You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Skysamurai said

when you buy a house and tell your husband he can use the other rooms for whatever else he wants but this one room will be your tea room. and now it is.

JustJames said

hahahahaha… that’s excellent.

That’s the best ever!! :-)

when you describe a smaller/more delicate horse as being like a cup of tea, and a more robust/bigger built horse as being full bodied like a cup of coffee… facepalm

JustJames said

ha ha ha @ShayneBear. okay how about this: people have been trying to explain wine to me for aaaaaaaaages. and until i started into loose leaf it just never made sense. i was at the wine store and the concierge (correct word?) was trying to describe the palate to me and i found myself understanding. FINALLY, lol. ‘so this one is more a darjeeling, whereas that one has more the earth tones of a puerh!’ the poor man was lost, my mother had buried her face in her hand. he looked from one of us to the other ‘a pu-what?’

hee hee hee tea ponies and coffee clydesdales…. awesome.

I just can’t stand wine, it’s icky! I’ll stick to my vodka and gin thank you very much :P

And actually I was comparing two horses of the same breed (gypsy vanners, aka gypsy cobs), both young mares, one is just smaller and a LOT more refined (like a bone china tea cup) and the other is thicker and a bit more coarse (like a hefty coffee mug). I think I called the smaller mare “bai mu dan” and the heavier mare “french roast” haha!

JustJames said

i don’t mind wine…. i just prefer tea. it’s a more in depth study for me because i’m not a big drinker. and you can study tea without getting sozzled, lol.

JustJames- I’ve always like red wines, but I do notice many more differences in all sort of wine, now that I’ve started drinking tea.

And ShayneBear- I started comparing teas to sopranos, either light lyric sopranos or dark dramatic sopranos.

oh crap, thanks for bringing out my inner choir/vocal jazz geek Fuzzy_Peachkin!!! away I go to create an entire “choir” of tea! hahahaha

JustJames said

a choir of teas, or a harmony, a symphony… do you have any that you would consider a cappellas? soloists? (hee hee hee, this is fun)

a really dark Pu’erh would be the bass, Assam the baritone, dark oolong the tenor, light oolong the alto, a sencha or maybe dragonwell for the mezzo soprano, and a crisp fresh white for the upper soprano.

straight versions of these would be an a cappella ensemble, and various flavour profiles would be different genre ensembles. Thinking spicey would be more baroque/madrigal pieces, chocolate and coffee notes would be jazz, floral could be an SSAA arrangement, malty or smokey could be a TTBB piece. And then a giant mix of flavours you wouldn’t think would go together, but turns out to be delicious, would be any piece by Eric Whitaker. :P

ShayneBear- You just TOTALLY out-choir-geeked me! :-) And yeah I agree with those descritions.

JustJames said

LMAO me too….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh eric whitaker. Fuzzy_Peachkin have you heard his amazing stuff? ALL done online. never heard of him until i saw him in a documentary on TED.

I was a Tenor 2 for Lux Aurumque and Water Horse in the Virtual Choir, and did With a Lily in Your Hand in grade 11 with my high school choir. :D I dream of finding a group to do Leonardo Dreams Of His Flying Machine one day, it’s possibly my favourite piece he’s composed!

Have I heared of Eric Whitacre? I’ve sung in a choir that sang his stuff at Carnegie Hall! My favorite piece to perform WAS “Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine”. So much fun! I handled some of the second soprano. All by myself. I hope you get too sing it ShayneBear!

Leonardo Dreams is freaking amazing, so much love for that piece. The concert band did Cloudburst, and I was supposed to play double bass for it but sprained my wrist and had to sit out :( SO jealous you got to not only do Leonardo, but you’ve performed some of His Godliness’ stuff at bloody Carnegie Hall!!!!! Not sure if I should love you forever, or hate your guts for it! haha
With a Lily sure caught attention from the other ensembles at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival that year. That same year we also did Z Randall Stroope’s “Amor De Mi Alma” and between the dropped jaws form Lily and the beauty/passion of Amor, I’ll never forget that week at the festival, that’s for sure!

JustJames said

once upon a time i was a trained singer… a very long time ago. i was a soprano 1. i don’t sing much anymore, lol… and i was certainly never talented enough to accomplish what the two of you have done/aspire to do.

one day the two of you could do a duet!

i am new to the fan base of eric whitaker… new but appreciative!

Performing at stuff like that is unforgettable when you have a solid group! That festival sounds like quite the event.
I love Cloudburst too! we did that one too! His pieces really are so much fun!

Lala said

When your co-workers know that you will be irritable because you haven’t had time to have your second cup of tea yet.

lol! Mine just keep asking “What type of tea are you having now?”

Re-steeping your new tea until it runs out of flavour because you didn’t buy enough.

JustJames said

oh dear! stacy at butiki keeps doing that to me…. she chucks in a sample, predictably i love it, and then i have to wait while i order more, lol.

ifjuly said

when everything you do in animal crossing: new leaf—painstaking pattern making, complicated labors of love towards obtaining obscure decor and kitchen items, etc., etc.—is working towards getting the ultimate tea room set up in your house, ha.

There’s a version of Harvest Moon where you can grow, harvest, and brew tea. It’s one of the more fun parts of the game. (Besides cooking.)

I’ve switched over entirely to loose leaf so now all of the pretty colored boxes of tea bags have turned into a toddler toy. They stack so well and are great fun to knock down!

When we’re done he gets to pick out a bag of tea and we have a tea party.

Serenity said

Awww! Cute! And great idea.

Serenity said

When you wonder if there is a perfume that is just tea scent, but, not some fake scent of tea!

I would buy the heck out of that perfume!!

Lala said

Back story: I am going to have a family member living with me for a few months…

You know you are addicted to tea when you are cleaning and organizing your tea stash because you are embarrassed for your new room mate to see its size and expansiveness but then decide you will just convert them into a tea addict so it doesn’t matter.

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