You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Mark B select said

You have a cold and can’t appreciate like 80% of that rare, fair trade, organic, limited release tea, you write reviews about that would rival an ode to a lover, and costs more than any food product in your home by oz., but you’re drinking it anyway.

Azzrian said

LOL!! Good one!

Mark B select said

At least my nasal passages have cleared up a bit and my taste buds are waking from their slumber. I was drinking a new tea that I thought was OK, and now that I can actually taste/smell it, I’m ready to throw it away!

You think about your first cup of tea before you pick out your outfit… :)

K S said

Oooh, that one hurts. I’m so guilty. Of course jeans and a t-shirt don’t require much advanced planning.

That is cool… I just bought some Yogi Vital Energy tea I will try first thing tomorrow morning.

Sil select said

or…you lay out your tea for the following day but not what you’re wearing :)

@sil LOL. I was just pondering this one recently!

K S said

A coworker sees your tea drawer and gasps. You suggest you might have a problem and he calls you a hoarder. You try to justify it by saying lots of friends on Steepster have much more in their drawer. He just sighs and as he walks away, you hear something about intervention.

This is hilarious! I love this one: “You try to justify it by saying lots of friends on Steepster have much more in their drawer.”

I’m in the process of reorganizing all of my tea stuff, and I’m having a hard time throwing out some old bags and labels. I judge I am probably a borderline hoarder (or one that is aware he has a problem, at least). And then I justify it my telling myself that there are worse things, all the while recognizing that is a common coping mechanism for addicts. Ah well.

Thanks for sharing that story with us!

K S said

Oh no, I really was organizing some empty bags at the time.

Azzrian said

When even your pets learn that mama isn’t giving out morning treats until she has had her tea!

That is a good one.

Azzrian said

Thank you :) True story too. LOL

Lindsay said

When you have multiple packages of tea coming to you, checking the mail just once a day does not cut it. The anticipation grows with every passing day until you start to utter threats regarding the mail delivery service…

When you get so many packages that the mailman knows you out in town by name even though you live in an apartment complex.

Azzrian said

When underwear become an inconvenience and barrier between you and the toilet.

Kittenna said


Azzrian said

Yeah I know right! Thats the edited version too! :)

That is too funny.

You know, for me, sometimes eating lunch and dinner gets to be an inconvenience, or a tad annoying, especially if I’m in the middle of doing some creative writing about tea that I really enjoy. So, in a way, it’s really more about the writing than about the tea, but it still counts as a tea addiction if I’m writing about tea, doesn’t it? :p

And, oh, btw, I consider myself a foodie.

Missy said

Roflmao! You crack me up.

I’ve never seen ROFLMAO before
btw, That’s a PG -13 link, or is it a just a PG link? The things kids hear these days!

She is funny.

Azzrian said

I would say yes that counts SimpliciTEA

Missy said

ohh good point there SimpliciTEA. I didn’t even think about acronym before I used it. I think of it as pg. There may be people who disagree. :D

When you have a tantrum because someone disposed of the leaves you’d only steeped once!!

K S said

Completely justified IMHO.

Azzrian said


Zeks said

+1. Unbearable.

THAT is one of the worst things!

Indeed!!! made me wanna cry lol

YES! The other half now asks every time there is a mug or steeper or pot sitting around, as he doesn’t like getting told off for dumping tea leaves. Especially oolong, I get very cranky about dumped oolong.

DaisyChubb said

Yes!!! :(
It only happened once to us though, now I put my spent leaves that are done in one area by the sink, and leaves I want to use again .. well – not by the sink!

We’ve had an understanding ever since :D

You pack your own tea kettle when you go on vacation because you don’t want to risk there not being one at the house you are renting. (It happened to us last year…not cool)

SimplyJenW said

You mean you don’t keep tea packed for trips? ;) I usually have any number of tolerable to loved bagged teas and some I bagged up myself and my cheap kettle ready to go at a moments notice. (Not that we ever do any spontaneous travelling, but it might happen!)

I always have tea ready to go…the issue last time was we got all the way to the vacation house to find no tea kettle! So there I was busting out a small sauce pan boiling water…I missed my kettle!

Scott B said

When you are sitting in the living room thinking “Shouldn’t my tea timer have gone off by now?” and by the time you get in the kitchen to check, the alarm starts beeping that your tea is done.

Lindsay said

That happens to me all the time!

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