You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Diane Lee said

When I have more tea than I can store and drink, but shopping for tea and reading reviews for new teas on this site is what I do with my break.

When I start selling my old books to place another order on even though the one I ordered last week hasn’t come in yet..

When I go to sleep at night, I lie in bed thinking about which tea I’ll have in the morning, and then waking up earlier than my alarm to have my first cup because I’m so excited.

I’ve sold off games I don’t play anymore for Della Terra samples.

Holly Faye said

When I find myself just going to tea-related websites in my free time, be they Steepster or vendors or whatever, and just hanging around, not buying anything or doing anything productive.

When I find myself looking up YouTube videos about tea to unwind after a long day.

When I find myself just thinking about tea when I’m stressed out, feeling negative, or whatever – or even when I’m in a good mood and it’s what’s on my mind – because its existence makes me happy and it helps keep me grounded.

Kaylee said

When the first thing I do after a 25-hour fast is make myself some tea…

Getting new tea makes your day, and being frustrated when tea packages you’re waiting for take a while.

Lala said

When you stress about the large number of teas that are in your cupboard, but you still continue to buy more tea.

JustJames said

raises hand in advance as lala catches him in the act and yet doesn’t stop……

But I need new teas for the Winter season.

TheKesser said

I totally had this thought the other night. I was feeling so overwhelmed and almost worried about how much I have and how some of it is going to be getting really old… and yet, I have four new 100g bags of tea headed my way in the next two weeks or so… oops…

When you hide any parcels that come through the post!

Cavocorax said

… when any cup of milk WITHOUT matcha just feels like a waste.

Looking at when you go on holiday can I bring some tea home and where from

I know I’m addicted to tea when I just won Butiki Tea’s art contest and am having a hard time narrowing the order down to $50!

ifjuly said

haha, i so feel you. once or twice i’ve made a huge order to get free shipping and i’m like “i actually knocked some stuff off to keep it reasonable, and i had a $75 minimum? REALLY? o_O” sooooo many teas!

Totally! I’m for sure taking this opportunity to try some of the unusual/expensive ones I’ve had my eye on- Japanese puerh, 1991 aged oolong, Da Yu Ling oolong…and I’m totally getting a gaiwan, since I don’t own one and have been wanting one for a while now! :D

ifjuly said

oooh, if i recall the ‘91 aged oolong is really unique and pretty awesome tasting, super complex (and japanese pu erh?! didn’t even know about that!). and squee at a first gaiwan! yay!

MelissaTea said

Congrats! Can you link us to your winning entry?

JustJames said

!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s awesome. i agree with MelissaTea….. i want to see. =0)

Sil select said×12-canvas-wrap-ready-to

AKA i’m happy to selflessly promote the work stephanie created haha.

Thanks for linking to it Sil :) I’m still so happy you guys! :D

TEArender said

nice composition, I do character animation, MFA from CalARTS, I love the uniformity of line, nicely done

Thanks TEArender. I just have a bachelor’s in art, but I get to work full time in Photoshop, which I love. I mostly do photo manipulation/restoration :)

Kaylee said

Beautiful, congrats!

JustJames said

OUSTANDING!!!!! a superior effort with a beautiful result.

thanks :)

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