You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Sixie said

When reading this thread makes you feel normal.

ifjuly said

When things around you remind you visually of tea. Last night I was looking out my patio window and there’s this big bushy dark green tree across the street, and it’s got a bunch of curled up dried brown-orange leaves scattered across its middle, and combined with the orange glow of the street light it looked like a rounded pile of genmaicha to me. Sometimes colors I see around town make me think of colors of brewed tea too.

Peppermint said

When you drink tea in the shower… This happens to me quite alot.

You go home to check the post for your Della Terra order, before going out again to do errands. (Happened to me yesterday.)

Zeks said

(don’t know the correct topic to post this)

Ooops… I did it again…
I’ve bought some more tea, got more than enough
Oh baby, baby
Oops!…You think I’m mad
And I second that
But it’s worth every ceee~nt

ifjuly said

when you update your earl grey tea spreadsheet (maybe having one in the first place was the tip-off, eh) and realize there’s over 60 EGs on it now and it’s close to evenly split between ones i’ve tried and ones i want to try, eep.

MelissaTea said

You do a Google search looking for Memorial Day sales at online tea stores and get really pissed because there’s a place called Tea ( that sells CHILDREN’S CLOTHING and not TEA! What a waste of a name. (By the way, Tea is having a big sale this weekend if you need any children’s clothing. LOL!)

Chizakura said

When you dream about ordering the matcha flavors you were curious about, and then dream that you’re telling people about that dream, and then finally wake up for real and realize how lame that is. xD

Rie said

Cute!! Must be good sleeping, to be dreaming about tea and tea people :D

Chizakura said

Yeah I tend to have very mundane dreams like that, heh. Most of my dreams are about shopping in the grocery store. Nothing unusual happens, just shopping as I would in real life. I’m boring! xD

… When you’re thinking about adding matcha to your mashed potatoes.

That sounds interesting.

it’s tasty, but definitely needs to be done with mashed potatoes made with milk instead of sour cream. Something about the sour cream really makes an awful aftertaste with the matcha. One of my favourites is mashed potatoes with matcha and a bit of a “sweet” cheese, like Brie or gouda. Yum!

Making a mental note to try this one day…

Shaynebear- I’m so glad I’m not the only one to think of this! Adding gouda sounds amazing!

I feel like such a loser for having actually tried it, but I’ve done a lot of weird things with tea. Another good one is making a white sauce for pasta, but adding matcha. Or actually boiling the potatoes in tea and then mashing them.

Dexter said

“Boiling the potatoes in tea then mashing them” That’s interesting. May I ask why type of tea works for this…. or do you use matcha?

I’ve used all sorts of different things. Lapsang Souchong is great for potatoes that are paired with bbq meat/veggies, lemongrass/lemonbalm is another good one for potatoes used in potato salad. straight black teas, especially ones with a maltiness work well. I’ve even tried some of DAVIDs Teas blends like Super Ginger, Turmeric Snap, Fired Up Fennel, Exotica. A nice Pu’erh might work too, though would make the potatoes a weird colour, haha

MelissaTea said

When your daughter (6) sees you with tea and asks, “Can I smell that?” This is the result of only a few months of exposure.

(My 8 year old son is less enthusiastic and my cat has never shown any interest.)

My 6 year old also wants to smell & taste EVERY tea she sees me drink, she often finishes off my mug, even when I say no. However if I make her some she doesn’t drink it… facepalm
My 7 year old though, has no interest

Lynxiebrat said

I used to do that with my Dad’s oatmeal…I think I was about 2-3.

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