You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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You know you’re addicted when you sit up and wait for the postman

When I can’t decide what tea to have next

Dexter said

So I was taking the Teavivre Black Friday Tea Quiz and one of the questions was how often do you buy tea. I don’t even know what all the options were but it started with “once a month”, then went on to something like once every three months, six months…
I laughed hysterically. If I go 10 days without buying tea, I suffer from withdrawal.

Lala said

I laughed at that question too. Ha ha.

Kaylee said

Yeah it definitely confused me for a minute. I thought, maybe she means 1 time a month, 3 times a month, 6 times, etc.

Dexter said

LOL that’s great Kaylee, and much more to MY habits. 6 times a months sounds about right…

JustJames said

when you realize your habit is over your projected budget and your defacto solution is not to change it, but to draw other family members into it so that it’s less YOUR fault and more EVERYONE’S fault.

Kaylee said

When you want some vanilla tea and realize that although you have 134 teas in your cupboard, not one of them is vanilla!

Also, when you keep a list and know exactly how many teas you have.

When you’re heading to Chicago on a business trip, and you try desperately to get to David’s Teas, because there aren’t any in Phoenix.

I actually did make it, but it took taking the ‘L’ from the airport, then taking the ‘L’ AND a bus to get to the hotel afterwards, and then retrieving my luggage from one of my co-workers. I had the schedules for all of it printed out 2 weeks in advance. AND it was COLD, compared to Phoenix…like 40 degrees COLDER!

JustJames said

=0) excellent. just excellent.

keychange said

When you’re going to apply to be on the alumni board of a random organization because one of the perks is that you get flown to California once a year…and can buy tea there.
When you see that a random person on facebook who you haven’t been in touch with for years is heading to a city where there’s a teashop that you’d like tea from, and try to worm your way into their hearts with all the charm you can muster. “Hi Karen! I know the last time you and I saw each other I abandoned you on the teeter totter and you went plummitting to the ground and broke a tooth, but I see you’re going to New York next week, and I wonder if you could go to a place called H and S for me? oh, and congrats on the new baby!”

-When you don’t even bother trying to justify buying more tea to your SO because they never understood why you need so much in the first place.

-when the black Friday sale you were looking forward to/banking on isn’t even half as awesome as you’d hoped but that isn’t going to deter you, oh no it won’t!

-When someone’s near your tea cupboard(s) or shelf poking around, you hover there like a helicopter mom to make sure they don’t mess anything up.

You can never have enough tea…

Lala said

When you are looking for a certain tea and you can’t find it on the counter, in the tea cupboard, the other tea cupboard, the tea shelf or the box of tea on the floor. So you assume you drank it. Only to find it later in the same cupboard you already searched, underneath the rest of the tea.

Dexter said

I’ve had to stop browsing my “virtual” cupboard to choose a tea, because it often takes me 15 minutes to locate it in my actual cupboard. Easier to just look for real.
LOL I love the “underneath the rest of the tea” comment.

But it is a nice surprise to discover it again tho?

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