You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Nitoo6of6 said

When you carry two travel mugs one contigo for black tea and libre for Rooibos or oolong to work at the same time! People at work think I’m crazy!

I love all the posts here :) I too have developed some interesting habits from my obsession, many of which are already mentioned!

When you’re moving some of your new tea samples to make room for your even newer tea & you comment “This is crazy”, in regards to your own tea stash

hangs head in shame & strolls over to the tea buying hiatus thread

Kaylee said


I forgot to add this the other day

When your co-worker laughs at her co-worker from her other job, because they think they are obsessed with tea because they have about 10 kinds of tea; and she knows your stash is so above & beyond 10 options that it’s funny.

Serenity said

When you meet someone from Ireland and immediately you jump to: “Do you love tea? What is your favorite tea?”
When you meet someone from India and you wonder how to steer the convo to: “Do you love tea? Chai Masala? How did your mother make it?”
ETC, ETC! >_

Rie said

Haha, cute!
Must be nice when you actually find a fellow tea lover this way, though.

Ditto. I get really excited when I discover someone I know likes tea and give them an overwhelming dose of rapidfire questions.

Serenity said


scribbles said

When you scream at your other half that no, they can’t help you with shopping,.so that they don’t see you buying yet more tea, and you can hide it in your xlarge purse until you get to work.

ifjuly said

When everyone else is groaning at the setback to summer, lots of storming and damp drizzly cold weather after some false starts of 80 degree temps, and instead you smile because it means appreciating a hot cup of tea just that much more.

lol! Tea makes the weather tolerable no matter how it is!

Cavocorax said

When you wake up in the morning and as soon as possible you make tea. 3 different types. One to drink now, and 2 timolino’s full for later.

airwaves77 said

when you drink 5 different types of teas a day!!! whoaa!

I’ve had 5 different types of tea (14oz mugs) before 9am! Gotta love having a job where all you have to do between 3am and 8am is drink tea and snuggle dogs, haha!

Serenity said

When you set out your tea for the next morning: favorite mug, strainer, water, electric kettle, check, check…etc… and can’t resist a hearty sniff of the loose tea leaves and then start feeling so much anticipation: can’t wait for it to be morning!!!!

ifjuly said

When you agonize over whether to ask for a Breville One Touch for your birthday, or your anniversary, or…whatever reason possible (!), and as part of deciding you read the manual for it cover to cover online. /dork

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