You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When even your house guests post instagram pictures of your stash saying you may be obsessed haha

airwaves77 said

haha that’s what happens to me! all the time!

Babble said

You tell your boyfriend, “I bought more tea” ..

and he sarcastically responds, “Oh good.. because you were starting to run low”


Lala said

When you think about your water intake and realize you haven’t actually drank plain water in the last 4 days, just have had tea.

DonoCarson said

When you start a tea company! Me and my college roommate love tea so much that we started a small tea company. We appreciate any support from our fellow tea loving friends.

Rachel J said

When you make a tea spreadsheet on your pc and save it to your Dropbox folder so you can access it from anywhere.

Lala said

When it is Monday and you are already planning your tea drinking for the weekend.

Cavocorax said

When you know you’re going to move from Vancouver to Toronto in August, and you’re already starting to plan what to do to ensure that you are not deprived of all your teas during this terribly long road trip.

I’ve got to worry about what to do with the baby and the cat, and finding a place and a new job, but… I’ve actually put a lot of thought into the tea problem. :P (Maybe because it’s the easiest problem to solve! ha)

Sil select said


You know you’re addicted to tea when:

You see on the tracking that your teas are arriving today. Wait for the mail man. Get the teas and spend time squealing non stop about them. Taking pictures for blog and showing everyone (“work” teeehehhehe!). All that and you forgot to make dinner and ran out of time to make anything decent.

So, my dinner is some random tofu found in the fridge, cold, with kimchi dumped on top. Yeah. Wish I had rice /sadowl

Katiek said

You’re in a meeting and someone mentions they have a sore throat from a cold, and you pull out your “pencil case” with 8 different kinds of tea in it, including Twinings lemon and ginger.

Took my travel mug to class, so I could have another cup of tea. Unfortunately, I drank it all before my class.

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