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You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Just got off the phone with my sitter, & I received this tidbit of info

Anytime tea is mentioned with your kids around they become frantic & say don’t touch, don’t touch it. So I just push everything to one corner.

bahaha trained so well

Chizakura said

Ha! That’s awesome. That’s good though, now you know they don’t mess with your teas while you’re out. :D

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…you begin making an Excel sheet of teas you want to buy, categorized by companies.

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When you spend your grocery money on tea. Well, I wanted to slim down anyway. Liquid caffeine diet.

Lariel select said

Tea counts as a food, right?

Tea so counts as food!

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K S said

When you wake up and your face and pillow are soaked in slobber because you were dreaming about tea… and you are upset because you can’t remember what tea you were dreaming about.

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Lala said

When you get home and have more than 1 tea order in your mailbox, and you didn’t even remember you were getting that many tea orders, and you open the packages and think: I don’t even remember ordering that! Must have been in a tea induced stupor.

This is one of those times when I sure wish we had “like” buttons for comments. :)

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When your best friend’s Boyfriend tells you that you’re going to turn into a tea monster which then explodes.

When you really want a new infuser even though you have 5 others, but buy it! (Hey, the other ones could all be used!!).

When as soon as you run out of your favourite tea, you HAVE to go out and buy it right NOW, even though you have 20 more to choose from.

Ahh! it’s a curse, but i love it :)

Kittenna said

I have like… 20 infusers…. and definitely want more! Haha :D

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Lariel select said

Wanting to order new tea in celebration for having good grades.

I consider this completely normal and justified. d(^.^)b

Lariel select said

That’ll be when Della Terra gets in new teas.

Katiek said

Congrats on the good grades (and new tea!)

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You get excited over every new-tasting cup that you get out of a single oolong. “Roastyness! Greenyness! More greenyness! Fruit time!”

Hahahaha, imagining these outbursts is too funny to me. My work neighbor would think I’ve gone round the bend, but I like the idea of exclaiming about each new flavor.

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ifjuly said

you go to Seattle and Portland for vacation and find yourself more ecstatic at the loose tea gaiwan-style flight possibilities than the craft beer ones. who is this person, i don’t recognize her.

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MelissaTea said

When your online tea company gives you a package tracking number and you check it three times on a Sunday just in case there’s been some movement on your order.

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