kittenna said

You know you spend too much time on Steepster when you habitually copy (aka command-A, command-C) every written comment you make, anywhere, on any site (and even sometimes in non-Internet applications), before you hit “post”. Because Steepster eats things often enough that this is necessary, and therefore it is now ingrained in your habits. (cue highlight all, copy)

K S said

Not only does there need to be a like button for discussion posts, there needs to be a chuckle button!

ooooh, good idea! should be on fb too :D

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Dexter said

I feel like a newbie to the whole tea world compared to most of you here. Then moments happen and you realize that while I may not have the knowledge, experience, or cupboard that most here have, I defiantly have the addiction.

I was in two tea shops today. I bought nine different flavors of tea (I also have an online order due any day now). I got home, was trying to fit all the new packages onto my tea shelf, when I moved the tin of chai. My first thought was OMG I’m almost out of chai. How am I going to get through the week without chai. What I meant was how am I going to get through the week without Marsala chai. I do have coffee chai, pumpkin chai, and samples of chocolate chili chai, and coco chai rooibos.

You know you’re addicted when four varieties of chai aren’t enough…..

another chai lover!

I can identify with the obsessing over chai, especially in winter!(though right now most of mine are sample size)

Dexter said

I LOVE chai, I like a lot of flavored black/oolong/or rooibos teas, but chai is my favorite. Do you have a black chai that you would recommend? Not pumpkin or flavored, just straight black chai? Thanks.

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Water is refreshing, but it lacks flavour. It’s better hot with rooibos.

and vanilla..and…

K S said

and bergamot… and…

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Saw this shirt and instantly thought of this thread :-)

darby select said

When you already have this shirt! LOL

Azzrian said

OMG I bought this and I don’t think it ever arrived!

Azzrian said

Never mind I found it GAWD what is WRONG with me?
lol Don’t answer that question was rhetorical!


Haha. Oh and this is my other favorite tea shirt they’ve had

Thanks for posting this. I missed it the first time and HAVE to have it.

No problem I love woot but love them even more now that you can print to order the older shirts. There were several I missed the first time around.

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