You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Serenity said

When your husband’s grandmother is visiting and you make her tea and she says, “Well, I drink hot tea… in the winter.” And you look back, all steely -eyed and say, “I drink hot tea in the winter, too. And in the spring, summer…. And… in the fall.”

When you’re craving some shou pu, but it’s nighttime so you’re just like :(

Cwyn said

Seventy tea cakes in the closet might be hoarding, but at least they aren’t shoes.

K S said

I read this through my email and agreed… then the very next email was an Amazon ad for shoes! I laughed out loud.

Cwyn said

If online advertising were smarter, you’d get irresistible photos of luscious oily tea leaves.

Janie Teo said

hahaha i know the feeling too. i had over 80 diferent type of teas at home and mostly sachet type as i buy tea only to keep the wrapper for exchange and off course to add my teabags collection. so i will be happy to sell my naked teas with very small price. All you need to do is pay the postage n teabags cost not as much as the original price paid.

Living somewhere that winter happens is an excuse to get new tea.

OMara said

Probably already said, but I’m doing it right now and I had to post it on this thread. You know you’re a tea addict when you obsessively check your tea package tracking even though you know there are no new updates.

Fergy said

When you start unplugging/not using electric devices to offset the energy bill from boiling pot after pot of water.

You drink so much tea in a day you time how fast you drink your cup so you can use your bathroom breaks to infuse more.

When you get almost a kilo of tea and have to swear to your loved ones that ’it’s not just for you.’ :P

Exploring new parts of the nearby city to visit tea shops.

OMara said

Or looking up local tea shops at your vacation destination.

Dexter said

Book vacation based on where there are tea shops….

OMara said

Sadly, no vacation with tea for me this spring. I get to have surgery instead.

Booking a hotel based on how good their tea selection is…

OMara said

Bringing a rolling briefcase full of tea, an electric kettle, two mugs, and honey on vacation because the hotel doesn’t have good tea.

carol who said

I brought my Breville. ;-p

Now a big part of my vacation time with hubby is finding tea shops and buying huge amounts of tea. Last summer… 37 teas in Sarasota. 14 teas in Boulder CO.

Okay, yeah, I do seem to have a problem.

Janie Teo said

hahahaha i love to read these postings and knowing that i am not the only one planning and going on vacation based on where there are tea shops. My husband will say more teas which i usually ended up with 20 to 30 boxes of tea in my luggage ! hilarious
For your information i am mainly interested in the wrappers for my collection and trade them with other teabags collectors but i also a tea lover esp those fruity flavors n all sort of green teas.

Love these.

When you keep a box of Earl Grey in your locker at work because you forget to bring more for home.

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