You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Hillel said

You put in an order that is shipping out of China and obsessively check the tracking number several times a day to see how close it is to…wait, is that the doorbell?

Cwyn said

You attend a tea tasting and still haven’t had enough tea for your usual daily fix.

Looking through your stash to see what you need to sipdown to move in a few months, except you make a mental list of what to re-order later.

Yes! That’s pretty much how I’ve been deciding which teas to drink lately. The summer heat is really slowing me down, though.

Frolic select said

My reorder list is longer than my sipdown list… I also managed to move without any reduction in tea.

Summer doesn’t slow me down much either. I just drink ice tea in addition to my hot tea.

Dexter said

My dashboard currently is showing 14 tea reviews (ok 15 but one of them is mine) – of those 14 random teas that people have reviewed I OWN 8 of them. You know you have too much tea when….
I think I have a problem….

Haha! You know I had to do the test on MY dashboard…I’m at 6, you beat me!!!

boychik said

Is it because you send them out ? I see reviews of my teas several times a day.

Dexter said

That happens to me too, but that’s not the case today. None of these were “thank yous” because I sent them out. I just feel like I OWN everything being reviewed today. :))

boychik said

I just got lost in your cupboard… Nice selection;)

Dexter said

Thanks. You have a lot more pu’erh than I do, and I’m jealous of the Héritage Gourmand by Mariage Frères. :))
(I actually like “getting lost” in other’s cupboards, but part of me feels a little guilty for snooping even though it’s on the internet for public viewing – strange that I think that way)
It’s too bad we couldn’t couldn’t all get together and let people snoop, sniff, oooh and awwww. Strike a deal, do a swap in real life. Like a tea addicts convention. Bring your stash and see what everyone has.

boychik said

That heritage ‘MF are samples fr CharlotteZero. 1-3tsp.They are not amazing, at least to me. I haven’t finish trying all she send. Yea, I got lots of puerh, some samples but huge ones. And I didn’t update my cupboard for some time. Maybe I have the same # as you are. Those cakes from YS are not tiny, 357g some 400g. I’m just absolutely crazy about Haiwan recipe. I should send you some to try when I get home. Don’t worry I don’t want to unload, haha

Going out of town, and planning to go slightly out of my way (and it ended up taking longer than expected), to visit a specific tea shop. They were closed the last time I was buy, and they had a lychee tea I wanted.

Ost said

When your medications that make you feel hungry make you crave tea instead of actual food. 0_0
That’s becoming a big thing for me since my drugs at night make me crave tea, and I can’t drink late at night because then I have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom. >>

I have almost perfected the sleepwalking pee trip.

awilsondc said

… you go in for your semi annual dental check up and they look at your teeth and ask you if your are a tea drinker. This happened to me today. She didn’t ask if I drink coffee or if I smoke, straight up asked if I was a tea drinker. Well she hit the nail on the head. Must be staining my teeth, but it’s worth it. :)

Yup me too. I once tried going cold turkey for a dental appointment.

hahahahah cold turkey xD

You know you’re addicted to tea when you’re watching How I Met Your Mother and something flashes across the screen for literally less than a second that makes you jump up and go “Ohh I never noticed this scene with Ted drinking tea. Is that cast iron?!” And your sister just looks at you like you’re crazy. Photo evidence: (yes, I took a screen shot and uploaded it to flickr just for you :).

Cute teapot!

I know right? I want one.

The geek in me just noticed that there are (were) 1337 responses.

Nerding out because Weird Al mentions herbal tea in his new album…hehe.

Which song? I loved the Word Crimes video sooo much! :)

It’s called “Foil” a parody of the Lorde song “Royals”

Word Crimes is my fave so far!

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