You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Lala said

When you think you are going to do a sipdown, but you end up having more than one cup of tea left. And you are actually disappointed because you wanted that sipdown pretty bad.

Sil select said

um.. HELL YES!

scribbles said

Yep. Thought I was done with one today. Nope. Maybe on weekend.

RiverTea said

When you can’t remember that last time you drank water!

I remember water, it tastes boring without cold tea in it.

K S said

I thought water was an ingredient. Who knew.

TeaRunner said

I should stop reading this at work. Those chuckles really don’t sound good.

When you make your tea with the exact right water temperature every time via an instant-read thermometer, no exceptions.
When you log your cups on Steepster with said temperature and steep time even with no new tasting notes to post.

Fiddling said

When you are visiting the San Francisco Bay area from middle of nowhere Kansas, and all you want to do is go to a brick and mortar DAVIDsTEA. Best tea shopping experience ever!

Yes, good store.

Cavocorax said

You know you’re addicted to tea when you make sure to bring two timolino’s to work, with a few samples, and put zero thought into your lunch.

This is why I’m eating a can of microwaved corn today, while sipping on some lovely Butiki teas.

Trying several cups of it when you can’t sleep. (Maybe I’m just addicted to rooibos.)

Dexter said

You go to your “virtual” cupboard to choose a tea to drink, then spend 15 minutes trying to locate it in your actual cupboard. I need to get my teas better organized.

Kaylee said

Yes! It kind of feels like a treasure hunt at first, but pretty soon it just gets frustrating.

Linn said

When the first aisle you run to in a supermarket is the TEA AISLE!!! (forgetting about actual groceries such as meat, veggies, etc…) ;p

JustJames said

i personally am all for a liquid diet. =0)

That’s me. ;)

When you get SUPER excited to find not only a soy-free and dairy-free protein powder, but one that actually has lots of organic/fair trade/single-sourced matcha in it! (Hemp and Maccha protein powder from Jaga Silk in Victoria BC for anyone interested)

Sweet! I’ll have to look that one up!

JustJames said

ahem, when one of your end goals to motivate yourself in school while acquiring a degree is to have a career that permits you a virtual carte blanche for tea spending. yup. that’s me. i really need to reprioritize, lol!

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