You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When I go to work and people ask what I am drinking today and if they can try some. My reputation precedes me there :)

I wish my coworkers were into tea. I think they look at me funny!

Yes, you are lucky. I’m like you Stephanie. My coworkers think I’m a hippie with all my little bags of “herbs” as they call them!

Making sure you have time to go a tea shop before you need to catch your bus. Yesterday, I went by Lupicia for some oolong. (In San Francisco.)

Virginia said

You feel a ball in your throat and major major disappointment when you go to checkout on an online tea store and they don’t ship to your location

When you think about what you should have before you’re even out of bed

When you drink a caffeinated cup too soon before going to bed because it’s so good that it’s worth an hour or two’s lack of sleep.

When you hide parcels from your boyfriend so he won’t know you ordered tea AGAIN. Or hope that the mailman comes before he comes home from work.

When you organize your schedule around your next cup of teas
I’ll do this before my cup of tea, then after I’ll do this and have another tea and after that tea I will do this.

Your sink has been clogged several times due to floaties going down the drain.

Ha ha ha to hiding the post! Not that I ever do that, who me? No never. Just don’t look under the stairs, in the garage or in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. Oh and my workbag too.

Virginia said

Haha! So happy I’m not alone. Also, when you really wish you had unflavored toothpaste because brushing your teeth really interferes with drinking tea.

Amaryllis said

TMI but if I’m really excited to try a new tea, or want to switch teas between pots I’ll do a quick brush down palette cleanser with baking soda paste and hot water. Works like a charm and no lingering mint taste.

Cheri select said

…when you go to buy just a couple of teas and end up with $80 worth of tea in your cart…and you still haven’t added the tea you really wanted to buy yet.

Cwyn said

…when you get too many tea gifts from family and friends and you know you can’t use them. At all. Huge teapots, boxes and cans of tea bags. And you can’t get rid of any of it because you know they are going to ask…so you try and drink the tea bags full of tea “dust” and use the teapots to water plants and fill the cat dish.

Send it off little by little in swaps. They think you just drank it fast. lol

teaenvy said

Use the bags to fertilize your house plants.
“oh yes my hydragea is lovely. Thank you. It must be all the tea I toss in therr when I am done with my cup”

Virginia said

Omg Cwyn, that just made me die of laughter xD

Cwyn said

Oh it is awful. I have one entire Chantal tea set, for example, including matching tray, and even matching lidded mugs with ceramic infusers in each, huge tea pot with its own infuser, all the accessories. I have to keep this set in case my step mother visits because she gave it to me, and she paid retail. She keeps buying me new pieces for the set. So its sole purpose to exist and take up an entire cupboard is to serve tea to one particular guest.

Meanwhile, left to my own devices, I huddle over a vintage Japanese ceramic electric tea kettle, a gai wan, a couple of yixings, and a tiny ball infuser for the herbs that can put me out for a few hours.

Perhaps you could ask for gift cards? I think bagged tea is supposed to be good in a garden.

Cwyn said

Lol. Actually I have started putting “no tea bags please” in the comments for my online tea orders. Some companies are very generous, throwing in a whole box of tea bags with my orders. I keep a few around for guests, some expect and want a tea bag.

I’ve gotten bagged teas for gifts last year. Still haven’t opened them, it’s a lot of bags (but the flavours sound good). Though I wish people would gift me loose leaf instead.

Serenity said

In Elinor’s Wedding by Mrs Oliphant, there is a part where Elinor’s cousin asks her what would happen if her fiancé asked her to give up tea. Comparing it to women forcing their fiances to give up cigars. You know when you are tea lover when you can’t wait to share that part on Steepster.

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